Roku streaming devices hardware: Remotes and accessories

Roku has an abundance of streaming devices and an equally expansive selection of remotes and accessories. While this means that there’s something for everyone, it can also get a little confusing and overwhelming to have that many options. Our previous Roku streaming devices review highlighted some of the best options to help you make the right pick.

This post gives you a more detailed look at the different Roku devices along with the Roku remotes and accessories they come with. So before you decide on which Roku device to invest in, you should get a complete picture of what options are available.

Roku devices and their accessories

Currently, you have seven main Roku devices to choose from. That’s quite a lot considering that most streaming media player brands only offer about three or four models. And each of these devices comes with its own Roku remote control and/or accessory so you can use it to its full potential and enjoy smooth streaming.

Roku Express

At just $29.99, the Roku Express is the most affordable Roku device available. While its features may also be the most basic, it still packs quite a punch with high-definition (HD) streaming capabilities. So you can use it to access thousands of free and paid channels and watch 500,000+ movies and TV shows as well as live TV programming.

Roku Express accessories and remotes

Simple remote with shortcut buttons: The Roku Express comes with a standard infrared (IR) remote control to manage the player. This remote lets you navigate through the Roku Express interface, play or pause content, rewind or forward videos and more.

While it doesn’t come with voice-recognition capabilities, this remote still offers seamless controls with pre-set channel shortcut buttons. So you can easily switch to your favorite channels with just one button.

Roku Express+

At $39.99, the Roku Express+ costs slightly more than the basic Roku Express because it works with composite cables as well. So it lets you access smart TV functionalities even on an older TV. Other than that, the features are the same as the Roku Express with HD streaming capabilities.

Roku Express+ accessories and remotes

Voice remote with TV controls: The Roku Express+ comes with a voice-enabled remote that also lets you control your TV for added convenience. So you can use voice commands to browse through the menu, change the channel, play a video and more. And the TV controls will let you power on or off your TV as well as change the volume or mute it entirely without the need for a separate remote.

Roku Premiere

For the same price as a Roku Express+, you can also get 4K and high-dynamic-range (HDR) streaming with the Roku Premiere. This device offers exceptional image quality that allows you to enjoy every bit of detail when watching your favorite movies and shows. It even comes with night listening mode that automatically lowers the volume for louder scenes so you can stream without worries.

Roku Premiere accessories and remotes

Simple remote with shortcut buttons: Like the basic Roku Express, the Roku Premiere also comes with a simple remote for controlling the media player. This doesn’t have voice-recognition capabilities, but it comes with pre-set shortcut buttons that give you easy access to some of the most popular channels. This offers some convenience as you won’t have to go through multiple steps just to watch something on your favorite channels.

Roku Streaming Stick+

For even better streaming quality, you can also upgrade to the Roku Streaming Stick Plus for $49.99. This device lets you stream movies and shows in 4K HDR so you can get crisp and vivid images. It even comes with a long-range wireless receiver to make up for slow connectivity and provide smoother streaming.

Roku Streaming Stick+ accessories and remotes

Voice remote with TV controls: The Roku Streaming Stick+ comes with a voice-enabled remote that also has TV controls. That means you won’t have to use two separate remotes to control the player and the TV. You can use voice commands to easily browse through the menu, change the channel, start playback and more on your Roku device. And you can even change the volume on your TV, mute it or power it on/off.

In addition, the remote comes with shortcut buttons for popular streaming channels like Disney+, Hulu, Netflix and Sling. That means you can easily access them at the touch of a button instead of having to manually scroll through an expansive channel list every time.

Roku Streaming Stick+ HE

The Roku Streaming Stick+ Headphone Edition costs just $10 more than the regular model. And as the name suggests, it comes with headphones so you can make the most of Roku’s private listening feature. Other than that, the features are the same as the Roku Streaming Stick+ with 4K HDR video capabilities and long-range wireless reception for smoother streaming.

Roku Streaming Stick+ HE accessories and remotes

Enhanced voice remote: The Roku Streaming Stick+ HE comes with a voice-enabled remote that has TV controls and private listening capabilities. So you can use voice commands to search for something to watch and control the player. And you can control the TV set too without needing a separate remote.

The best part about this Roku streaming stick remote with enhanced voice controls is that it comes with a headphone jack that allows you to enjoy private listening. That means you won’t ever have to worry about disturbing the rest of the house when streaming late at night.

Headphones: As you’d expect, this Roku device also comes with a pair of headphones so you can plug it into your Roku enhanced remote and enjoy your favorite shows while everyone else is asleep.

