How to Watch Canelo vs Jacobs Replay Online

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DAZN (Da Zone) is a newer streaming service in the U.S., but if you’re a fan of combat sports including MMA and boxing, it’s definitely one you want to check out. Plans are available from $20/month with amazing annual pricing at a cheaper rate.

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Canelo vs Jacobs could mean that Canelo adds another belt to his collection. Fans aren’t going to want to miss that kind of action, but what if you have to? What if there’s no way you can watch the fight when it happens live on May 4? If that’s the case, you still have options. You can watch Canelo vs. Jacobs Replay online! You might want to make sure to avoid spoilers, but otherwise, you can watch Canelo vs. Jacobs streaming as soon as May 5. The day after the fight airs live, you’ll be able to find it on demand and we can tell you how!


Cable isn’t necessary to watch Canelo vs Jacobs replay online. In fact, as the fight airs on DAZN, cable doesn’t factor in at all. To fight out what happened in this epic fight, you just need to sign in to DAZN and watch the fight on-demand. If you need to learn more about DAZN or how to watch Canelo vs Jacobs replay streaming online, just keep reading!


Watch Canelo vs Jacobs Replay Online with DAZN

DAZN specializes in Boxing and MMA with more to come

DAZN, which is actually pronounced “Da Zone” is an international sports streaming service that hit U.S. markets in late 2018. Before coming to America, DAZN was offered in a variety of countries including Canada, Germany, and Switzerland. While there are plans to add a wide variety of sports, currently most coverage focuses on MMA and boxing events. Of course, as DAZN offers exclusive fight coverage for many fighters, including Canelo Alvarez, DAZN is your best and only option to watch Canelo vs Jacobs replay online. You can also check out exclusive coverage for other hard hitters, like Gennady Golovkin (GGG), Daniel Jacobs, and plenty of other great fighters.


Watch More Content On-Demand

DAZN features

Live content is always great, but if you miss the Canelo vs Jacobs live stream, you still have options. Thanks to the on-demand library offering a variety of previously aired boxing and MMA events, you won’t have any problem watching the Canelo vs. Jacobs replay online. Most events are generally available as soon as the next day, so you should be able to watch as soon as May 5. Prices start at $19.99 per month, but the real deal comes with the $100 annual price. This gives you multiple months free in comparison to the monthly price. You can watch Canelo vs Jacobs replay online on Apple TV, Roku, computers, Fire TV devices, Chromecast, mobile devices, and more!

DAZN highlights:

  • From $19.99/month
  • Pay just $99.99 a year and get nearly 7 months free compared to monthly pricing
  • More than 100 exclusive fights every single year
  • Save money you used to spend on pay-per-view
  • Exclusive fights for Rory Macdonald, Canelo Alvarez, GGG, Daniel Jacobs, and more
  • The on-demand library includes your chance to watch Canelo vs Jacobs replay online
  • You’ll also get other fights and events, sports commentary and highlights, etc.
  • Watch Canelo vs Jacobs replay online with Xbox One, iOS/Android, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and more
  • The main downside is that DAZN no longer offers a free trial option

You can learn more in our DAZN review.

Are There Other Ways to Watch Canelo vs Jacobs Replay Online?

DAZN is your only legal option if you want to watch Canelo vs Jacobs replay online. While it’s kind of disappointing that there’s no available free trial, you won’t have a contract either. This means that you can sign up for a month and if it turns out that DAZN isn’t what you thought, you can cancel. Of course, if you want to watch events like the Canelo vs Jacobs live stream, you’re going to need DAZN to do it. So, if you’re a big combat sports fan, you may end up finding DAZN to be an invaluable part of your streaming lineup.

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