How to watch the Arizona Cardinals online without cable

The Arizona Cardinals were the Chicago Cardinals and St. Louis Cardinals before they left to join the NFC West. With a brand new stadium built in 2006, they have united some of the best fans in the NFL. If you’re one of them, you’ll be glad to know you can easily watch Arizona Cardinals online all year long. 

Several streaming services offer a way to watch an Arizona Cardinals game live stream without cable. So, if you want to watch Arizona Cardinals online, keep reading because you’ve got lots of options.

Our recommendations

Fans of the Arizona Cardinals have many options for watching the big game live online via a streaming service. Some services are better than others and offer more ways to watch but come with a higher price tag, while others give customers the option to stream on multiple devices and a free trial period to try it out. 

  • Hulu + Live TV Watch on local stations and ESPN, and if a local station isn’t broadcasting a game, you can use the TV Everywhere app. 
  • fuboTVfuboTV is famous for sports-heavy channel package, minus ESPN
  • YouTube – Growing in popularity, YouTube TV has packages starting at $50/mo. and an excellent mobile interface

How to watch the Arizona Cardinals with a VPN

Want to watch the Arizona Cardinals wherever you are and avoid network blackouts? Take it from us and get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in addition to your live streaming service. Using a VPN is secure because it encrypts your personal data from hackers. It also masks your home’s exact location, meaning you can watch every game even if you’re out of market. 

Pro tip: NordVPN is one of the most trusted and secure VPN services out there, with plans starting at less than $6/mo.

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Streaming services to watch the Arizona Cardinals at-a-glance

Streaming servicePriceFree trial?Free trial length 
Hulu + Live TV$54.99/monthYes 7 days
Sling TV$30/monthYes3 days
fuboTV$59.99/monthYes 7 days
YouTube TV$64.99/monthYes14 days
AT&T TV NOW$59.99NoN/A
CBS All Access$5.99/monthYes30 days
Amazon Prime Video$12.99/monthYes30 days
NFL GamePass$99/full seasonYesEnds 8/30/2020

How to live stream the Arizona Cardinals

If you want to watch Arizona Cardinals live, these options let you watch every play, every fumble and every touchdown as it happens–live. In some cases, you may even be able to watch the Arizona Cardinals live stream free. Plus, you can stream from multiple devices when and where you want. 

Take a look at our picks for the best live streaming services to watch the Arizona Cardinals.

Watch the Arizona Cardinals Live Stream on Hulu + Live TV

With Hulu Live you should be able to watch most Cardinals football games

Hulu Live gives you access to many of the key channels you’ll need to stream Arizona football. You’ll have access to ESPN, and many local channels including FOX, NBC, and CBS. With these channels you should have most of your games covered whether you need to watch FOX online on Sunday afternoon or it’s a Monday night game and you want to watch the ESPN live stream. In the event you’re in an area that does not offer a specific local channel, you should be able to use TV Everywhere apps to log in and watch the game.

Plenty of local access means a better chance to see your game.

Hulu Live is one of the top streaming services where local content is concerned. This is great news, not just for Cardinals fans, but for all sports fans. They also offer the chance to stream two shows at the same time. If you have a larger family, you can upgrade to unlimited screens for a small fee.

Other Hulu Live highlights:

  • 60+ channels for a starting price of $54.99 per month
  • Try out Hulu Live with the Hulu Live free trial – you’ll get 7 days free
  • Stream on many devices including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox and mobile devices
  • Two screens free, but upgrade to unlimited
  • 50-hours cloud-based DVR
  • Check our Hulu Live review to learn more

Don’t forget, if you want to try out Hulu Live before buying it, the Hulu Live free trial is a great way to do that!

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Get 65+ channels along with a library of 80,000+ TV episodes and movies on-demand! Bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ for even more great content.

Watch the Arizona Cardinals on Sling TV 

If you’re on a budget, Sling TV makes a good choice

Sling TV will be an easy way to watch any Cardinals game online. Any games on ESPN can be streamed on the “Sling Orange” starter package for $30 per month. If you’re trying to get access to FOX and NBC streaming, you’ll want the $30 per month “Sling Blue” package. If you want more channels to watch all your favorite sports, you can add “Sports Extra” to your Orange or Blue subscription.

A la carte bundles add even more options.

Sling TV also offers a sports bundle that is filled with more than ten channels – many of them football related. This is a great option if you want one of the smaller package options, as it still allows you to get the channels you need to watch Arizona football streaming. You’ll also have use of TV Everywhere apps so if you get a local channel but it’s not available in your area, you can use the FOX Sports Go app or a similar app for another network to watch the game in live stream.

Sling TV details:

  • No contracts or hidden fees – packages start at $30 a month
  • Combine both basic packages for even more channels
  • Add on sports, movies and more in a la carte bundles
  • Stream on most streaming and/or mobile devices
  • Score a special deal or device – check for current Sling TV offers
  • Add a Cloud DVR for a small fee
  • Good choice for those on a budget
  • Try Sling TV for 3 days free

Our Sling TV review should be able to tell you more. Sling TV’s three-day free trial offers another way to get an Arizona Cardinals game streaming free.

