How to Watch the Boston Celtics Online without Cable

The Boston Celtics are on the most storied franchises in all of basketball. Celtics fans have enjoyed a resurgence over the last few years and are hoping they can be recognized as one of the top teams in the East. If you’re a fan and don’t want to miss the exciting games, you’re in luck. It’s incredibly easy nowadays to watch Boston Celtics online.

Even without cable, you can watch the Celtics in several different ways. There are quite a few streaming options to watch the games, so the key will be finding the best one for you. Read our guide below to help you make your decision!


Hulu Live has the Celtics Games Streaming without Cable

Hulu’s popular on-demand service is included free


Hulu Live has almost everything you’ll need to watch the entire Celtics season and more. Packages are available for $40 per month. You’ll get 50+ channels, including TNT, ESPN, and in many areas ABC. If you don’t receive ABC, you can watch the Celtics live stream on the WatchESPN app. Games on ABC are also simulcast on ESPN3, so you’ll be all covered. Regional channels like NBC Sports Boston are also available. The only major channel related to the NBA that’s missing is NBA TV. Our Hulu Live channel list can fill you in more on the lineup. In addition to live TV, you’ll have Hulu’s popular on-demand service as your on-demand library. You’ll also have TV Everywhere apps that can be used with your account, such as the NBC Sports app and WatchESPN, among others.


Stream on Two Devices at Once or Add More


You can watch Hulu Live on Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices, Fire TV, Roku, some smart TVs, and various video game consoles. In addition to live and on-demand television, you’ll also have your own cloud-based DVR. You’ll be able to stream on two devices simultaneously, but you can upgrade to watch as many devices as you want at once! Our Hulu review has more details.

Hulu Live Highlights:

  • Get over 50 channels for $40/month
  • Add movie channels to your package for a small fee
  • Hulu Live more local channels in more markets than any other service
  • Cancel whenever you want – no contracts
  • Stream on Apple TV, Roku, mobile devices, Fire TV, computers, etc.
  • Hulu’s on-demand service is your on-demand library
  • Your cloud-based DVR offers 50-hours of space
  • Try Hulu Live free for one-week!

Hulu Live’s free trial is your chance to watch Celtics games streaming free.


Watch Boston Celtics Online by Trying Sling TV

Choose from two low cost packages or combine them to save

Dish Network’s streaming service Sling TV, is another option to watch Celtics game online. The service costs $25 per month for the Sling Orange package with about 30 channels to live stream. The channels include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 (will simulcast any ABC broadcast games), TBS, and TNT. You cannot get NBC Sports Boston live streaming. But, you can still watch a Boston Celtics game live stream on the national broadcasts like the games featured on TNT. You can also watch games on NBA TV for just $5 more per month. It’s in the Sports Extra add-on package along with about 10 other great sports channels.


Sling TV is your Lowest Price in Sports Streaming


You can stream Sling TV on most devices from mobile devices to Chromecast. There are no mobile restrictions, so you can watch where you want. A DVR is not included, but if you want one you can add it for a small fee. Along with your live TV channels, you’ll also have an on-demand library and use of a small group of TV Everywhere apps. Before signing up, check out Sling TV’s deals on streaming devices like Roku. Also, you can give the service a try by starting a 7-day free trial to watch Boston Celtics game streaming free.

Sling TV details:

  • Sling Orange ($25/month) and Sling Blue ($25/month) are the two basic packages
  • Combine the two packages and pay $40 per month
  • Add on bundles are available including a sports bundle with NBA TV
  • Stream on mobile devices, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.
  • TV Everywhere apps like WatchESPN are available an on-demand library is here, too
  • DVR access can be added for an additional fee
  • Check current deals for new Sling TV users
  • Try Sling TV free for 7-days

Learn more in our Sling TV review.


fuboTV Includes the Boston Celtics Live Stream without Cable

Get 70+ channels and add NBA League Pass for even more

fuboTV logo


fuboTV offers a package with over 70 channels. If you love sports, this is definitely one of your best options. While fuboTV may not offer ESPN or ABC/ESPN3, you will have NBA TV, NBC Sports Boston, TNT, and plenty of other sports related channels. Depending on your area, you might even get some local channels. Regional and international sports channels are also offered. You can watch more content in your on-demand library or you can use TV Everywhere apps to find even more content. The monthly fuboTV service is $45 per month. However, the first month includes a $5 discount, so you’ll only pay $40.


