Roku Ultra LT vs. Roku Ultra

If you’re in the market for a 4K streaming device, the Roku Ultra may be on your radar. As one of the most high-end options among Roku devices, the Roku Ultra has been a popular choice among those who want 4K streaming. But if you don’t want to spend too much and still want 4K streaming, the Roku Ultra LT could be just what you need.

While both the Roku Ultra and the Roku Ultra LT support 4K streaming, the latter costs a little less. And with the lower price, it also comes with a few sacrifices in the form of a missing USB port and a more generic pair of earphones. These may not be total deal-breakers for you as the two devices are more or less the same in every other aspect.

At the same time, some may be willing to spend just a few extra bucks for the extra USB port and the premium headphones. The choice really depends on what you prefer and how much you’re willing to spend. So let’s dive into a detailed Roku Ultra vs. Ultra LT comparison to help you figure out which one would be right for you.

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Compare Roku Ultra LT vs. Roku Ultra plans

Roku Ultra LTRoku Ultra 
Device styleSet-top boxSet-top box
Size4 x 4 x 0.80 inches4.92 x 4.92 x 0.83 inches
Compatibility1080p HD, 4K Ultra HD and HDR1080p HD, 4K Ultra HD and HDR
TV episodes + movies available500,000+500,000+
Voice search capabilityYesYes

Which streaming device is right for you?

The Roku Ultra and the Roku Ultra LT are similar in almost every aspect. This makes the Roku Ultra LT vs. Ultra comparison slightly challenging for prospective buyers. They have similar processing power, video compatibility and wireless technology. So their performance is more or less the same.

The biggest difference is that the Ultra comes with a USB port, allowing you to expand the storage and access your local media. And it also comes with premium JBL headphones while the Ultra LT has a generic pair of earphones.

User experience

Roku Ultra LT

The Roku Ultra LT runs on the Roku Operating System (OS), which is known for its simplicity and ease of navigation. The home screen isn’t cluttered with advertisements, and you have the freedom to organize it in a way that makes your favorite apps easier to access.

Roku Ultra

Like the Roku Ultra LT, the Roku Ultra also runs on Roku OS. So you have a simple interface that’s easy to navigate. And you don’t see any first-party content cluttering up the screen. Instead, you can even organize this screen the way you see fit so that it’s easier to access your favorite apps.

Processing power

Roku Ultra LT

The Roku Ultra LT runs on a quad-core processor, which offers impressive performance. This allows you to quickly fire up the device, play videos, switch between apps and more.

Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra has the same quad-core processor as the Roku Ultra LT. So it allows a smooth transition between different apps and tasks, which enhances the user experience.

Casting, sharing, mirroring

Roku Ultra LT

You can use the Roku Ultra LT to replicate the screen of a compatible Android or Windows device on your TV screen. However, this screen mirroring capability isn’t available for iOS devices. But you can cast content from both Android and iOS devices to your Roku Ultra LT. Additionally, it allows you to share personal photos and videos from your iOS and Android devices using the Roku mobile app.

Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra supports screen mirroring with Android and Windows devices. But this feature isn’t available for iOS devices. However, you have the option to cast from your Android or iOS devices to your Roku Ultra. You can even use the Play on Roku feature on the mobile app to share personal content from your iOS and Android devices with your Roku Ultra.

Audio and video quality

Roku Ultra LT

The Roku Ultra LT supports up to 4K HDR (high-dynamic range) streaming, so you get brilliant picture quality with a compatible display. This brings you your favorite shows in sharp resolution and vivid colors. And it comes with DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Atmos support, giving you immersive audio with the right output device.

Roku Ultra

Like the Ultra LT, the Roku Ultra lets you stream in stunning 4K HDR quality with a compatible TV. So you get to watch your favorite shows with impressive clarity. It also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital Surround to give you a powerful and immersive audio experience using the right output device.

Remote control

Roku Ultra LT

It comes with an enhanced remote, which lets you seamlessly control your player using voice commands and also has basic controls for your TV. The remote even has a headphone jack so you can enjoy private listening while everyone’s asleep.

Roku Ultra

While the Roku Ultra remote is almost similar to the one that comes with the Roku Ultra LT, it offers slightly better features with the personal shortcut buttons. You can personalize these buttons to take you directly to your favorite channels or perform your most frequent actions.


Roku Ultra LT

At $79.99, the Roku Ultra LT offers much better value since it has almost the same performing power as the Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra costs around the same as other premium streaming devices at $99.99. But it still offers good value as it comes with an enhanced voice remote and premium JBL headphones as well as a USB port.


Roku Ultra LT

The main thing missing from the Roku Ultra LT is a USB port. So you won’t have the option to connect it with other devices and access your local media, unlike with the Roku Ultra.

Roku Ultra

The biggest disadvantage of the Roku Ultra is the high cost, which may not align with your budget.

Our hot take

In terms of performance alone, the Roku Ultra and the Ultra LT aren’t any different. So if you’re looking for a low-cost option for a premium streaming device, the Roku Ultra LT would be a good choice. But if you like the ability to access local media with a USB port and you want better audio quality with the premium JBL headphones, the Roku Ultra makes more sense.

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