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Watch the Arizona Cardinals on fuboTV 

A top option for a well-rounded sports fan

You can watch a Cardinals game online right on FOX, CBS, and other networks with fuboTV. One thing you will notice that’s missing is ESPN, but all the other networks you need, including NFL Network are here. Packages start at $59.99 per month, but you’ll get to watch seven days for free just to check it out. The service is well known for its sports-heavy channel package, which you can learn more about in our fuboTV review. If you don’t get FOX live, you can still watch your Cardinals game online on the FOX Sports app and the same goes for the NBC Sports app.

You’ll find more international sports here than any other service.

This is the streaming service most likely to please a sports fan. You’ll get a mix of local, regional, national and international sports – both mainstream and niche sports. You won’t find more sports content anywhere else. And in the event that you don’t have enough sports content you can add more channels to your package. If you want to watch an Arizona Cardinals game, streaming free, you can do so during a 7-day free trial on fuboTV.

fuboTV details:

  • Starting prices of $45 per month ($55 a month after 30 days) with no contracts
  • Access to NFL Network, FOX, CBS and more
  • Stream on Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices and more
  • Access to more regional and international sports than anyone else
  • Cloud-DVR included
  • Try out fuboTV for one-week free

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Enjoy the largest selection of live sports content! Get 100+ channels with up to 500 hours of online cloud DVR storage and the option to stream on multiple devices simultaneously.

Watch the Arizona Cardinals on YouTube TV

Offering local channels in many markets, YouTube TV is a good choice for football fans

YouTube TV is another option if you want to stream Arizona Cardinals football. Packages start at $64.99 each month and include a mix of local channels (CBS, FOX, and NBC) along with ESPN. Some areas do not come with local access at this time, but in those areas, you can use the associated TV Everywhere apps to watch the Arizona Cardinals live stream without cable.

After a slow start, YouTube TV continues to score extra points.

YouTube TV is one of the newer services on this list, but don’t count them out. They offer a starting package with a large number of channels for a price that is comparable with many other streaming services. One way that YouTube TV differs is in their commitment to offering local channels. In fact, they are not available in some markets at this time because they only offer service where they can provide a minimum of three of the four main local channels.

Highlights for YouTube TV:

  • No contracts or hidden fees – cancel when you’re ready
  • Try YouTube TV for a week free
  • Packages start at $50/mo.
  • Excellent mobile interface
  • Works on many streaming and mobile devices
  • Cloud DVR with unlimited storage

Our YouTube TV review has added details. Don’t forget to sign up for your YouTube TV free trial!

Watch the Arizona Cardinals on AT&T TV NOW

With multiple packages, you’ve got more ways to find your favorites

AT&T TV NOW will let you watch an Arizona Cardinals game live stream. ESPN, which broadcasts Monday Night Football is available nationwide. NBC, CBS, and FOX are available live streaming in limited areas, but nationwide you can get access to their sports apps. The service costs $59.99 per month for a AT&T TV NOW channel package with around 40 channels.

Cut the cord but still get your favorite channels.

While local access is absent in some areas, you should still be able to watch the games on local channels using TV Everywhere apps for those channels. With AT&T TV NOW you may feel like you have cable as you’ll have access to a wide range of available packages. The major difference is going to be with the price. While some packages are similarly priced to other streaming services, most are getting more into the cable prices that are going to be too expensive for most.

Highlights of AT&T TV NOW:

  • Plenty of access to the Arizona football live stream and other NFL games
  • Multiple package options available
  • Access to many popular networks including HBO
  • Prices starting at $59.99 a month with no contracts
  • Start your membership with the AT&T TV NOW 7-day free trial
  • Plenty of sports networks in addition to news, entertainment and movies
  • Stream on most mobile and streaming devices

You’ll have another option to watch Arizona Cardinals online free with the AT&T TV NOW’s week-long free trial. If you have any questions, make sure to check out our AT&T TV NOW review.

How to stream the Arizona Cardinals on-demand without cable

More and more streaming services are also beefing-up content to set themselves apart from the pack. Choosing the best way to watch the Arizona Cardinals on-demand can come down to price and options. Here’s a few of the best. 

Watch the Arizona Cardinals on CBS All Access 

Live stream and on-demand service for $5.99 a month

CBS All Access will let you live stream the local CBS broadcast in your area for just $5.99 per month. This could be huge for football fans and might let you watch an Arizona Cardinals game live stream if the game is aired on CBS. Currently, CBS is available to homes in about 90% of markets. So, most people will have access to their local CBS affiliate.

Watch Sunday afternoon football all season.

CBS All Access is a niche service. You pay a small price and you’ll have access to all that CBS has to offer. In addition to the live streaming service you’ll have an on-demand library with access to all of the currently airing and former CBS shows and some movies. Many shows offer full seasons and the others offer several episodes, allowing you to catch up if you’re behind on something.