Record the Celtics Game Live Stream on your DVR


If you’re not in the Boston area, one way to ensure that you get to see the Celtics game streaming is to add on NBA League Pass. This added feature will give you access to all of the Celtics games if you’re not in the Boston viewing area. fuboTV also includes a DVR. This means you can record the shows you want. You can stream fuboTV on mobile devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and Fire TV. Our fuboTV review is available if you have questions. You can sign up for fuboTV’s 7-day free trial to watch Boston Celtics online free!

fuboTV highlights:

  • Pay $45 per month for 70+ channels
  • Pay just $40 for the first month
  • More sports content than you’ll find anywhere else
  • Add additional channels or NBA League Pass to your package
  • Get fuboTV’s seven-day free trial!
  • A cloud-based DVR is included
  • Most streaming and mobile devices work with fuboTV


Use DIRECTV NOW to Easily Watch Boston Celtics Online

The top package offers over 125 channels!


One of the top ways to watch Celtics game online is DIRECTV NOW. You can watch national games on channels like ESPN, ESPN2, NBA TV, TNT, and even ABC (accessible on WatchESPN with your DIRECTV NOW login). Also, NBC Sports Boston is available to anyone in the area who would be able to watch that channel live on cable. DIRECTV NOW is available in a variety of packages, starting at $40 a month. This basic package gets you over 60 channels, but if you want more, packages with more than 125 channels are available. You also get a cloud-based DVR to record shows and an on-demand library with previously aired content.


You’ll Get a Free Week to Discover DIRECTV NOW on Your Own

directv now


All of these options to watch a Boston Celtics game live stream are available in different packages on DIRECTV NOW (review). They come alongside a number of other popular cable channels. You can watch DIRECTV NOW on computers, mobile devices, Fire TV, Roku, and other devices. If you want to give the service a test run, start a free trial now to watch Boston Celtics online free! Also, you can check out DIRECTV NOW’s site to learn more about the current deals it’s offering for new subscribers.

DIRECTV NOW highlights:

  • Packages start at $40 per month
  • Get over 60 channels in the basic package and 125+ channels in the largest package
  • Watch a mix of TV from local channels to movie channels
  • Stream on most devices including mobile devices and Apple TV
  • No satellite dish required
  • Check out the DIRECTV NOW 7-day free trial
  • Add HBO for $5 each month


Another Option to Watch Boston Celtics Online is PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a great choice for larger families

PlayStation Vue


PlayStation Vue is another way to watch a Boston Celtics game live stream similar to Sling TV. You can watch live games on ESPN’s family of networks like ESPN2 and ESPN3 (through WatchESPN). You can also watch on TNT, and NBA TV. PlayStation Vue starts at $45 per month and has around 50 live stream cable channels in the starting package. With the inclusion of TV Everywhere apps and an on-demand library, it’s a solid option to watch Celtics game online.


Watch More Games on TV Everywhere Apps

vue action shot


Your account will be able to stream TV to five devices simultaneously. If you share your account in a large family, this means no more fighting over the TV! Your cloud-based DVR has the ability to add profiles, as well. This will keep all of your recordings separate. You can stream PlayStation Vue on PS3 or PS4 consoles, Apple TV, Roku, mobile devices, and Chromecast.

PS Vue details:

  • Basic package is $45 a month
  • Multiple packages available starting with 50+ channels
  • Watch live TV or record it on your DVR
  • Also watch on-demand or through TV Everywhere apps
  • Stream on PS3, Roku, PS4, Apple TV, mobile devices, etc.
  • Watch on 5 devices simultaneously
  • Use the PS Vue 5-day trial

Learn more in our PlayStation Vue review.


Watch Boston Celtics Online Out-of-Market with NBA League Pass

A great option for non-local Boston fans

NBA League Pass can be used by anyone outside the Boston-area market to watch Celtics game online. If you are inside the Celtics market, you will be blacked out but can still watch every other game around the league. Check out our review of NBA League Pass to learn more details about the service.

Check out our full sports guide for cable cutters if you want to watch any other sports online. Or, you can find out how to watch the rest of the league in our NBA streaming guide.