Quibi review

Quibi highlights

Quibi review

Launched in April 2020, the streaming service, Quibi differentiates itself from the competition by focusing on mobile viewing and short-form video content. Instead of showing 2.5-hour movies, the service shortens content into bite-sized 7-10 minute chapters designed to be watched on-the-go.

Quibi already has a few enticing titles in its lineup and plans to expand this library, roping in big names like Antoine Fuqua, Guillermo del Toro, Jason Blum and Sam Raimi. Viewers can get access to captivating and exclusive originals such as #FreeRayshawn, Flipped, Survive and The Stranger. And its existing lineup even includes unscripted shows like remakes of Punk’d and Singled Out.

One week after its debut, the Quibi streaming app was downloaded an impressive 1.7 million times. And the service offers a 14-day free trial. 

Compare Quibi plans

Monthly price$4.99/mo.
Free trial length14 days
Number of titles40+
Number of simultaneous streams1
Cloud DVR storageNo
Offline viewingYes
Ad-free option$7.99/mo.

Quibi add-ons

Quibi doesn’t offer any add-on features or services. And it hasn’t expressed any intentions to introduce them in the future.

What to watch on Quibi

The Quibi library consists of 40+ titles, though the service plans to have around 7,000 pieces of content within a year. With new shows releasing every week, the lineup is set for rapid growth.

Quibi’s streaming service gives you access to a diverse range of content – from unscripted shows and documentaries to movies in chapters and anthologies. It even has daily programming that showcases everything from global news to motivational talk shows.

Daily programming

Quibi’s daily programming slate, Daily Essentials, consists of a wide range of news-focused and reality content. For some feel-good videos, tune into All the Feels by The Dodo, a reality-based program that tells real stories of animals or The Daily Chill, a meditation show with calming visuals and soothing sounds.

Get your daily dose of entertainment with Fashion’s a Drag, where the reigning drag queen, William gives his interesting take on fashion and style happenings. Rotten Tomatoes provides you with daily movie and TV recommendations through Fresh Daily. And Heather Gardner gives you a recap of the highlights from late-night shows that aired the day before in Late Night’s Late Night.

Other informative and news-focused shows include Answered by Vox, Close Up! by E! NEWS, For the Cultura by Telemundo, No Filter by TMZ, Pulso News by Telemundo, The Replay by ESPN and Weather Today by The Weather Channel.


Quibi gives you an inside look at some of the most intriguing topics and industries through a series of documentaries. For instance, &MUSIC shines a spotlight on the vital contributors who help the world’s biggest musical artists put on phenomenal performances. And in Fierce Queens, Reese Witherspoon narrates the stories of remarkable females in the animal kingdom.

Get an intimate look inside LeBron James’ school for at-risk children through I Promise. The docuseries Prodigy follows the professional lives of young and promising athletes in different disciplines.

Other docuseries already on Quibi include NightGowns, starring Sasha Velour, Run This Town, depicting the life of Jasiel Correia and You Ain’t Got These, a show about sneaker culture.

Scripted shows/movies

The wide slate of exclusive scripted shows draws many viewers to Quibi. Top names in the film industry like Guillermo del Toro and Steven Spielberg are set to produce original content. Although most of the much-awaited content from these industry leaders will come much later, the service already has a bunch of scripted comedy, drama and thriller shows in its launch lineup.

This includes #FreeRayshawn, starring Laurence Fishburne and Stephan James, 50 Stages of Fright, an anthology of horror stories, Flipped, a quirky comedy show starring Kaitlin Olson and Will Forte, Survive, featuring Sophie Turner and The Stranger, an intense thriller with Dane DeHaan and Maika Monroe.

Unscripted shows

Quibi also provides viewers with entertaining, unscripted content in a wide range of categories including cars, comedy, fashion, food and lifestyle. One of the most popular unscripted shows is Chrissy’s Court, where model and TV personality, Chrissy Teigen, presides over real small-claims cases.