Roku Ultra LT

For a more high-end option that has most of the premium functionalities, the Roku Ultra LT makes for an excellent option. This device costs $79.99 and provides 4K HDR streaming as well as private listening. It comes with built-in Ethernet support that lets you connect the player directly to your router for faster and more reliable streaming.

Roku Ultra LT accessories and remotes

Enhanced voice remote: The Roku Ultra LT comes with an enhanced Roku voice remote. This lets you search for something to watch and control the player using your voice. It also has built-in TV controls, which minimizes the need to juggle between two remotes. That means you can use it to turn your TV on/off and change the volume or even mute it completely.

The remote also comes with a headphone jack so you can privately stream videos without disturbing the rest of the house. For easy access to top channels like ESPN+, Hulu, Netflix and Sling, it even has pre-set channel shortcut buttons. That means you no longer have to scroll through multiple channels to start streaming on your favorite channels.

Headphones: This device also comes with a free pair of headphones so you can enjoy private streaming right out of the box.

Roku Ultra

The most high-end model among all Roku devices, the Roku Ultra, will set you back $99.99. With its higher price comes several premium features such as a lost remote finder. It even allows local playback through the USB port and lets you expand your channel storage space through its microSD slot. Besides these, the rest of the features are more or less the same as the Roku Ultra LT, offering 4K HDR streaming and built-in Ethernet support.

Roku Ultra accessories and remotes

Enhanced voice remote with personal shortcut buttons: The Roku Ultra comes with an enhanced remote that allows you to browse through channels, start playback, turn captions on and more using voice commands. It also comes with a headphone jack so you can enjoy streaming privately without waking up the entire house.

One standout feature of the Roku Ultra remote is the set of personal shortcut buttons alongside the pre-set ones. This allows you to customize the remote with shortcuts to your favorite channels so you can easily start streaming in one touch.

Plus, if you ever misplace this remote, it’ll play a sound when you press the “finder” button on your Roku player. So you’ll never have to spend hours searching for a lost remote.

Premium JBL headphones: An upgrade from the free ones that come with some other Roku models, you get a pair of premium JBL headphones with the Roku Ultra. This pair offers better sound quality so you can get the best experience out of private listening.

Other Roku devices

Roku remote app

This is a free mobile app that allows you to control your Roku device from your phone. In other words, the app turns your phone into a remote for your Roku player or Roku Smart TV. The app works for both Android and iOS devices and will also let you stream the Roku Channel on the go or cast content from your phone to your TV. It’s the perfect solution if you’re looking for a Roku replacement remote. 

Roku Smart TV

A range of TVs from different manufacturers but running the Roku Operating System (OS), Roku Smart TVs offer advanced features to enhance your streaming experience such as action smoothing, video upscaling and more. Roku TVs offer exquisite picture quality with 4K picture quality or HDR with Dolby Vision. But you can also get models that have only HD picture quality.

You can find a wide selection of Roku TVs depending on your needs and budget, with some models costing as little as $90.

Roku Box

Roku Box is just the name for the box-shaped streaming media players highlighted above. This includes the series of Roku Express and Roku Ultra devices.

Roku AirPlay

AirPlay is a built-in feature in iPhones and iPads that’ll let you share content from an Apple device to your Apple TV or compatible smart TVs and speakers. At the time of writing this post, Roku hasn’t yet finalized AirPlay 2 support.

Roku Projector

These are a range of projectors from different manufacturers that are compatible with Roku streaming devices. Usually, most projectors that come with an HDMI input can work with Roku products. Prices vary by manufacturer and capabilities, with the budget options setting you back anywhere between $120 and $550.

Roku Voice Remote

Roku has several types of remotes that allow you to control the player by pressing down on the microphone button and giving voice commands. These remotes come free with some models of streaming media players. But you can also get them separately with prices ranging from $19.99 to $29.99.

Roku Player

This is just the name for all the streaming media players from Roku. It includes the box-shaped streamers as well as the streaming sticks.

Our hot take

While the tech specs for Roku streaming devices may be the first thing to consider, it’s equally important to see what kind of tasks you can perform with Roku remotes and accessories. Usually, the complementary remotes and accessories align with what the player can do.

So the most basic Roku model comes with a simple remote that doesn’t even have voice recognition. And the high-end models come with an equally premium range of Roku TV remotes with extra functionalities. The best option for you depends on what you want out of your streaming media player.

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