Philo Channels List 2019: What Channels are on Philo?

These days, there are more and more methods available to watch live TV – without a cable subscription. Philo is a new one, which claims to offer one of the cheapest ways to keep up with your favorite shows, news and more. But what channels are on Philo TV – what can you watch? Keep reading for the full Philo channels list!

Philo offers a good selection of entertainment channels – but the sports-free lineup is not for everyone. You’ll want to consider the Philo lineup closely before signing up.

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Philo is definitely the cheapest way to enjoy cable channels after you’ve cut the cord. Over 40 cable channels are included for just $16 per month. An unlimited cloud-DVR is also included.

What is Philo TV?

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First and foremost, what is Philo?

Philo is a new live streaming service that provides 55+ channels for just $20 per month. Yeah, 20 dollars a month.

And these aren’t unheard of channels – Philo includes awesome networks like AMC, Comedy Central, Food Network, HGTV and many more.

So, how is it so cheap? Mostly because Philo doesn’t include any sports channels. The rights to stream sports networks are extremely expensive, which drives up the cost of rival streaming services. By skipping sports entirely (and local channels), Philo can remain super affordable.

Philo also includes a cloud DVR feature with unlimited storage. So you can record your favorite shows to watch later!

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Let’s continue and check out the Philo channels list for more information!

What Channels are on Philo TV?

The Philo channels list includes 55+ channels, and is frequently adding new networks.

Networks include mostly entertainment channels, with a few news networks. Again, there are ZERO sports networks, so if you’re a sports fan this is not the service for you.

The Philo channel lineup also does not include local channels, like NBC/FOX/CBS/etc. That said, these networks can usually be picked up with an antenna.

Full Philo Channels List

Base Package – $20/month

Philo channels list

A&EAMCAmerican Heroes ChannelAnimal Planet, Aspire, AXS TVBBC America, BBC World News, BET, BET Her, Cheddar Business, Cheddar News, CleoTV, CMTComedy CentralCooking ChannelDestination AmericaDiscovery Channel, Discovery Family, Discovery Life, DIYFood NetworkFYIGSN, Great American Country, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama, Hallmark Movies & MysteriesHGTVHistoryIFCInvestigation Discovery, Law & Crime, LifetimeLifetime MoviesLogoMotortrendMTVMTV2, MTV Classic, MTV Live, Nick JRNickelodeonNickToonsOWNParamount, People TV, Revolt, SCISundance TV, Tastemade, TeenNickTLCTravel ChannelTV Land, UpTV, VH1Viceland, and WE tv

And remember, all of these channels are included for live streaming, for the pretty incredible price of $20/month!

That’s a pretty incredible value, and certainly makes Philo the cheapest major live streaming service out there.

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What About the Old $16 Philo Package?

Up until early 2019, Philo offered 2 packages – a $16/mo base package, and a $20/mo expanded package. In April 2019, they rolled both into a single package. The $16 package is no longer available.

You might see other Philo reviews still referencing the $16 price point, but these are out of date.

What About Premium Channels?

At this point in time, Philo does not carry any premium channels like HBO, Showtime, etc. However, you can subscribe to these services on their own: see how to watch HBO online, how to watch Showtime online, and how to watch Cinemax online.

What About Sports?

Philo does not carry ANY sort of sports networks. They do this to keep costs down. The service is ideal for folks who don’t really care about live sports. If you are a sports fan, check out our guide on how to watch sports online.

What About Local Channels?

Philo does not carry any local channels. You can find out how to watch CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC in our dedicated guides to each.

How Does the Philo Channels List Compare?

There are lots of streaming services competing for your hard-earned dollars. How does the Philo channel selection stack up with the competition?

For entertainment channels, Philo is excellent. It includes many of the most popular networks for live entertainment. And even though it’s very affordable, it actually includes several channels that other competitors only offer in expensive packages, or don’t offer at all! For general live TV entertainment, Philo is a leader for budget-minded streamers.

For news channels, Philo is okay. It includes BBC World News and Cheddar News, but that’s about it. There’s no local news coverage, and none of the popular national channels like FOX News, CNN, etc.

For sports channels, Philo is not even in the running. Philo does not include any sports networks.

On price, Philo is a clear leader. No other streaming service offers anywhere near this many channels for such a low price. The next best is Sling TV, which has plans starting from $30/month. All the other major streaming services are at least $40 a month – so at $20/mo, Philo is quite a bargain!

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Philo is definitely the cheapest way to enjoy cable channels after you’ve cut the cord. Over 40 cable channels are included for just $16 per month. An unlimited cloud-DVR is also included.

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