Dishmantled, a cooking show with a fun twist, is another popular option. The host blows up dishes in competitors’ faces, which they must then recreate based on what they taste after the explosion. Celebrity judges decide which contestant gets to take home the cash prize. 

In Elba vs. Block, British actor Idris Elba takes on Ken Block to see who’s best behind the driver’s seat – a must-watch for adrenaline-junkies and motorheads alike. And in Fight Like a Girl, WWE superstars help everyday women find the strength and courage to transform themselves.

Other unscripted shows already in Quibi’s lineup include Gayme Show, Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand, Murder House Flip, Punk’d, Shape of Pasta and Thanks a Million.

User experience

Quibi’s layout is a bit basic, but it offers a straightforward and reliable experience.

The media player controls don’t clutter the screen during playback and easily adapt to your viewing mode. For instance, when viewing content in portrait mode, the scrubber moves from the bottom of the screen to either the right or left-hand side so you can easily control it with your thumb. Speaking of which, the app gives you the option to switch to left-handed mode if you’re a leftie.

Overall, Quibi’s video controls are quite robust with instant rewind and forward buttons as well as closed captioning. There’s even a shortcut that lets you quickly mute the audio and turn on captions. All you need to do is press and hold the screen, then slide up to activate the function.

The app also allows easy content discovery with an advanced search feature. Besides the usual method of browsing by show title and genre, it also lets you look for content by cast members and episode titles.

Quibi’s streaming player lacks some advanced features like parental controls and multi-device streaming. As the service focuses on delivering a personalized experience, it doesn’t let you create multiple user profiles or stream from more than one devices at a time.

Device compatibility

Quibi is compatible with the following devices:

  • Android devices with OS 7.1 or higher
  • iOS devices 11.0 or higher

Quibi features you’ll love

As a content-driven service, Quibi doesn’t offer any add-on features. Instead, it concentrates on delivering exclusive high-quality, short-form video content in a novel form. 

Get exclusive access to original, short-form content

Quibi already has plenty of exclusive content in its lineup, lots of which features stars like Chrissy Teigen, Idris Elba, Laurence Fishburne and Will Arnett. With the service roping in other leading creatives like Guillermo del Toro and Steven Spielberg to produce original content, it gives viewers lots of reasons to subscribe.

The service solely focuses on short-form videos — it breaks up movies into chapters. This puts an interesting twist on the usual viewing process and allows you to take quick streaming breaks in between important tasks.

Download shows for offline viewing

The Quibi streaming service lets you download episodes for offline viewing, which is great for frequent travelers and those who live in areas with spotty internet service. But note that some Daily Essentials content expires within 48 hours of release. So if you download those shows, you’ll need to watch them before they expire.

Enjoy seamless mobile streaming with Turnstyle

Since it’s taken a mobile-focused approach, Quibi also makes an effort to optimize the small-screen viewing experience. One of the standout features it introduced to make that possible is Turnstyle, which allows viewers to switch between landscape and portrait mode without any disruption in video playback.

The service factors both of these screen orientations into the creative process, providing you with different angles and shots for each presentation mode. It even optimizes the text and credits for these two modes and seamlessly switches between them as you rotate the screen. This adds a whole new layer to the mobile streaming experience and allows uninterrupted viewing no matter which mode you choose to use.

The takeaway

With exclusive short-form content and mobile-optimized viewing experiences being its biggest highlights, Quibi appeals to those who enjoy the flexibility of streaming shows on their phones. The bite-sized storytelling format also makes it perfect for people who like watching engaging videos as they take short breaks in between important tasks.

As the service continues to build its content library by roping in some of the best filmmakers in Hollywood, it’s likely to attract an even bigger viewership in the future. Considering its fast-expanding library of exclusive content, Quibi is worth the $4.99/mo. investment. So make sure you sign up for your two-week free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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