How to stream basketball online

When it comes to basketball, we’re lucky because there’s a lot of it to watch. But that also means that trying to piece together how to watch basketball online can be tough. 

Want to know how to watch basketball online and find quality basketball live streams? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve rounded up the best options for finding all the basketball you can dream of.

Which basketball leagues can I stream? 

From the NBA to the EuroLeague, if you’re set on watching a game, there’s a streaming service that covers it. There are even some leagues, like the NBA G League, that allow you to watch basketball online free. It’s a basketball fan’s dream!

For our purposes here, let’s focus on the leagues you’re likely to care about in the US:

Live streaming services for basketball


  • Price: $12.50/mo.
  • Leagues covered: EuroLeague, NCAA (limited)
  • Compatible devices include: Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku

For diehard fans who want to watch some of the lesser-known leagues, like the EuroLeague or the NCAA’s Big Ten conference, you’ll want to look into FloHoops. You’ll get access to collegiate and international games you can’t find anywhere else. You can watch up to 12 streams at once (as long as all devices are on the same Wi-Fi network) and you can take the app on the go with you on your smartphone or tablet.


  • Price: $4.99/mo. or $49.99/yr.
  • Leagues covered: NBA G League (limited), NCAA (limited)
  • Compatible devices include: Android, Chromecast, Fire TV, iOS, Playstation 4, Roku, Samsung, Xbox One

ESPN’s standalone streaming app will allow you to watch a selection of NBA G League or NCAA games. If you want to catch basketball on ESPN+, you’ll need to subscribe regardless of whether you already have access to ESPN’s cable network. 

Perks of the service include in-depth ESPN analysis on top of its exclusive streaming rights. You can live stream (up to three streams at once), rewind or replay live events and download programs for later. Plus, you can always access ESPN+ through ESPN’s app on your smartphone or tablet. 

Visit our ESPN+ review to read more. Sign up for ESPN+ below:

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Get access to live sports content.

Access live sports and additional content with ESPN+. Bundle with Hulu and Disney+ for more great content.


  • Price: $54.99/mo.
  • Leagues covered: NBA (limited), NBA G League (limited), NCAA (limited), WNBA (limited)
  • Compatible devices include: Apple TV, Chromecast, FireTV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV

With fuboTV, you can watch some but not all basketball games. Its standard package allows you to enjoy NBA games broadcast on TNT, along with NCAA games on FS1, Pac-12 Network and NBCSN.

To add NBA TV to the service, you can upgrade to fuboTV’s Ultra package for $79.99/mo. NBA TV is home to several nationally broadcasted NBA games every season, plus it covers select games from the NBA G League and WNBA. 

There’s no free trial with the Ultra package, but you can try fuboTV’s standard plan free for a week. The service comes with 30 hours of cloud DVR space, 3 simultaneous streams and a dedicated mobile app (found on the App Store or through Google Play).

Visit our fuboTV review and fuboTV channel list to read more. Sign up for a fuboTV free trial below:

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Enjoy the largest selection of live sports content! Get 100+ channels with up to 500 hours of online cloud DVR storage and the option to stream on multiple devices simultaneously.

Hulu + Live TV

  • Price: $54.99/mo.
  • Leagues covered: NBA (limited), NCAA (limited), WNBA (limited)
  • Compatible devices include: Apple TV (4th gen), Chromecast, Fire TV, LG TV (select models), Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Roku, Samsung (select models), Xbox One, Xbox 360

Hulu + Live TV doesn’t offer NBA League Pass or NBA TV, but it covers NBA games broadcast on ABC, ESPN and TNT. You’ll also be able to watch any NCAA games broadcast on ESPNU, FS1 or NBCSN. And you’re covered for any WNBA games played on ABC, CBS Sports Network or ESPN.

You can watch 2 streams at once and take advantage of up to 50 hours of cloud DVR storage. You can take Hulu + Live TV on the go with any smartphone or tablet, too. Just download its app through the App Store or Google Play. New customers are eligible to try the service free for a week. 

