Orby TV review

Orby TV highlights

  • Starting at $40.00/mo.
  • Orby TV is a satellite TV service like DIRECTV or Dish Network.
  • Sign up now at Orby TV.

Orby TV launched in 2019, offering a low-cost satellite TV subscription. When you sign up for Orby cable, you simply connect to their site, select how many receivers you want (DVR is available, too) and then head to the checkout. You can also purchase Orby TV in person at Best Buy or Target. After purchase, you schedule your installation through Orby TV’s website. 

You will want to take note of the startup costs, which include equipment and installation. The standard Orby TV receiver costs $100, and the DVR receiver is $200 (each additional room/receiver will add another $100). The cost to have the satellite dish and outdoor antenna installed is $150. All told, that means you will pay a minimum of $250 in start-up fees. 

If you are a particularly handy person, you can purchase an Orby TV self-installation kit for $70. (Use caution though, because if you find you are not as handy as you thought, there is a $40 restocking fee to send the kit back!) As you might expect, Orby TV strongly recommends you allow one of their professional installers to perform the task.

Once Orby TV is installed, you will immediately gain free access to all your local channels. Then, you’ll choose between their two cable packages: the “Essentials” package will cost you $40/mo.; the “Extras” package will cost $50/mo. If you initially buy the “Essentials” package, you can upgrade any time to the “Extras” package for an additional $10/mo. 

If you purchase a DVR as part of your plan, you will incur a monthly fee of $4. If you decide to drop the satellite package and just keep your local channels with DVR service, the DVR fee increases to $12 a month.

Why Orby TV may be the right TV service to you

Orby TV has positioned itself as a low-cost alternative to DIRECTV and Dish Network. Not only are their monthly plans less expensive than the average cable/satellite package, but they are also unusually flexible. If you purchase their equipment, there is no monthly fee or contract. In fact, you can stop or start service at any time. If for some reason, you wanted to pause your service, you simply do not pay your monthly bill, and the service will be suspended until you send in your next payment. (Remember, when you get Orby TV installed, the installer will place an antenna on the top of your home to allow access to local channels, so if you choose to interrupt your service, your local channels will still be available to you at no cost.) However, if you rent Orby TV equipment instead of buying it outright, you are subject to a two-year contract and a $15 monthly fee.

Orby TV also gives the availability of a satellite package to those who do not have access to high-speed internet (which is required for streaming services like Disney+ or  Hulu). If you live in a rural area or have decided that high-speed internet is too pricey, then Orby TV could be an excellent option. Those who live in apartments and condos are eligible as well, though you may need to get your landlord’s permission to have the dish and antenna installed on their property.

Compare Orby TV packages and pricing

Let us dive into the packages and pricing in more depth. 

Orby TV claims that their “Essentials” package will save you $67/mo. when compared to the average monthly cable bill ($107/mo.) Of course, depending on what type of package another satellite provider is offering, that number can change. DIRECTV’s lowest cost package starts out at $64/mo. and includes more than 160 channels. Dish Network’s basic package is slightly less expensive ($59.99/mo.) than DIRECTV and includes 190 channels. Still, Orby TV is truly less expensive than its main competitors, although, as you will see next, Orby TV offers far fewer channels. 

The $40/mo. “Essentials” package comes with 44 channels (not counting local). The $50/mo. “Extras” package comes with an additional 24 channels to give you 68 in total. The service also offers four premium channels — Cinemax ($18/mo.), Epix ($9/mo.), HBO ($18/mo.) and STARZ ($9/mo.)

Monthly price$40$50
Free trial length30 days30 days
Number of titles/channels4468
Number of simultaneous streamsN/AN/A
Cloud DVR storage100 hours100 hours
Offline viewingNoNo
Ad-free optionNoNo

Orby TV bundles, deals, and free trials

As you might suspect, because Orby TV promotes itself as a no-frills alternative to cable, their bundles, deals and trials are pretty basic as well. 


While you can always add movie channels for an additional cost, there are no real bundle options.

Deals and promotions

Orby TV is currently offering 50% off of installation for your first receiver, which is a significant cut into their $250 installation fee. 

Free trial

Orby TV offers a “no-risk trial.” If you decide you do not like their service within the first 30 days, you get a full refund on the equipment and basic installation. Upon close examination, however, the trial is not as “no risk” as it seems. As with anything, you have to read the fine print. Their return policy states that for a full refund, you must call Orby TV within 14 days of purchase to receive a return authorization. If approved, Orby TV will send a prepaid return shipping label, and you will need to return the equipment in “like new” condition within 14 days of receiving your return authorization.

User experience

The Orby TV experience closely resembles that of any other satellite TV provider. You have access to various live channels you can view in different rooms at the same time. If you purchase a DVR with your package — a $4/mo. add-on —  you can pause live TV and create a library of recorded programming.

Device compatibility 

Orby TV requires you to use their service while in the home. Therefore, there are no applicable devices that work with Orby TV other than those designed for in-home viewing, which include the following:

  • TVs
  • Smart TVs

Orby TV features 

Orby TV may be a very basic service, but it does supply some useful features. However, there are a couple of potential drawbacks as well.

100 hours of DVR storage

Orby TV’s DVR service allows you to record up to 100 hours of programming. 

Watch in 4K

Orby TV was conceived with 8K televisions in mind. However, it is compatible with all 4K, ultra-high-definition (UHD), high-definition (HD), 1080, 720, 480 and standard-definition (SD) televisions.

Free local channels

As stated earlier, once your antenna is installed, you have access to local channels at no cost (even if you discontinue service).

Movie channels

You can add up to four different movie channels — Cinemax, Epix, HBO and STARZ — for an additional monthly cost.


This could be a huge catch for some. Orby TV offers no sports channels. That means no ESPN, no FOX Sports and no NFL TV. The only sports available to you would be through your local coverage.


Currently, Orby TV does not include FOX News as a viewing option. However, it does include Newsmax.

What to watch on Orby TV

Both of Orby TV’s packages offer a wide array of options for family viewing, history buffs and movie watchers. 

Live TV channels

In terms of live TV channels, as a satellite service, all channels are broadcast live. If you purchase a DVR, you do have the advantage of pausing live TV and recording programs to watch later. 

Orby TV’s “Essentials” package includes such popular channels as IFC, Comedy Central, IFC, Lifetime, TBS, TNT and Sundance TV. With the Extras package, you also get DIY Network, Crime + Investigation, Logo and Military History. For a full list of channels offered by each package, go to Orby TV.

Our hot take

Whether Orby TV is a good option for you will likely depend on your location, access to high-speed internet and thriftiness. The benefits of the low cost and the flexibility of the arrangement have to be balanced with the relatively high startup costs and the limitations of the service. If you are a sports fan, Orby is most likely not for you. If your TV watching habits are more basic, then Orby TV might be a great fit. As advertised, the monthly subscription cost is low, and you can suspend and restart service without any late fees or restart costs.

When it comes to Orby TV reviews and complaints, the largest source of the latter comes from installation issues. Most specifically, with getting an installer out in a timely fashion. If that happens to you, that may cut into your 14 day assessment period of the service. The good news is the Orby TV reviews of the service once it is up and running trend toward the positive.

If the service does fit your needs, you can sign up now at Orby TV.

David Phillips