How to Watch Deadwood: The Movie Online without Cable

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Amazon Channels provide a cheap and easy way to add standalone subscriptions to your Amazon Prime account. You must be a Prime subscriber to add Channels like HBO. Get 7 days free.

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Hulu with Live TV is an excellent service offering over 60 channels. You’ll also get Hulu on-demand at no added fee. Channels like HBO can be added to your plan for a fee. Get 7 days free.

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DIRECTV NOW offers HBO in their basic plan. While multiple plans are available this starter plan is one of the few to include HBO. Plans start from $50 for 40 channels. Get 7 days free.

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Fans of the intriguing western, Deadwood, have been waiting a long time for the sendoff that it deserved. Deadwood: The Movie picks up ten years after the series left off and will include many of the original cast members. The gang is all back together to celebrate South Dakota’s statehood. Returning cast includes Ian McShane, Dayton Callie, Brad Dourif, Anna Gunn, John Hawkes, and Timothy Olyphant. If you’re looking for a way to watch Deadwood: The Movie online, you’re in the right place!

Deadwood: The Movie streaming will be available May 31 at 8 p.m. ET. The following guide will go over all of the ways to watch Deadwood: The Movie online. This will include live and on-demand options, so that you can watch it when it airs on TV and as much as you want when it’s over!


Amazon Channels Offers the Deadwood: The Movie Live Stream and On-Demand

Prime subscribers have the chance to add multiple channels like HBO

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Amazon Prime has been around for years and continues to grow their offerings to make subscription more worthwhile. Currently, you get all kinds of great options like free e-books, sales and discounts specific to members, free 2-day shipping on most items, the Prime Video library, which includes movies, TV shows, and Amazon Original content, a music library, and much more. Prime subscribers are able to take advantage of Amazon Channels. These are standalone channels that can be added to your package. You can sign up for as many as you like. Some of them, like HBO, come with several live stream channels. All of them offer a wealth of on-demand content, as well. While every channel is available at a different price, HBO is $15 per month.


Some Amazon Channels Offer Live Content

You can only sign up for Amazon Channels if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber. Prime is available for $119 a year. That might seem like a lot, but it’s less than $10 a month. If you want to pay monthly, the price jumps to $13 per month. New subscribers are able to sign up and get 30-days free! On top of that, signing up for HBO to watch Deadwood: The Movie online, gets you 7-days free! You can watch the Deadwood: The Movie live stream on Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, mobile devices, and more.

Highlights of Amazon Prime:

  • Prime subscribers have the chance to add Amazon Channels, putting many of their niche streaming services in one spot
  • HBO is $15 per month
  • Prime members receive a wide variety of perks including 2-day shipping, movie libraries, music libraries, special sales and discounts, and more
  • Annual ($119) and monthly ($13) membership options are available
  • Watch on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, mobile devices, and more
  • When you add HBO, you’ll get a week free so you can watch Deadwood: The Movie online free
  • Get Amazon Prime free for 30 days!

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Watch the Deadwood: The Movie Live Stream on Hulu with Live TV

Add HBO and other movie channels to your package


Hulu Live is a service offering live and on-demand TV. The live portion comes from over 60 channels of local and cable networks. The on-demand content comes from Hulu on-demand. This gives you the best combination of live and on-demand TV, with something for everyone! Plans start at $45 per month. You can watch all kinds of channels from TNT, TBS, ESPN, USA, and many other channels. Local channels are also available in most areas. In addition to Hulu Live and on-demand, you’ll have access to TV Everywhere apps. HBO is another $15 per month and other movie channels are available if you want to add others.


Many Package Upgrades are Available

You’ll be able to save all your favorite shows on the cloud-DVR that’s included in your subscription. 50-hours of cloud-storage comes in your account, but you can upgrade and get 200-hours if you need more. Streaming on two devices at once is possible or you can upgrade and stream on as many devices as you want, at the same time. You can watch Deadwood: The Movie online with smart TVs, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, gaming consoles, computers, mobile devices, and more. Make sure to sign up for the Hulu Live 7-day trial to watch Deadwood: The Movie online free.

