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Stream TV review

Spectrum, the major cable provider for much of the East Coast and Southern California, has seen the light and created its own streaming service. Spectrum (aka Charter Spectrum) covers 41 states, providing home internet, cable TV, telephone and wireless services. 

Spectrum has two streaming packages: Spectrum TV Stream and Spectrum TV Choice, which are slightly different but cost the same amount. Spectrum TV Choice lets you pick 10 of your favorite cable channels, whereas Spectrum TV Stream gives you a set line-up of select TV channels. These streaming services are only available to Spectrum internet customers, so if you have Spectrum internet, you can buy Spectrum TV Stream or Spectrum TV Choice to score access to selections such as A&E, CNN, Discovery and ESPN.

Compare Spectrum TV Stream plans 

Spectrum has two basic streaming packages. Both let you purchase premium channels and add-on packages.

Spectrum TV StreamSpectrum TV Choice“Sports, News and More” add-onPremium add-on bundle
Base price*$54.99/mo.$30/mo.$30/mo.$45/mo.
ChannelsLocal + 25 channelsLocal + music + 10 channels97
Money-back guarantee30 days30 days30 days30 days

*Does not include taxes, fees or add-ons. All prices increase after the first year. 

Why Spectrum TV Stream may be the right streaming service for you 

Spectrum’s TV Stream and TV Choice are available only to current and new Spectrum internet customers. For Spectrum customers or people moving to an area that Spectrum serves, Spectrum TV Stream might be a way to get a better deal than regular cable. If you’re already a full-blown Spectrum cable customer, switching to Spectrum internet service and signing up for one of these streaming packages could be a way to cut costs. 

User experience 

Spectrum provides a pretty standard streaming experience. You can watch anywhere, use almost any device (the app doesn’t come with every streaming device), grab on-demand content and watch online. At home, Spectrum’s streaming services feature an unlimited number of simultaneous streams, so you could have people watching different shows in every room if you wanted to.

Away from home, the service only allows three simultaneous streams, but that beats many of the other options out there, some of which only offer one. 

Sadly, these base services don’t come with a cloud DVR, but you can add one that records up to 50 shows for $4.99/mo. You’ll get a notification asking you to delete something if you start to run short on space. 

Device compatibility 

The Spectrum TV app is available for most of the expected devices: 

  • Amazon Kindle Fire 
  • Android  
  • Apple TV 
  • Chromecast 
  • iPad 
  • iPhone 
  • Roku 
  • Samsung Smart TVs (2012 and newer models) 
  • Xbox One 

You can also stream via a web browser by navigating to Spectrum’s streaming site

Spectrum TV Stream and TV Choice features you’ll love  

No cable box 

With Spectrum TV Stream and TV Choice, you’ll be able to ditch the cable box. That means less clutter, but better than that, it means you can watch on the go any time, any place.

On-demand access 

You’ll get on-demand access to any channel you’ve subscribed to, so you’re not limited to simply watching live TV. DVR recording costs an extra $4.99/mo., but that’ll give you the ability to store up to 50 recorded shows.

Strip what you don’t want

If you go with Spectrum TV Choice, you’ll be able to pick your 10 favorite cable channels, as well as keep basic broadcast and local stations. You won’t have to pay for a bunch of content you’ll never watch. 

Many ways to watch

Spectrum’s streaming web app will show you everything you want to see, so you can watch on your computer without much hassle. You can also grab the mobile app, a streaming device like a Roku, a Smart TV or cast to your TV using Chromecast. And for an ironic twist, you can even lease a cable box to run the TV App. 

Cancel anytime 

There’s no contract with either Spectrum TV Stream or Spectrum TV Choice (or for Spectrum’s internet service), so you can cancel any time. 

What to watch on Spectrum TV Stream and TV Choice 

With either plan, you’ll be able to watch basic broadcast TV such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and local access channels. In addition, Spectrum TV Stream comes with 25 cable channels, including A&E, Bravo, CNN, Discovery, FX, Hallmark, TBS, TNT, USA and more. 

Instead of a set line-up of 25 stations, Spectrum TV Choice lets you choose 10 channels from a long list that includes sports offerings like ESPN and NBCSN, news, kids channels like Disney and Nickelodeon as well as lifestyle and entertainment options. And the service even has a formidable selection of Spanish-language content. 

Premium channels and add-on packages will cost you more, but you can get a pretty good deal, at least for the first two years. The first two years of the premium channel bundle costs only $15/mo., which saves a bunch considering individual premium channels are $7.50/mo. each. The “Sports, News and More” bundle costs $12/mo. 

The takeaway 

Spectrum’s streaming services are a viable option for Spectrum customers looking for a cost-effective way to watch TV. If you have 10 or fewer favorite cable channels and want basic TV that you can stream anywhere, Spectrum TV Choice is a great option. If you don’t want to cull through a long list of channels, go with Spectrum TV Stream — you’ll get every cable channel you’re likely to bother watching.

If you’re already a Spectrum cable customer and want to cut the fat from your budget, Spectrum TV Stream or TV Choice may be the answer. If, on the other hand, you don’t have Spectrum internet and you’re not looking to join, Spectrum streaming isn’t really for you. You’re better off shopping for a standalone streaming service like Hulu + Live TV (54.99/mo.) or YouTube TV ($49.99/mo.)

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