CBS All Access highlights:

  • $5.99 per month
  • No hidden fees – cancel when you want
  • Stream on many devices including mobile devices and Apple TV
  • Good option if you don’t get CBS with your antenna and your other streaming service doesn’t offer it
  • Try CBS All Access free for the first month

You can get  many more details on the service in our CBS All Access review. There’s also a free trial, which you could always time right to get an Arizona Cardinals game streaming free.

Sign up for CBS All Access
Start a 7-day free trial

Enjoy access to over 15,000+ episodes of CBS content, including premium shows and sports content. Starting at just $5.99, CBS All Access provides quality content at a respectable price.

Watch the Arizona Cardinals on Amazon Prime Video

Each membership offers a variety of streaming options and much more

Amazon Prime Video is a great service that offers many benefits ranging from free e-books to free shipping. They also have a robust on-demand library of movies and TV shows. You can even add channels to your account and watch them live. Each channel is a small fee and will appear in your Prime Video account, so you can watch what you want, when you want. Some of these channels include CBS All Access and HBO. Up until now Amazon Prime did not offer any type of standard TV live streaming. However, in a deal with the NFL, Amazon will continue to offer 11 Thursday Night Football Games free for their Prime subscribers.

A 30-day trial kick starts your membership.

At first glance, the $119 annual fee for Amazon Prime might seem like a lot. However, Many other streaming options cost much more than the $12.99 per month fee, and if you’re an online shopper you might find that the free shipping option pays for the membership itself. Along with that you’ll have the on-demand library that is packed with thousands of TV shows and movies including a growing list of Amazon Originals.

Amazon Prime Video highlights:

  • Pay annually or monthly (annual rate works out to a cheaper amount)
  • Free 2-day shipping and many other benefits
  • Watch on most streaming and mobile devices
  • Add Amazon channels like HBO or CBS to round out your package
  • Check out Amazon Prime free for 30 days!

If you’d like more information, our Amazon Prime Video review is a great place to find it. Remember, the Amazon Prime 30-day trial is a great way to watch some free Thursday Night Football and to determine if this is the right streaming service for you.

Prime Video logo
Sign up for Amazon Prime Video
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With Amazon Prime, get access to an extensive library of on-demand movies and shows, and additional entertainment with Amazon Channels.

Watch the Arizona Cardinals on NFL Game Pass 

All regular season games are available on-demand

The NFL’s streaming service, NFL Game Pass, lets you watch any Cardinals game online. Every NFL game, in fact, is available to watch on-demand on the service. There are no live streaming games, except during the preseason. The service costs $99 for the full season, but there are additional payment plans if you need to pay in multiple payments.

Pay one fee for the entire season.

While you don’t get the Cardinals game live stream, you will have access to a complete library of games dating back years. Games are generally available shortly after they’ve aired on TV. You can also watch condensed versions of the game allowing you to watch from start to finish in less than an hour. If you’re not in the U.S. but want to watch the NFL online, there is also NFL Game Pass Europe or you can use the NFL Game Pass International, which covers just about everyone else.

NFL Game Pass highlights:

  • Pay $99 annually 
  • Watch on many devices – Roku, mobile, Xbox, PS4, and more
  • Only pre-season games are available in live stream
  • All regular season games are on-demand
  • Try NFL Game Pass free until 8/30/2020

You can check out our NFL Game Pass review for added details.

Watch the Arizona Cardinals on ESPN+

With ESPN+, you can Stream Live Sports and Archives, plus thousands of events from the NH:, MLB, FA Cup, MLS, Serie A, Top Rank Boxing, and more. You even get the latest UFC Fight Nights, Grand Slam tennis, PPV events, and on-demand Football. You can stream live or download the complete award-winning 30 for 30 library that features sports documentaries. With ESPN+, you get football fantasy tools like Free Agent Recommendations, the Lineup Optimizer, or the Auction Value Generator, plus, expert analysis from Matthew Berry on The Fantasy Show. 

ESPN+ starts at just $4.99 per month, or you can add Disney+ and Hulu for just $12.99 per month. 

ESPN+ highlights:

  • Starts at just $4.99 per month
  • Download the ESPN+ app and stream on multiple devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire devices, Apple app, Xbox, PS4 and more
  • Stream live, rewind, or replay on up to three devices at once
  • All regular season games are on-demand

You can check out our ESPN+ review for added details.

Sign up for ESPN+
Get access to live sports content.

Access live sports and additional content with ESPN+. Bundle with Hulu and Disney+ for more great content.

We’ve got a full sports streaming guide, which will give you all the information you’ll need to cut cable and watch sports online all year long. We also have an NFL streaming guide to help you watch other games throughout the season.

Our hot take

Not all streaming services to watch the Arizona Cardinals are alike, and some come at a cost. But, if you consider that because of the coronavirus, the NFL has cancelled seeing your team in-person, live streaming is a great option. Many services let you record games to catch-up on later, some offer rewind options if you missed that fumble in mid-field. Most streaming services let you view the games from multiple devices and offer free trial periods to try out the service before you commit.

If you’re a Arizona Cardinals fan, you never want to miss a play. Live streaming online for free gives you a way to see the game, almost as if you were sitting on the 50-yard line. 

Kathryn Pomroy