How to Watch AP Bio Online without Cable

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Hulu with Live TV combines the best of live TV (over 60 channels including local channels) with the Hulu on-demand service. This package is available for $45. Get 7 days free.

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DIRECTV NOW is a service that gives you plenty of options. You can choose from four packages with as many as 125+ channels. A cloud-DVR is also included. Get 7 days free.

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Sling TV is one of the cheapest ways to stream live TV. Packages start with over 30 channels for only $25 a month. Each package allows for as much customization as you’d like. Get 7 days free.

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Jack Griffin is a Harvard scholar that loses the only job he’s ever really wanted. This leads him back to Toledo, Ohio where he gets the esteemed job as a high school Advanced Placement (AP) Biology professor! Rather than actually teach his class of honor roll kids biology, he decides to take advantage of their smarts instead. Patton Oswalt stars as Principal Durbin, the man forced to try and keep Jack in line! You can watch A.P. Bio episodes on NBC on Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET. It doesn’t matter if you have cable! Keep reading and we’ll offer you all the details you need to watch A.P. Bio online!

Hulu with Live TV Includes the A.P. Bio Channel Streaming

Stream more than 50 channels and Hulu’s on-demand service


Hulu with Live TV offers some of the best options in both on-demand and live TV streaming. This is because the service builds off of Hulu’s on-demand service. This means thousands of hours of on-demand content including Hulu Originals, next-day episodes, and full TV series and movies. On top of that you’ll have 50+ live channels offering local content, sports, news, and more. While local channel availability is based on location, most areas will have access to NBC. If for some reason you don’t have live stream access, you can always stream A.P. Bio and other NBC shows in the on-demand library. Feel free to learn more about the Hulu Live channel lineup.


Upgrades for Cloud-DVR and Unlimited Streaming are Available

Hulu Live is available for $45 per month. With no hidden fees or contacts, this is the price you’ll pay without any upgrades to your account. Upgrades include things like adding movie channels and upgrading the space on your cloud-DVR from 50-hours to 200-hours. You can also upgrade the number of devices you’re able to stream on at one time. You’ll get to stream on two devices at once for free, but you can upgrade and stream on as many devices as you want simultaneously. This is a great option for bigger families. You can stream A.P. Bio episodes on gaming consoles, smart TVs, mobile devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, and many other devices.

Hulu with Live TV highlights:

  • 50+ channels offered for $45 a month
  • Local channels are included in most areas
  • No commitments!
  • The cloud-DVR offers 50-hours or upgrade to 200-hours
  • Channels include ESPN, USA, TNT, TBS, and many others
  • Watch Hulu’s on-demand service as part of your package
  • Works with Chromecast, Roku, mobile devices, Fire TV, and more
  • Get a free Hulu Live 7-day trial and watch the A.P. Bio online free

Our Hulu Live review can tell you more.


Watch A.P. Bio Online with DIRECTV NOW

Choose from multiple channels in four packages

DIRECTV NOW is the way to go if you’re willing to spend a little more money and you want something with large package options that reminds you of cable. You can choose from four packages. The smallest package is $40 a month and offers over 65 channels. The largest package nearly doubles that with over 125 channels. Local channels access will vary based on your location, but many areas will have NBC. If not, you can watch A.P. Bio episodes in the on-demand library. You can also use TV Everywhere apps to watch a variety of network apps. Every package offers access to local channels if they are available in your area.


Watch NBC Live or Check it out On-Demand

directv now

DIRECTV NOW offers a few add-on movie channel options, including HBO, which is available for $5 per month. You can stream A.P. Bio on mobile devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and many other devices. Beyond local channels you’ll be able to watch networks like AMC, ESPN, USA, TNT, Syfy, TBS, and many others. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve got a DIRECTV NOW review you can check out. You may also want to grab the free DIRECTV NOW trial, which is a good way to watch A.P. Bio online free.

DIRECTV NOW details:

  • Packages from $40
  • Multiple packages are available – choose one of four options
  • Between 65 and 125 channels are available
  • An on-demand library is included
  • TV Everywhere apps are included for many channels
  • A cloud-based DVR can record live TV
  • A week free trial allows you to try DIRECTV NOW risk-free
  • Watch on mobile devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and more


Get the A.P. Bio Live Stream with Sling TV

Watch TV for cheap – 30+ channels are included

Sling TV sets themselves apart by offering a lower price for the main packages. In order to watch A.P. Bio online with Sling TV you’ll need the Sling Blue package. For $25 you’ll get NBC and FOX in many areas along with about 30 other channels. Sling TV offers dozens of bundle packages, so if you want more channels, you’ll be able to build your package without paying for channels you don’t want. Your account also features an on-demand library, so if you can’t watch the A.P. Bio live stream, you can check it out on-demand. A selection of TV Everywhere apps can also be used with Sling TV.


A Cloud-DVR is Available to be Added for a Fee

Sling TV offers access to a cloud-DVR, but it is not included like you might find with other streaming services. You’ll be able to stream on multiple devices at once, so if the family can’t decide on one show, you’ll have the freedom to watch what you want at the same time. Accessing Sling TV is possible on most streaming devices. You can watch A.P. Bio online with Apple TV, Roku, mobile devices, Chromecast, computers, Amazon Fire TV, and many other devices.

Sling TV details:

Our Sling TV review has more details.


