MoviePass Review: Price, Theaters, FAQ

Do you love going to the movies? If you’re like most people, you do. There is something magical about sitting in the dark theater and watching a film on a huge screen with booming stereo sound. There’s also popcorn that doesn’t taste better anywhere else! The problem most people have with going to the movies, isn’t the activity – it’s the cost. Most people don’t want to spend $50 or more to see one movie, but if you’re a couple or have children, it could cost that or more. It’s even worse when you add in popcorn, drinks, and movie candy. Moviepass is a service looking to change those issues. By offering unlimited movies for one monthly price, Moviepass allows people to do what they love at a price that won’t make you feel guilty for doing it.

This Moviepass Review is going to help you determine whether or not this service is right for you. In the following sections we will answer the following questions – How much does Moviepass cost? How does Moviepass work? What theaters can I go to? Are all movies covered for the monthly Moviepass price? We’ll go over that and more, so you have a clear view of what’s available before you sign up!


Moviepass Review: The Basics

Moviepass was created by a co-founder of Netflix with the goal of revolutionizing the movie theater industry in the way they helped to revolutionize streaming. The basics of it are that you sign up for a subscription and that allows you to see one movie a day, every month. According to the Moviepass website, you can visit 90% of theaters. So, if you love going to the movies, this gives you a way to go every day if you want, without breaking your bank. Of course, there are some restrictions, but we will discuss those below.


Moviepass Price: How Much Does Moviepass Cost?

Originally a Moviepass subscription was $50/month. This was actually a good deal, if you saw several movies a month. Eventually, that price was dropped to $30/month, which was an even better deal because if you saw more than three movies a month your subscription paid for itself. Now, as of this writing, a Moviepass subscription is $9.95 a month. In major cities, movies can be as high as $13+ per movie, which means your subscription is paid for with the first movie you see, and you can see one a day for the entire month!


Available Theaters: How Does Moviepass Work?

Moviepass is a pretty basic idea. You pay for your subscription and can see one movie each day of the month. There are no blackout dates, so you can go on holidays and any day the theater is open for business. According to Moviepass, you can go to over 91% of theaters across the US. This includes major theaters like Cinemark, Rave, and AMC. Many smaller independent cinemas allow for the service, as well. To find out if a specific theater you prefer accepts Moviepass you can use the app to search your location using zip code or visit the Moviepass website and use the chat feature to speak to someone that can tell you what’s available in your area!


Moviepass FAQ


Can I see Every Movie at an Accepted Theater?

No. You have access specifically to 2D (standard definition) movies and can watch one every day. Your subscription won’t work for 3D, IMAX, DBOX, or ETX films. Additionally, Fathom Events and film festival screenings are not covered even if they are in an approved theater.


Can I Pick up Advanced Tickets?

No. You can only get same-day tickets. You’ll need to use the app (generally within a certain distance from the theater) to check-in to your movie. If you visit a theater that allows for e-ticketing, you can get your ticket using the app. If not, the money for the ticket will be loaded onto a special debit card that you can use to get your ticket.


What if I Check-In and then Don’t Make it or the Movie is Sold Out?

If you pick your movie via check-in and then change your mind or find out the movie was sold out, your daily check in is not wasted. Through the app, just click the “Sold Out? Changed Mind?” option and you’ll be able to check-in to a different film.


I Have a Wife/Husband/Kids. Does Moviepass Offer a Family Plan?

Currently only single plans are available. However, couple and family plans are supposedly in the works.


Is There a Free Trial?

A free trial is not available. Your membership is $9.95 and is paid on a monthly basis. So, if you don’t like it for any reason you can always cancel and won’t be charged for the upcoming month. As you’ve paid for a month, it’s worth noting that your membership will still be valid that entire month.

If you have any questions you can visit the Moviepass website, here or leave us a comment!