Video and music streaming bundles: What options are available?

The past few years have seen a massive boom in streaming services — both video and music — and the competition is only getting tougher. In video and TV streaming services alone, viewers have dozens of options to choose from. And they’ll have a much harder time deciding which way to go thanks to the upcoming launch of HBO Max, Peacock and Quibi.

Add that to dozens of music streaming platforms, and it can be hard to figure out which way to go. Some services have answered the question by blending video and music streaming services into attractive packaged bundles.

Bundled services stand apart from the competition by offering outstanding combinations of content and cost savings.

Some choices, like Spotify and Pandora, have experimented with limited-time bundle promotions.

But with the exception of Amazon Prime, most services don’t offer a permanent bundling solution. Even if they do, they usually limit eligibility to college students.

Compare video and music bundles

Amazon Prime Video + Amazon MusicAmazon Prime StudentSpotify Premium Student + Hulu + ShowtimeApple Music Student + Apple TV+
Free trial period30 days6 months3 months3 months
Ad-free streamingMusic onlyMusic onlyMusic and Showtime onlyYes
Simultaneous video streamsUp to 3 devicesNoVaries by platformNo
Simultaneous music streamsNoNoNoNo
Premium channel add-onYesYesNoNo
Music library2 million+2 million+50 million+60 million+
Video library 4,000+4,000+4,500+ (Hulu + Showtime)N/A

Why bundle music and video services?

A music and video streaming bundle can help you cut down on entertainment expenses while delivering the best of both worlds. For instance, Spotify Premium’s student plan costs less than an individual ad-supported Hulu subscription ($5.99/mo.) And a standalone Showtime plan will set you back around $10.99/mo. Bundling these services together delivers significant cost savings, especially for students.

But when shopping around for music and video streaming bundles, don’t let the price distract you. Think of what you need and see if the plan fulfills it. Do you enjoy a good balance of classic TV shows and new content? Or are you more focused on premium music streaming features? Perhaps simultaneous streaming is a top priority because you’ll be sharing your account with family.

Check out what each bundle offers and discover which one fits you best.

Best all-around bundle: Amazon Prime Music + Amazon Prime Video

Standout features

This is the only music and video streaming bundle currently available for non-students. Amazon Prime Video gives you access to 4,000+ titles ranging from well-loved classics to hit originals. This includes movies like A Quiet Place, Midsommar and The Silence of the Lambs as well as shows such as Good Omens and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Plus, you get Amazon Prime Music, which lets you stream over 2 million songs without any ad interruptions.

Among all the music and video streaming bundles, this one has the most robust add-on options. You can add various premium channels to your plan, including CBS All Access, Cinemax, HBO, Showtime and Starz. And for an extra $7.99/mo., you can even upgrade your Amazon Music access and stream up to 50 million songs.


At $12.99/mo., the Amazon Prime Video + Prime Music bundle costs more than any of the other options on this list. But it does offer a bunch of extra perks that most bundles don’t, including simultaneous video streaming and premium add-ons. So the bundle still makes sense, especially for non-student users.

Best student bundle for extra perks: Amazon Prime Student 

Standout features

The Amazon Prime Student plan has the lengthiest free trial period on our list. You get free access to music and video streaming for six months, which means you have sufficient time to see if the service is worth it.

It also comes with a bunch of extra perks not available with other bundles. For instance, you can enjoy exclusive deals and discounts curated just for students. And then there’s the Amazon Music Unlimited upgrade for just $0.99/mo. That’s $7/mo. less than what regular Prime pay.

Potential drawbacks

Amazon only provides this bundle offer to college students, making it unviable for those not currently pursuing higher education.

Unlike with a regular Amazon Prime subscription, this plan only allows individual access — you won’t have the option to launch simultaneous streams from multiple devices. So you might want to reconsider if you plan on sharing access with friends or family.

Best bundle for a rich content library: Spotify Premium Student + Hulu + Showtime

Standout features

The Spotify Premium Student plan has the most robust music and video content library. You have access to 50 million songs – the same amount you’d get with an Amazon Music Unlimited upgrade.

Plus, you can watch an expansive collection of movies and TV shows from the two video streaming services bundled with this plan. Hulu boasts of over 4,100 titles and 43,000 episodes, while Showtime gives you an additional 400+ titles.

Tune into shows like Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy, Shameless and The Handmaid’s Tale all in one place. So for those who value content variety over everything else, this bundle makes the most sense.

Spotify’s most standout feature may be its highly relevant playlists personalized according to your listening habits and those of others with similar tastes. This promotes new content discovery, making it perfect for those who enjoy expanding their music knowledge.

Potential drawbacks

Again, this bundle offer only works for those enrolled in an accredited college or university. And since Spotify has discontinued the Spotify + Hulu bundle that was accessible for everyone, non-students will have to go for the Amazon Prime Video and Music bundle.

If you’d like the option to add premium channels and features to your streaming service, you’re out of luck — the Spotify Premium Student plan doesn’t offer any. This means it won’t let you upgrade to a different Hulu plan from the ad-supported option that comes default with the bundle.

Best for new music and offline listening: Apple Music Student + Apple TV Plus

Standout features

With 60 million songs, Apple Music has the most expansive music library on our list. The streaming service regularly provides you with audio tracks and music videos not available anywhere else. This makes the bundle perfect for those who want the freshest music when it drops. 

Apple Music also lets you download up to 100,000 songs to your library for offline listening – an impressive number, especially since Spotify limits downloads to 10,000 songs per device. Though you can download a total of 50,000 songs across multiple devices, it’s still half of what Apple Music allows. So if you live in an area with limited connectivity, this plan makes the most sense.

Potential drawbacks

Like with the previous two plans, the Apple Music Student and Apple TV+ bundle doesn’t extend to non-student users. Though rumors suggest that Apple will soon introduce a regular bundle plan, it hasn’t announced any updates as yet.

In spite of a colossal music library, the video content for this bundle leaves a bit to be desired. Viewers only get to choose from a handful of movies and TV shows since Apple only provides access to its own limited original movie and show programming

On the other hand, these videos have exclusivity on their side since they won’t be available anywhere else. Viewers will get to watch Apple originals like Dickinson, See and The Morning Show through this bundle.

The bundle has a lot to offer those who enjoy exclusive programming. But if you plan on watching classic shows and movies, you might want to look elsewhere.

While a regular Apple TV+ subscription allows six simultaneous streams, that feature doesn’t apply to this bundle. The Apple Music Student + Apple TV Plus bundle only allows individual access for both music and video streaming. So if you plan on sharing your account with others, it might not be the best option.

The takeaway

Having a video and music streaming bundle makes sense if you regularly stream movies, shows and songs, but don’t want to pay for two separate services. For non-college-goers, you’ll only get this type of bundle through Amazon Prime, at least as of now. But with the increasing competition between streaming services, you could see your options expanding soon.

As for the student bundle offers, each has unique benefits. While Amazon Prime Student comes with a few added shopping perks, it also costs more than the other student plans on the list. For those who want access to an expansive content library, the Spotify bundle offers the best selection.

And although the Apple Music bundle lets you download up to 100,000 songs for offline listening, the video library may be a bit bare bones to your taste. 

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