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Sling TV for streaming local channels

Sling TV is often thought of as a slimmed-down version of other streaming services. Its smaller network line-up comes with a big advantage: much lower monthly fees than rival platforms, with prices starting from just $30/mo. So do you get local channels with Sling TV? Yes, but in order to access local channels via the service, you’ll have less of a choice when it comes to packages. Although Sling TV has a total of three plans, only the Sling Blue and combined Sling Orange + Blue packages come with the maximum number of local networks. Sling Blue costs $30/mo. for around 45 channels, and the combined plan costs $45/mo. for both the Blue and Orange line-ups. Find out more about the Sling TV channels list.

The platform only focuses on local offerings from FOX and NBC, so you may find that your favorite local network is missing from the list. If that’s the case, there are a few workarounds that will help you access other channels in your area. And, of course, the actual local list you’ll see on Sling TV will vary by location. 

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Sling TV local channels

Can I get local channels with Sling TV? That’s a question most new subscribers ask. Well, Sling TV offers around 30 local networks, but they only come from FOX or NBC. And only major market areas, such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, tend to be available. So if you live outside one of these locations, you may be out of luck. There are a few regional sports networks on Sling TV’s local list. Again, these are NBC offerings. But the list only includes three channels: NBC Sports Bay Area, NBC Sports California, and NBC Sports Washington. (Longhorn Network is available for an extra monthly fee of $10.)

The slimline local list does put Sling TV toward the bottom of the pile. Rival streaming services like AT&T TV Now and fuboTV grant users access to all major local channels, including CBS and The CW. Similarly, Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV have a much more expansive local network line-up. (The only channel they both don’t feature is Univision.) In fact, the only platform that Sling TV beats is Philo, which comes with a grand total of zero local networks. Of course, all the other streaming services charge a lot more for the privilege of extra local names. So it’s a case of deciding whether price or local offerings are more important.

Local channels that Sling TV does not have

Sling TV only airs around 30 local channels, meaning that several areas won’t be able to access any local TV. In fact, the list of missing markets is rather long. The likes of Baltimore, Columbus, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Memphis and New Orleans aren’t covered by Sling TV in any way, shape or form. Plus, the service’s local line-up only comes from FOX and NBC, so there’s no chance of watching your local CBS station or anything from ABC on Sling TV. To top it all off, Sling TV also doesn’t offer other popular local networks like Telemundo, The CW or Univision. 

Sling TV add-ons


No matter which package you sign up for, you’ll receive only 10 hours of cloud DVR storage. It’s pretty obvious that that may not be enough for those who love to record series upon series. Luckily, Sling TV does offer a DVR upgrade. You’ll be charged an extra $5/mo. to boost the limit to 50 hours. 

Streaming devices

Wondering how to get local channels on Sling TV without paying for another service? Turn to Sling TV’s bundles that are specially designed to boost your local TV list. One of these involves a high-definition (HD) antenna and an AirTV device, which connects to your wireless network and broadcasts every major local channel for free. (The best part is that all the local networks will be seamlessly integrated into your Sling TV guide.) Right now, the service has two separate offers. Prepay for three months upfront and receive an antenna and AirTV 2 for $49. Or subscribe to Sling TV in the usual way and receive a free AirTV Mini worth $79.99.

Is Sling TV good for watching local TV?

All things considered, Sling TV isn’t the best streaming service for mega local TV fans. Its lack of nationwide coverage and small selection of channels mean plenty of people will miss out on popular networks, especially when it comes to sports. But if your area is covered by Sling TV’s current list, then the service is definitely a competitively priced way to stream local TV — helpful if you’re looking to save for a house and don’t want to splash unnecessary cash.

Plus, there are ways to increase the number of channels available without having to sign up for a separate service. For example, if you choose to take advantage of an AirTV bundle, you’ll be able to integrate the device’s local channel feeds into your existing Sling TV guide. Unfortunately, that does tend to mean shelling out more money up front and comes with the hassle of having to set up antennas and boxes. 

If you’re not sure whether the service is right for you, head to Sling TV’s site and search Sling TV’s local channels by ZIP code to see a full list of available local TV in your area. Happy with what you see? Instead of a free trial, Sling TV offers all new subscribers $10 off their first month. So sign up to enjoy a discounted rate, and don’t forget to check out our full Sling TV review.

Lauren Sharkey