How to Watch Doubt Online without Cable

The newest legal drama from CBS, Doubt, is sure to please fans when it airs on February 15 at 10 p.m. ET. Starring Katherine Heigl in her return to television, and other superstars like Elliott Gould and Laverne Cox, you won’t want to miss this series. But how can you watch Doubt online?

The answer is easy, and here is our guide to watch the Doubt live stream this season.


Watch the Doubt Live Stream on CBS All Access

cbs all access review

CBS decided to enter the streaming market with their very own stand-alone streaming product. CBS All Access gives viewers access to their enormous on-demand library of hit CBS shows, which includes Doubt streaming the day after it airs. The same is true for all new shows and episodes.

You also watch Doubt streaming live if you’re in one of over 130 markets, covering about 80% of the country. Subscribers in these areas can watch the live stream of their local CBS network.

While this is a great solution to watch Doubt online, there are other benefits, too. Specifically, their recently announced partnership with the NFL. The National Football League has hashed out a deal with CBS All Access to stream live games airing on CBS. AFC fans will get the best value with this deal.

CBS All Access is $5.99 per month. You can stream it on a variety of mobile devices and players. Read more about it here.

Try CBS All Access FREE for 7 days and watch Doubt online free.


How Else Can You Watch Doubt Online

Our information shows that you can’t stream Doubt on on-demand services like Hulu or Netflix. Hulu doesn’t typically partner with CBS, but they do offer favorite shows from the other broadcast networks. Netflix may eventually have Doubt streaming on their service, but they don’t typically get new shows until about a year or so after they’ve aired.

But you can purchase Doubt on Amazon Instant Video. It isn’t free with Amazon Prime, but you can buy it by the episode or for a discounted season pass. It isn’t quite the value of a subscription streaming service, but it could be good for some users.

We should also mention, since CBS is a broadcast network, if you’re in the viewing area you may be able to watch Doubt streaming over the air with a digital antenna and DVR combo.

Did we answer your questions about how to watch Doubt online without cable? If there is anything else you need to know, ask in the comments below.