How to Watch Animal Nation Online without Cable

Black-ish star Anthony Anderson is coming to Animal Planet with a mission. Premiering on February 10 at 10 p.m. ET you can tune in to see Animal Nation. This late-night-talk-show-styled variety show will be hosted by Anderson and feature celebrity guests and animal experts. And, of course, it will also showcase the animals themselves. If you want to watch Animal Nation online without cable, we have you covered.

Here is our guide to watch the Animal Nation live stream on Animal Planet when it airs.


Watch the Animal Nation Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW is the brand new streaming service from AT&T. Unlike their traditional satellite service, DIRECTV NOW is entirely streaming. All you need is a high speed internet connection and you can stream Animal Nation live as it airs.

DIRECTV NOW starts at $35 per month for a package of over 60 networks. Animal Planet is in one of the DIRECTV NOW packages, so check them out to learn more about watching Animal Nation streaming when it airs. You can watch at home or on the go, the choice is yours.

The service is new, so devices and features are still being added. But they do offer special deals on some streaming players if you prepay for service, so have a look at those promotions as well. Some of the features include their grid-style guide, which has a look more like the ones you might be used to with cable or satellite. This could make cutting the cord easier for some users.

Read more about DIRECTV NOW here in our review.

Or try DIRECTV NOW FREE for 7 days to watch Animal Nation online free while you decide for yourself.


Stream Animal Nation Live on PlayStation Vue

There is only one other streaming service that currently offers Animal Planet in one of its packages. You can watch the Animal Nation live stream with PlayStation Vue.

PlayStation Vue is $29.99 per month in most markets. In 7 U.S. cities, the service does offer live, local channels and the cost is $39.99 in those places.

You can stream Animal Nation on PlayStation Vue with your PS3/PS4 console. Or it is also compatible with players like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. You can also watch with an IOS or Android app. There is no Apple TV support at this time.

For the most part, PlayStation Vue works a lot like DIRECTV NOW, but there is one significant difference. Your account is tied to your home network, so watching on the go is limited. Even with the mobile apps, streaming away from home is restricted.

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Where Else Can You Watch Animal Nation Online?

Some Animal Planet shows do appear on Hulu, but right now there is no listing for Animal Nation streaming on the popular on-demand site. This could change in the future. Since the show is new, it also won’t be on Netflix right away, though it may also appear there in the future.

Often shows like this appear for purchase on Amazon Instant Video, rather than free with Amazon Prime. Our search does not show a listing to stream Animal Nation at all. So, at this time, it looks like the live streaming subscriptions are you best bet to watch without cable.

We hope we’ve answered your questions about how to watch Animal Nation online. If you have more comments or questions, ask below!