How to Watch Bravo Live Stream Online without Cable

Bravo has an interesting history among its basic cable counterparts. First, the network was launched as a commercial-free vehicle for performing arts. It was considered a premium network at the time. But as time marched on, and cable viewers weren’t as interested in the stage (But Hamilton, hello?), the network evolved their programming. Once rebranded, Bravo premiered the show Queer Eye for The Straight Guy in 2003, which completely changed the direction of the network. And since it has only grown in popularity, watching the Bravo live stream has never been more important.

Today, the network is home to Project Runway, Top Chef, The Real Housewives franchise, Southern Charm, and more. If you are worried about ditching cable, you don’t have to be. We can show you how to watch Bravo without cable here.

Get the Bravo Live Stream with DIRECTV NOW

bravo live stream

Good news, streaming enthusiasts! DIRECTV NOW is a streaming service from AT&T, and you don’t even need a contract or dish to use it!

DIRECTV NOW channel packages start at $35 per month for over 60 channels, plus on-demand. Thanks to AT&T’s answer to online television, you can watch Bravo anytime and anywhere you want, with no mobile restrictions. Have a viewing party at home on your Apple TV, or in the airport on your laptop. With this service, you can watch Bravo without cable on just about any streaming player.

To further sweeten the deal, you can watch TV on the go without running up your data if your cell provider is AT&T—streaming from DIRECTV NOW will not count as usage. Another great incentive is DIRECTV NOW’s free trial!

Finally, feel free to take a look at our DIRECTV NOW review, more answers are waiting for you there.


Watch a Bravo Live Stream on Sling TV

bravo live stream

Another great place to find the diverse and exciting programming on Bravo is Sling TV. A subscription to Sling TV is inexpensive and accessible and will transform your television viewing habits. Check out our Sling review to see all the features!

You can stream Bravo on Sling TV’s Blue package, which starts at only $25 per month. This version of Sling TV also gives you the option to watch multiple streams, up to three, on different devices at the same time. So while you’re binge watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the rest of your family can watch something else. (They might thank you.)

Sling TV also works with a large selection of the devices on the market. You can watch Bravo streaming right on your computer or smartphone, but you can also use a player like Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV. Sling TV is known to run device deals from time to time, so to ensure you get the best deal possible, we recommend seeing what the current offers are.

Of course, Bravo isn’t the only thing you can watch on Sling TV. Watching live streaming television with Sling TV is just as seamless as watching it on cable, just less expensive. With Sling TV’s Blue Package you’ll also get:

  • AMC
  • CNN
  • Food Network
  • HGTV
  • IFC
  • BBC America
  • Syfy

Sling Blue has another added feature that makes it popular today. Sports are always difficult to watch without cable, but this Sling TV package includes things like the NFL Network and the regional FOX Sports networks depending on the market.

You can start out with a free 7-day trial of Sling TV to stream Bravo and see for yourself.


Watch Bravo without Cable on PlayStation Vue

bravo live stream

For other options to watch Bravo online live, you could also try PlayStation Vue. This service is a lot like Sling and DTVN in many ways, but with a few key differences. PlayStation Vue, for example, is slightly more expensive, starting at $39.99 depending on your market. However, Vue gives you a nice variety of channels and the opportunity to stream simultaneously on many devices, so it could be a great option for families.

You don’t need to be a gamer to use the streaming service, but you can use it with your PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles as well as the standard streaming players. PS Vue comes with a cloud-based DVR as well, which is a nice perk. Here is our review.

Don’t forget to snag your free PS Vue trial to test it out yourself!


Get the Bravo Live Stream on fuboTV

bravo live stream

Your final streaming option to watch Bravo without cable is fuboTV. If you’ve got a sports fan in the household, this might be a good option. FuboTV carries Bravo as well as a robust offering of sports networks. You can stream everything from NHL to MLB to golf and European soccer leagues. In addition to all these sports networks, there are more general interest channels besides just Bravo.

FuboTV starts at $34.99 per month, and for that price, your subscription includes high-quality HD streams and a handy cloud-based DVR player. For the complete list of pros and cons, check out our review of the service.

You can also watch Bravo online free if you grab the free fuboTV trial offer!


Watch Bravo Without Cable On-Demand

Another option for some fans is to stream Bravo on-demand with one of the many available services. Some of the network’s shows may be available on Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, or iTunes. In some cases, like with Amazon or iTunes, you’ll need to buy individual shows or seasons. With Hulu, it is just the cost of the subscription but their selections may be limited. They typically show new episodes within a few days of airing, but this will depend.

With Netflix, you may get more selection but you’ll have to wait longer to watch them. You’ll need to check each individual service to see which shows are available.


We hope we’ve answered some of your questions about how to watch Bravo without cable. If you have more, feel free to ask below in the comments section.