Seeso Review: Comedy Streaming Service Offers Niche Appeal

There are so many streaming services available these days and it seems like every time you turn around, there is a new announcement for another one! If you’ve cut the cord or are thinking about it, it’s likely because you wanted to save some money. So, it’s important that you find the right streaming solutions that give you the most of what you want to see while still saving you some of your hard earned money. If you have the big three (Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix) you already receive plenty of content, so you might be asking yourself why you would need another streaming service.

Well, in the case of Seeso, it’s only a few dollars and its niche streaming. So if you’re looking for more comedy, this may be just what you need to add to your streaming lineup. Keep reading for more of our Seeso review!

Seeso Review: What is Seeso?

The short answer is that Seeso is a streaming service. It differs because instead of trying to deliver all of the content it can, it focuses strictly on comedy. This allows Seeso to provide the best comedy available with both exclusive and original content, to ensure that members are receiving something they can’t get anywhere else. While they do have content you can’t get anywhere else, whether or not you want it will depend on quality, ease of use, and of course, price of membership.

Seeso Review: The Content Offerings

Seeso has teamed up with NBC Universal, so you can expect to find some comedy gems in the Seeso library. Among some popular favorites are the full series of Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock. Even better is the entire Saturday Night Live library! To put that in perspective, Saturday Night Live has been on the air for over 40 years! That’s a massive amount of content all on its own. But, that’s not all you receive. If you like British comedy you can watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus and other British classics.

Exclusive content is also important to Seeso, which is why they offer upwards of 20 original shows that are in development. Not all of them are available yet, but some of them are and more are added all the time. This just shows the commitment to the service they are offering and what you can expect if you become a subscriber now or in the future. These originals will include both comedy shows and standup specials from a diverse range of comics.

Seeso Review: Where Do I Watch?

Seeso, on its own, is compatible with Apple and Android devices, Xbox One, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Windows devices. You can also get Seeso as an add on to Amazon Prime, which means you can watch Seeso through any Amazon Prime app, if that’s how you sign up for Seeso. In that case, you’d be able to watch on the wide majority of streaming devices including phones, tablets, smart phones, and gaming consoles.

Seeso Review: What Does Seeso Cost?

With Seeso you can pick up the service as a standalone service through their website/app or you can add the channel on to your Amazon Prime subscription. Either way Seeso costs $3.99 a month. In terms of cost vs value, for less than a value meal you get decades’ worth of comedy at your fingertips. If you don’t want to spend a lot but you need more comedy, the Seeso cost you pay will pale in comparison to what you receive.

The Seeso Free Trial

If you’re wondering if there is a Seeso free trial, you’re in luck. Both Amazon Prime and Seeso offer a trial offer. Amazon Prime offers you a 7-day trial and Seeso offers a one-month trial. There is no difference in content, if you’re a member through Amazon. The only difference is you have one login instead of two and you can access your content through more devices, thanks to Amazon Prime.

At the end of the day, Seeso will live or die based on how much you like comedy. If you’re a comedy fan you should enjoy this service. You should love this service if you’re a fan of NBC shows, especially SNL. If comedy isn’t your thing, I can only recommend skipping this, as Seeso just won’t be worth it for you.