NBA League Pass Review: Is the NBA Streaming Service a Hit?

Basketball season is coming up and if you’re an NBA fan you shouldn’t have to miss out on any of your teams’ games. You might be thinking you’re going to have to miss out, especially if you’re a cord cutter, but that’s not true thanks to NBA League Pass. With a variety of available packages, you’ll have the option to watch every game this season or just games from your team. It’s up to you. This NBA League Pass review will go over the services and the NBA League Pass cost, so you know if it’s worth it, and how to get it, if you think it is!

NBA League Pass Review: What is NBA League Pass?

NBA League Pass is the only official streaming subscription service offered by the NBA. As a member, you’ll have access to both live stream and on-demand NBA games for the entire season! If you’re a hardcore basketball fan, this will ensure that you can watch as many games as you want throughout the entire season.

While this sounds great, there is one definite downer, and that comes into play with local teams. If a game is shown on TV in your area, it will be blacked out. This has to do with NBA streaming licenses because the NBA streaming service isn’t able to offer any live streaming of local games. If you’re a Detroit fan who lives in Detroit, NBA League Pass wouldn’t work well for you because your games would be blacked out. However, if you’re in Orlando and your favorite team is Detroit, this gives you the ability to watch all of the games that you can’t watch on your TV.

NBA League Pass Review: Special Features of NBA League Pass

Multiple Games Each Week: Not only do you get around 40 games each week you can watch four of them at once if you’re watching on the computer. If you’re not a fan of watching on the computer, don’t worry, we’ll discuss other streaming options below.

On-demand Replays: Miss your favorite game? It’s cool. Every NBA game of the main season is placed in an on-demand library so that you can stay current and not miss any games!

Watch the Classics: Remember that shocking play that everyone talked about? Watch it again in the NBA classics library. All of the best moments of basketball are available.

Watch however you Want: If computers or mobile devices aren’t your thing, you can watch NBA League Pass with Apple TV, Roku, gaming consoles, and a variety of other streaming devices.

NBA League Pass Review: How Much Does NBA League Pass Cost?

If you’re asking “how much does NBA League Pass cost?” the answer is that you have a couple options. If you order the entire NBA League Pass package, you’ll pay $199 per year or you can break that down into five installments of $44.99. This gives you access to the full package mentioned above.

If you think that’s too expensive and you’re only really a fan of one team, you can subscribe to NBA Team Pass. This service will allow you to live stream one single team as opposed to all of them. You’ll have access to all of this team’s games for the entire season. NBA Team Pass comes to $119.99 a year or if you want you can break it up into 5 installments of $26.99.

Of course, if that’s still too expensive, but there is a specific game you want to watch you can order an NBA Single Game pass for $6.99 per game. This will be a good (or terrible) deal depending on how many games you decide to watch this way.

In the end, this is going to come down to cost for most people. If you’re a diehard basketball fan, NBA League Pass isn’t a bad idea. If you like basketball, but really only care about one team, you should save some money and opt for NBA Team Pass. Finally, if you only care about certain games Single Pass might be the way to go for you. Just remember, blackouts happen with local games. Otherwise, this service is a great way to catch HD quality basketball from the comfort of your home without cable.