Stream A.P. Bio on fuboTV

Each package offers more than 80 channels

fuboTV logo

fuboTV is normally mentioned when we talk about sports, but the service is home to over 80 channels and that includes NBC. Like other services, local channels are dependent on your location. However, if you do not receive the A.P. Bio live stream, you’ll be able to watch it in the on-demand library after it airs. As far as sports goes, you’ll have over 30 sports channels, which means that fuboTV is definitely one of the most popular options for sports streaming. In addition to NBC and sports channels, you’ll have TNT, USA, AMC, and many other channels. fuboTV is available for $45 per month, but you can get the first month for $40.


Over 30 Sports Channels are Included

In addition to live TV and an on-demand library, you can use TV Everywhere network apps. There are channels, mainly movie and sports channels, that can be added to your package for a small fee. There aren’t any commitments with fuboTV, so you can add and remove these channels whenever you want. If you can’t watch the A.P. Bio live stream, you can record it with your cloud-DVR. You can watch fuboTV on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices, and more!

fuboTV details:

  • Over 80 channels come in the main package with even more channels that can be added on to your main package
  • $45/month after the first month – The first month is $40
  • Movie and sports channels can be added for a fee
  • Watch fuboTV free for 7-days
  • A cloud-DVR is available to record live shows
  • Watch on Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices, and more

You can learn more in our fuboTV review.


Watch A.P. Bio without Cable on YouTube TV

Packages are available for $40 with 50+ channels

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is best known for expanding on the YouTube empire to offer live TV. The package they offer includes over 50 channels for $40 a month. This includes local channels like NBC in most areas of the country. If you don’t have NBC, you may have access through the on-demand library. You can also watch AMC, USA, TNT, Bravo, and many other channels. Your YouTube TV login will also give you access to a variety of TV Everywhere apps, based on the channels in your package.


Utilize your Cloud-Based DVR that Includes Unlimited Space

youtube tv menu

Two of the most popular features where YouTube TV is concerned are the mobile app and the cloud-based DVR. The DVR comes with unlimited space, which means you’ll be free to record and binge-watch all your favorites. Stored recordings are held for nine months, so you’ll have plenty of time to watch. You won’t be able to use Amazon Fire TV in conjunction with YouTube TV. Most other devices will work though. In fact, you can watch A.P. Bio online with Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices, and more. You can learn more in our YouTube TV review.

YouTube TV details:

  • $40/month for 50+ channels
  • Extra channels are available for a fee
  • TV Everywhere apps are included for many channels
  • There’s also an on-demand library
  • Fire TV devices won’t work with YouTube TV, but Roku, mobile devices, Chromecast, and Apple TV are compatible.
  • The included cloud-DVR comes with unlimited space
  • Get the YouTube TV free 7-day trial


PlayStation Vue Offers A.P. Bio Streaming in Many Areas

All four packages include access to some or all local channels

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has changed a lot since they have been around. Once upon a time, the service was meant for PlayStation users. Now you can use it whether you own a PS3 or PS4 console or not. There are four package options that start you off with over 50 channels. Top packages have closer to 100 channels. Local channels are included in each package, though they are only available in certain areas. The on-demand library will provide a way to stream A.P. Bio episodes whether you have live stream access or not. Movie channels like HBO are also available to be added to your package.


PlayStation Vue can Stream Simultaneously on 5 Devices

vue action shot

Your account also allows you the use of several TV Everywhere apps. A cloud-based DVR offers space to record some live TV. Recordings will be held for up to 28-days or you can just delete them when you’re finished with them. You can watch PS Vue on many streaming devices including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, and with mobile devices. You can learn more with our PS Vue review. If you’re curious about PS Vue, you might also want to try the 5-day PS Vue trial.

PlayStation Vue details:

  • The PS Vue 5-day trial is your way to watch P. Bio online free
  • Packages start at $45 a month with over 50 channels
  • Choose from four packages
  • Stream on PS3/PS4, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, mobile devices, and more
  • The cloud-based DVR is included
  • Stream on up to 5 devices at once


Watch the A.P. Bio Live Stream on NBC with your Antenna

You can watch the A.P. Bio live stream on NBC. That means that if you have a digital antenna you should be able to watch A.P. Bio without cable for free. A digital antenna will allow you to pick up a variety of channels depending on where you live. If you’re in a city you will likely find a variety of networks without needing a huge search range. Likewise, if you’re in a more rural area you can find an antenna with a larger search range to get the channels you want or need.

Some options include:


How Else Can You Watch A.P. Bio Online Without Cable?

If you’re not looking for an A.P. Bio live stream option, you may be able to stream it on-demand. There are a few good on-demand options that either offer the full season or new episodes as soon as a day after they air on TV. If A.P. Bio streaming is available on-demand, the details will be listed below.


Is A.P. Bio on Netflix?

Unfortunately, you cannot currently stream A.P. Bio on Netflix. More details are available in our Netflix review.

Is A.P. Bio on Hulu?

Hulu’s on-demand service does include A.P. Bio streaming. You can watch new episodes the day after they air. If you’re not interested in receiving the A.P. Bio live stream you can watch the show (and plenty of others) for $8 per month. The stream will include minimal commercials, or you can upgrade and get the no commercials plan. You’ll be able to stream A.P. Bio and Hulu with most streaming devices. You can learn more about Hulu review, here.

Is A.P. Bio on Amazon Prime?

The Amazon Prime streaming service does not offer the chance to stream A.P. Bio at this time. You can read our Amazon Prime review, here.

That should cover what you need to know to watch A.P. Bio online without cable. If you have any questions you can always leave them in the comments!