NFL Game Pass review: Price, features & more

NFL Game Pass is an on-demand video streaming service owned and operated by the National Football League. It’s existed in its current format since 2015. The NFL streamlined its service by combining other options like NFL Game Rewind into the all-encompassing NFL Game Pass app. While the service gives you access to every NFL game throughout the season as well as exclusive shows and commentary from professionals, it doesn’t provide live game coverage. You’ll have to wait. Games that air Sunday afternoon aren’t available until 8 p.m. EST that evening. Monday, Thursday and Saturday games stream soon after broadcast. 

How much is NFL Game Pass? 

The free trial length for NFL Game Pass is seven days. After the trial period, the cost of the subscription will depend upon when you purchase the service. At the start of the season, NFL Game Pass costs a one-time payment of $99.99. You also have the option of making four monthly installment payments of $30, but paying upfront will save you roughly $20 a year. As the season progresses, the price of NFL Game Pass will decrease being that fewer games are available. 

NFL Game Pass
Downloadable ContentiOS and Android mobile devices
ContentCommentary shows, NFL Films Archive and every preseason, regular and postseason game
Ad-free No
Device compatibilityAndroid/iOS, desktop, smart TVs, smartphones and tablets
Free trial length7 days

NFL Game Pass cost

How much is NFL Game Pass? A season-long subscription costs $99.99. Or, you can opt for 4 installments of $29.99.

Keep in mind that the price does come down as the season progresses. If you get it in the late season, say around December, you’ll pay just $50. You’ll have access to all the same features, albeit for a shorter amount of time.

Even at full cost, the NFL Game Pass price is reasonable and equals out to less than $9 a month. Subscribers are able to enjoy replays of over 250 games in the regular season. Though not available in live stream, games are available the same day they air on TV. You also have access to out-of-market preseason games in live stream. To top it all off, you also have access to every game from 2009-2019, including preseason and Super Bowls. So, when you think of it like that, the price isn’t that bad.

Why NFL Game Pass may be the right streaming service for you

NFL Game Pass is a great streaming service for fans who want to strengthen their proximity to the field. Even professional scouts utilize NFL Game Pass to help with player analysis. If you’re a fan who loves the NFL, plays competitive fantasy football or enjoys reviewing film like the pros, NFL Game Pass may be for you. 

User experience

Up to five devices can stream content at once, making the NFL’s streaming service a viable option for family and friends to use simultaneously. Since games don’t air live on NFL Game Pass, you can avoid unwanted updates with its anti-spoiler feature.

Device compatibility

NFL Game Pass is currently available on: 

NFL Game Pass features

NFL Game Pass includes several features that’ll take your experience to the next level, including offline content viewing and great search options.

Watch offline

If you’re traveling or away from Wi-Fi, you can still enjoy NFL Game Pass’ full catalog. The service lets you download games and shows to watch offline. But be sure you do so on an Android or iOS mobile device — the function is not available for desktops or laptops.

Replays from multiple camera angles

The app gives you the ability to view on-field action from multiple angles. The Coaches Film feature puts the power of instant replay right in your hands. 

Condensed replays

If you want to watch the majority of games each week, you’re going to be pretty busy. That’s why NFL Game Pass offers condensed replays. You can watch a full game in around 45 minutes with no commercials. Every play from the game is included. The only thing you’ll miss is the commercials, the commentating, and the fluff. It’s all NFL action!

Hide in-game spoilers

You have the ability to turn scores on and off, allowing you to hide scores in all games, so your games aren’t ruined and you can watch as it happens.

Easily search content

Looking for something specific, like a game highlight or coverage of a player for your fantasy team? NFL Game Pass’ search tool lets you quickly find what you’re looking for. 

Multi-view option

Watch two games concurrently by clicking the blue dot in the top right-hand corner of the screen and selecting Live Games

Multiple users

Up to five devices have access to NFL Game Pass at the same time. All users must share the same Wi-Fi and IP address. 

DVR controls

None of your games include commercials, so there is no need to worry about that. Still, if you want to rewind, fast-forward, or pause, Game Pass has you covered.

Cancel at any time

You have the ability to cancel your subscription at any time. For a refund, you must cancel within three days of purchase or within seven days after your subscription auto-renews. 

What to watch on NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass streams replays of all 256 games during the season, playoffs and the Super Bowl in both full and condensed versions. Just don’t expect to watch the games live. 

The service also covers preseason games and gives you access to commentary shows, the NFL Films Archive and HBO’s Hard Knocks series. At any point in the season, you can go back and watch any of the games. You’re given the ability to break down film like coaches and scouts with a glimpse into the game from countless perspectives. There’s even camera footage showing all 22 players on the field and the end zone angle.

Regular season games (replays)

You get on-demand access to replays of every regular season game – from every team. You won’t get live stream for these games, but you’ll have same day access. All games in the morning and afternoon are available in the afternoon and games that are on in the evenings on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday will have access as soon as the game ends. This service is the only way to legally access every game from every team in the NFL, all season long. The catch, of course, is that you have to wait a few hours to watch the action.

Out-of-market live preseason games

If you’re looking for games that won’t air in your area during the preseason, NFL Game Pass is the leader in streaming this kind of content. You’ll be able to watch these games in live stream without a problem. Note that “out of market” means you can’t watch your local team’s games live.

Coaches’ film

Break down every game like you were in the coach’s seat. You’ll get access to exclusive angles, including the coaches All-22 Film which shows all 22 players at once.

How to sign up for NFL Game Pass

Interested in signing up for NFL Game Pass? Here’s what the process looks like. 

  1. Navigate to the NFL Game Pass website. 
  2. Choose between making a one-time payment or starting a free trial. 
  3. Head to the Sign In page and select Create New Account.
  4. Fill out the fields for your name, date of birth, email address and create a password. 
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Select your method of payment and fill out the fields. 

The takeaway

NFL Game Pass is a must-have for football fanatics with its extended game coverage, professional commentary, powerful viewing tools and informative shows. Unfortunately, while NFL Game Pass provides an incredible amount of football-related content, you won’t be able to watch regular season and postseason games until they finish broadcasting live. So, if you’re the type of fan who wants to cheer your team on in real-time, or you don’t require in-depth coverage of all things NFL, you may want to pass on this particular service. If you can get enough NFL action and news, this is the app for you. 

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