Visit our Hulu Live review and Hulu Live channel list to read more. Sign up for a Hulu + Live TV free trial below:

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Get 65+ channels along with a library of 80,000+ TV episodes and movies on-demand! Bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ for even more great content.

NBA League Pass

  • Price: League Pass Premium ($124.99/yr.), League Pass ($99.99/yr.), Team Pass (59.99/yr.)
  • Leagues covered: NBA (limited)
  • Compatible devices include: Android, Fire TV, iOS, Playstation 4, Roku, Xbox One

If you want to go straight to the source, the NBA offers its own app. If you’re a diehard fan, you can get commercial-free, in-arena streams of all live out-of-market games with NBA League Pass Premium. If commercials aren’t an issue, you can watch all those same games with NBA League Pass. For those who only care about one team, there’s NBA Team Pass, which gives you access to one team’s out-of-market live games. 

None of those passes include coverage of nationally broadcast games found on NBA TV. For those, you’ll need to add NBA TV (29.99/mo.) .

Sign in to your account with the NBA app (available in the App Store and on Google Play) to stream games live from your phone or tablet. 

Visit our NBA League Pass review to read more.

Sling TV

  • Price: Sling Orange ($30/mo.), Sling Blue ($30/mo.), Sling Orange + Blue ($45/mo.)
  • Leagues covered: NBA (limited), NBA G League (limited), NCAA (limited), WNBA (limited)
  • Compatible devices include: Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, LGTV, Roku, Samsung, Xbox One

Sling TV’s a la carte set-up provides you with the flexibility to choose which channels matter to you. With Sling’s Blue package, you can watch select NCAA games played on NBCSN. Sling’s Orange package gives you a lot more basketball: you can enjoy NBA games on ESPN and TNT, plus some WNBA matchups on ESPN. 

Upgrade to Sling’s Orange + Blue package ($45/mo.), and you’ll be able to catch nationally broadcast NBA and WNBA games as well as a selection of NBA G League action. 

You can also add NBA Team Pass ($17.99/mo.) or NBA League Pass ($28.99/mo.) to your subscription for access to live out-of-market games. 

You can watch Sling TV on any smartphone or tablet by simply downloading its app from the App Store or Google Play. Plus, you can save $10 off your first month while you try it out.

Visit our Sling TV review and Sling TV channel list to read more. Sign up for a Sling TV free trial below:

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Sign up for the Orange or Blue Sling TV packages, or get them both to access 50+ channels. Use the add-ons to customize your streaming experience!

Twitch and Facebook

  • Price: Free
  • Leagues covered: NBA G League (limited)
  • Compatible devices include: Any web browser, smartphones, tablets

We said you could watch basketball online free, and that’s true if you’re a fan of the NBA G League. It regularly broadcasts basketball live streams on Twitch and Facebook for fans to tune into. It’s not the NBA, but for those interested in up-and-coming players, this is a great treat. Check the schedule to see which games are being broadcast on Twitch or Facebook.

YouTube TV

  • Price: $49.99/mo.
  • Leagues covered: NBA, NCAA (limited), WNBA (limited), NBA G League (limited)
  • Compatible devices include: Apple TV, Chromecast, FireTV, LG TV, Playstation, Roku, Samsung, Sharp, Vizio, Xbox One

YouTube TV gives you access to ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, TNT and all their regional sports networks. That’s going to cover you for nationally televised NBA games, a good chunk of NCAA and WNBA games and even a few NBA G League matchups.

If you want to get access to all out-of-market NBA games, plus WNBA action, you can subscribe to NBA League Pass for an additional $28.99/mo. 

Not sure if YouTube TV is right for you? Check it out with a free seven-day trial. The service allows unlimited cloud DVR (for up to nine months), six accounts per household and up to three simultaneous streams at once. Watch on-the-go with its mobile app, available in the App Store or through Google Play. 

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The takeaway

No matter what league you want to follow, it’s never been easier to watch basketball online. Choose the streaming service that’s best for you, and never miss another tip-off.

Alex Burns