How to Watch Catfish The TV Show Online without Cable

Fans of MTV’s reality show staple, Catfish the TV Show, will be excited for its return on March 1 at 8 p.m. ET. The show follows documentary filmmaker Nev Schulman as they follow individuals catfishing and being catfished over the internet. Catfishing, in terms of the internet, is the use of someone else’s information and photos to deceive a person online. And in many cases, MTV’s Catfish the TV Show follows the person doing the catfishing who are feeling the weight of their deception and want to come clean. If you want to watch Catfish the TV Show online when season 6 premiers, here is our guide.

Check out these ways to watch the Catfish live stream and more.


Watch Catfish The TV Show Streaming Live on DIRECTV NOW

To starting watching current Catfish the TV Show episodes when season 6 drops on MTV, we have to mention DIRECTV NOW. This new service doesn’t require a satellite like their traditional offering, you just need a high-speed internet connection to stream Catfish the TV Show live.

DIRECTV NOW offers a basic package for $35 per month that has over 60 channels. MTV is included in one of the DIRECTV NOW packages, so you can watch at the Catfish the TV Show airtime live. Check it out to see more details.

With a service this new, features and devices are still be announced. They do offer some special promotions on streaming players for customers who prepay, so see if that works for you.

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Use Sling TV to Stream Catfish the TV Show Live

Another option to watch the Catfish the TV Show live stream on MTV is Sling TV. It works similarly to other subscription streaming services and can give you a chance to watch Catfish the TV Show episodes as they air.

The Catfish the TV Show channel, MTV, is available on Sling TV’s Comedy Plus Extra package. It includes MTV, MTV2, Spike, Logo, CMT, and TV Land for just $5 extra dollars. You can add it to the Sling Blue package, which costs $25 per month, or the Sling Orange package, which is $20.

Sling TV works with most of the streaming players on the market today, such as Xbox, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. You can also watch on your computer or smart device at home or on the go. They often have special deals on Apple TV and Roku, so check out those offers.

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Are There Other Ways to Watch Catfish the TV Show Online?

There are a couple of other ways you can watch Catfish the TV Show episodes online if you’re not worried about live streaming. Hulu currently has seasons 1 through 4 so you can catch up on the show. It also says that new episodes are available 21 days after they air.

Netflix is often a good place to binge watch favorite shows, but Catfish the TV Show episodes are not available on the site.

There is a great way to watch Catfish the TV Show online free if you have Amazon Prime. Seasons one and two are free for subscribers. Seasons 3 through 6 will be available to purchase if you want to watch everything, including new episodes after they air. You can also rent or buy the Catfish the TV Show documentary that started it all.

Did we answer all of your questions for how to watch Catfish the TV Show online without cable? If not, feel free to ask below in the comments.