How to Watch Crime & Investigation Live Stream Online without Cable

Crime & Investigation is from the A&E family of networks. It’s one of the lesser known channels, but is gaining a following thanks to all the people who love reality based crime shows. Crime & Investigation offers a mix of shows like Justice Files, Rookies, Cajun Justice, Fugitive Chronicles, Evil Up Close, and The Big House.

In order to watch Crime & Investigation you may think you need cable. However, the truth is you can watch Crime & Investigation online without cable. All you need to do is find a live stream alternative to cable that will allow you to stream Crime & Investigation and that’s it, you’ll be watching in no time. Are you ready to watch your favorite crime shows? If so keep reading and discover how you can watch Crime & Investigation online without a cable connection!


Watch the Crime & Investigation Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW


One of the best services for cord cutters is DIRECTV NOW. This livestream service works with just an Internet connection and a streaming device. Devices you could choose from to use with DIRECTV NOW include Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, and your computer. The base package for DIRECTV NOW costs just $40 per month, and offers around 65 channels. You can choose other packages, and they go up to offering over 100 different channels.

Some of the channels you will receive with DIRECTV NOW include FX, truTV, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, BET, Food Network, CNN, and of course, Crime & Investigation. You can add HBO for just five extra dollars, per month. The local channels you receive include ABC, and are either available in live stream, in select the markets, and on-demand everywhere else.

If you want to watch Crime & Investigation using DIRECTV NOW, what are you waiting for? You can sign up and receive an entire week for free! Also, make sure to keep an eye out for member specials, where you can receive a free streaming device!

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Where Else Can I watch Crime & Investigation?

Right now, the services discussed above are the only ones offering theĀ Crime & Investigation network. However, things change quite frequently in streaming, so that might not always be the case.

We will be sure to update this guide, should one of the other streaming service decide to add Crime & Investigation streaming. There are also new services on the horizon that may add the ability to watch the Crime & Investigation live stream online.

Otherwise, your only other options to watch Crime & Investigation content are to purchase specific shows and/or episodes from services like Amazon Instant Video or Vudu. On the plus side, if you cannot live access to the channel, this still allows you to watch your favorite crime shows. On the negative end, purchasing shows on an episode or per-season basis can become expensive, very quickly. New episodes are generally around $2, though you can save a little by buying the season pass. Still, it does add up, which is why we normally recommend seeking a more permanent option.

If you have any other questions about how to watch the Crime & Investigation live stream, just ask us in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy the crime shows when you watch Crime & Investigation online!