Insanity Asylum Review: How to Stream Insanity Asylum Online Free

In our busy modern lives, finding the time for regular fitness can be a real challenge. Making a habit of going out to the gym can really improve your overall health and well-being, but it’s definitely not an easy thing to make time for. These days, more and more people are turning to at-home workout programs, like the popular Insanity: The Asylum workout. Keep reading our Insanity Asylum review for more info.

There are lots of different workout programs out there, and each offers unique pros and cons. We’re going to look at Insanity Asylum today and show you how to get Insanity Asylum streaming free. Find all the details in the full Insanity: The Asylum review below.


What Is Insanity Asylum?

what is insanity the asylum

Insanity: The Asylum, often referred to as just Insanity Asylum, is a home workout program designed for weight loss and fat burning. As the name suggests, this program is intense and difficult, but can produce incredible results.

Insanity Asylum is led by Shaun T, a famous fitness trainer and health expert. There are 6 different workouts to keep things interesting, and Shaun is great at making intense workouts still feel enjoyable. Later on, we’ll explore how to stream Insanity Asylum free, and explore your options for Insanity Asylum streaming wherever you go!


Insanity Asylum Review: Key Features

With so many different programs out there, why choose Insanity: The Asylum? What are the Insanity Asylum workouts like? Find some key info below:

  • Designed for Weight Loss– while some programs are designed for building mass and others for sculpting certain areas, Insanity Asylum is designed specifically for weight loss. The program aims to kick your metabolism into high gear, allowing you to burn more calories and shed more pounds.
  • Intense– as if the name “Insanity: The Asylum” didn’t say it all… This program is, quite simply, intense. It’s designed to help you push your limits and break through those barriers that are keeping you from reaching your goals. It’s not easy, but it’s highly effective and rewarding.
  • Highly Effective– this program can really help you drop weight and feel better. The average person following the program lost an average of 18lbs in just 30 days, and some lost up to 30 pounds! If you read Insanity: The Asylum reviews, you’ll find that tons of people have found success with the program.
  • Good Variety– Insanity: The Asylum has 6 unique workouts including Speed & Agility, Vertical Plyo, Relief, Strength, Game Day, and Back to Core. This variety of workouts helps keep things interesting while allowing you to target nearly every muscle group in your body!
  • Free to Try– you can get the Insanity Asylum stream free by signing up for Beachbody On Demand, which offers a free 14-day trial. This is a great way to test the program before paying anything.


Can I Stream Insanity Asylum Free?

Insanity: The Asylum is traditionally sold as a DVD set, but it’s also possible to access Insanity Asylum streaming. In fact, you can get the Insanity Asylum stream free for a full 14 days, thanks to the free trial offer from Beachbody On Demand.

Beachbody is a large fitness company that designs and sells workout videos such as this one. They now offer the Beachbody On Demand service, which offers up all their workouts in a streaming service similar to Netflix.

With Beachbody On Demand, you can stream Insanity: The Asylum, as well as tons of other popular programs like 10 Minute Trainer, P90x, and more. There are over 200 workout videos available, with more added all the time!

The first 14-days are free, and after that, the service costs $13 a month, which is charged in one, three-month payment of $39. That’s a great deal considering everything that is offered by this service! Thanks for reading out Insanity Asylum review, and good luck on the path to your dream body!