Hulu Live details:

  • 60+ live channels and the original Hulu service for $45 per month
  • The cloud-DVR features 50-hours of space or it’s upgradeable to 200-hours
  • No contracts!
  • You can sign up for a one-week Hulu Live free trial
  • HBO is an additional $15 per month
  • Watch on mobile devices, Fire TV, PS4, Chromecast, Xbox One, Apple TV, and more

Our Hulu Live review can tell you more.


Watch Deadwood: The Movie Online with DIRECTV NOW

The basic package offers HBO at no added charge

DIRECTV NOW has a variety of package options that vary in the number of channels that you’ll receive. The basic package is the Plus package. It’s $50 per month and includes over 40 channels. If you want to stream Deadwood: The Movie this package is a great choice because it includes HBO. Other packages may offer HBO, but if not, it can be added for an additional fee. Larger packages will cost more than the average streaming service, so this definitely isn’t for everyone. Packages also come with the use of some TV Everywhere apps and an on-demand library.


A Full On-Demand Library is Included

directv now

You’ll be able to record some shows on your cloud-DVR. Each package comes with one, though space is limited. With DIRECTV NOW you can stream on two devices at the same time or you can add an additional stream for a fee. You can watch Deadwood: The Movie on Roku, mobile devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and more. The DIRECTV NOW free week trial is a great way to watch Deadwood: The Movie online free. Our DIRECTV NOW review is another way to learn more!

DIRECTV NOW package details:

  • 40+ channels for $50 per month
  • Multiple package options are available
  • Stream on two devices simultaneously or add an additional stream for a fee
  • Watch Deadwood: The Movie streaming along with other HBO content in the basic plan – HBO is one of the 40+ included channels
  • Stream on mobile devices, Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and more
  • Try out the DIRECTV NOW one-week trial
  • A cloud-DVR is included with limited space


Stream Deadwood: The Movie on PlayStation Vue

Live and on-demand content is available

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue starts you off with the first of four packages. It comes with around 50 channels and costs $45 per month. If you want more channels, you can add channels like HBO, or you can choose a larger package. This is a contract-free service, so you’ll be free to do whatever is going to work best for you. Some channels you might have include AMC, TLC, USA, Syfy, FX, Freeform, TNT, and more. Local channels may be available, though it depends on your area. An on-demand library is included, and you can use TV Everywhere apps to get more content.


HBO and Other Channels can be Added to your Package

playstation vue

The included cloud-DVR holds each recording for up to 28-days. You’ll have the ability to make user profiles for those you share your account with. Streaming is possible on five devices simultaneously. Speaking of streaming, you can watch Deadwood: The Movie streaming on PS3/PS4, Apple TV, computers, Roku, mobile devices, and more. A free 5-day trial is available to all new subscribers!

Other PS Vue details:

  • Over 50 channels for $45/month
  • Three additional packages are available with more channels
  • Simultaneous streaming is available on five devices at once
  • You can make user profiles for the family
  • This includes numerous HBO live stream networks and the full slate of HBO content on-demand
  • Stream on PS3/PS4, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, computers, mobile devices, and more
  • The PS Vue 5-day trial is your way to watch Deadwood: The Movie online free

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How Else Can You Watch Deadwood: The Movie Online Without Cable?

HBO NOW is usually the first choice someone takes when they want HBO without cable. It’s a decent option, especially if you’re not an Amazon Prime member and you don’t use another streaming service offering HBO on the side. This service provides you everything you’d be able to watch on HBO live. The only difference is that it’s all on-demand. New episodes do appear at the same time as they would if you watched them on cable. Of course, if you need to pause for a minute, you can do that, whereas with live TV, you wouldn’t have that luxury. HBO NOW is $15 per month and a free trial is available. You can learn more in our HBO NOW review.


Is Deadwood: The Movie on Netflix?

No, you won’t be able to watch Deadwood: The Movie online through Netflix. You can learn more in our Netflix review.

Is Deadwood: The Movie on Hulu?

Hulu (review) will not offer Deadwood: The Movie streaming on-demand. Of course, you can add the HBO add-on to Hulu Live, which is a great way to watch this and other HBO content.

If you think streaming is confusing, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about how to watch Deadwood: The Movie online without cable!