Watch ESPNU Online without Cable


College football season is gearing up. Do you have a way to catch all of your favorite teams every Saturday? With the price of cable subscriptions soaring ever higher, it might be time to find a new way to watch all of the college football action without cable. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to watch ESPNU online without cable all while retaining access to your favorite cable content.


Hulu with Live TV Lets You Watch ESPNU without Cable and More

Hulu with Live TV is one of the most well-rounded streaming services for households that want both on-demand content and a cable-like live TV experience which includes ESPNU Streaming.


Hulu Live was designed for binge-watchers who want the best of both worlds: the ability to watch their favorite shows and movies on-demand while also being able to watch live TV such as sports and news. Hulu with Live TV carries the most local network TV channels of any streaming service, with ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC affiliates available in 600 markets.

Hulu with Live TV is also a great way to watch an ESPNU live stream so you don’t miss any of the action from the world of college sports. Here’s a list of what Hulu Live can do for you:

  • Access to both live TV streams of and on-demand content
  • An easy-to-use interface which makes it easy to discover new content
  • A free cloud DVR with 50 hours of storage, upgradable to 200 hours with an extra fee
  • The ability to customize your experience with added features
  • Available on most major streaming devices, mobile devices, smart TVs, and computers
  • Perfect for the binge watcher who wants to still have access to live TV

Hulu with Live TV is a great way to watch ESPNU online and still have a TV-like experience.

Hulu with Live TV gives you the most bang for your buck, offering major local networks, local and regional sports, the biggest cable networks, and all of Hulu’s on-demand content. If that sounds like what your household needs from a streaming service, check out Hulu Live’s 7-day free trial.


Sling TV Gives Budget Friendly Option for Streaming ESPNU

Sling TV remains among the best values in terms of a customizable streaming package with an ESPNU live stream.

Sling TV Review

Sling TV redefined what a streaming service could be and still remains a budget-friendly way to watch ESPNU online without cable. Sling TV is highly customizable, offering a huge selection of add-ons and different packages to offer subscribers a flexible streaming experience.


One of the Best Values for ESPNU Streaming

Many Sling TV packages include an ESPNU live stream, but just know that Sling TV might not be the best choice for streaming local content as only a small number of local markets have live local streams. Still, Sling TV has always been one of the best overall values in the streaming market. Here’s why:

  • Sling TV is one of the least expensive streaming services, with subscriptions starting at just $25/month
  • A 50-hour Cloud DVR is available for $5/month
  • A single Sling TV subscription provides up to three simultaneous streams
  • Sling TV can be customized with various add-ons and packages
  • Sling TV might not be the best choice for local content, but still offers a cable-like experience at a low price
  • Access to “TV Everywhere” apps and on-demand content
  • Compatible with most major streaming devices, iOS and Android devices, tablets and computers

Sling TV is also known to feature rotating exclusive deals on streaming devices for customers who prepay upfront for a few months of service. Check out Sling TV’s latest offers to see if you can save on a streaming device by signing up. If you think Sling TV might be right for your streaming needs, check out their 7-day free trial and read our Sling TV review for a comprehensive breakdown of Sling TV.


DIRECTV NOW Offers ESPNU Streaming In Its Massive Channel Lineup

DIRECTV NOW offers a huge selection of channels for cable-like experience which allows subscribers to watch ESPNU online without cable

DIRECTV NOW is a great fit for households who are used to the flexibility and large channel selection of cable. DIRECTV NOW has a familiar interface and channel guide for users who are switching to streaming from cable for the first time. DIRECTV NOW’s biggest draw is its 120 total channels available through its various packages, and is even a good choice for customers who want to keep watching local content.



directv now

If you want to stream ESPNU and dozens of other live cable channels, DIRECTV NOW is one of your best bets. An ESPNU live stream is included with all but the most basic DIRECTV NOW package. Here’s what else DIRECTV NOW has to offer:

  • DIRECTV NOW starts at $40/month, but ESPNU is only available in more expensive packages
  • Watch up to two simultaneous streams, with a third stream available for $5/month
  • DIRECTV NOW provides a cloud DVR with 20 hours of storage
  • Access to a huge selection of on-demand content
  • A wide range of add-ons and packages available for a customized experience
  • Available on major streaming devices, Android phones and tablets, select Samsung smart TVs, iOS devices, and computers

Check out our DIRECTV NOW review for a thorough look into what all DIRECTV NOW has to offer, then try one of their packages through a free trial to see what DIRECTV NOW is all about.


Stream ESPNU on YouTube TV for the Ultimate Mobile Experience

YouTube is a well-rounded streaming service with a wide channel selection and is a great way to watch ESPNU online without cable on the go.

YouTube TV Review

YouTube TV isn’t the YouTube you’re used to. The social video-sharing site has now become a fully-fledged streaming service with a well-rounded selection of national and regional sports networks, major cable news channels, and many of the most popular entertainment channels.

Many major cable channels like MTV, Food Network, and Animal Planet aren’t available, but YouTube TV makes up for it with a fantastic mobile streaming experience and ESPN networks including an ESPNU live stream. All in all, YouTube TV offers a great selection of features which make it a solid choice for an all-in-one streaming service, including one of the best DVRs on the market. Here’s what all you can expect with YouTube TV:

  • $40/month for more than 50 channels
  • A well-rounded selection of channels, plus access to all of YouTube’s user-created content
  • One of the best mobile interfaces on the streaming market
  • A DVR with unlimited storage and a 9-month save time
  • Not available in every U.S. market, but covers about 85% of markets and offers at least 3 live major local networks in each market
  • Access to YouTube Red originals

The Future of TV?

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV is one of the newest streaming services on the market and is already redefining what streaming services are capable of. While the service is still growing and improving, it’s already very popular and has a bright future ahead.

Take a look at our YouTube TV review to see if it’s right for your household and check out one of their free 7-day trials.


PlayStation Vue Lets the Whole Family Watch What They Want

PlayStation Vue is a perfect way to stream ESPNU for households that need multiple simultaneous streams.

playstation vue

Don’t let the name fool you: you don’t need a Sony PlayStation game console to stream PlayStation Vue. Vue can now be streamed most major streaming devices, although there are some mobile restrictions and the service is known to run better on some devices than others.

PlayStation Vue is slightly more expensive than some competitors, starting at around $50/month. Still, for customers who want a huge selection of channels and the option to watch multiple simultaneous streams with one subscription, PlayStation Vue is a solid choice and boasts a great list of features:

  • Starts around $50/month
  • PlayStation Vue has a built-in cloud-based DVR which can keep recordings for up to 28 days.
  • Many DVR recordings can be streamed from mobile, but some restrictions apply.
  • PlayStation Vue features a wide selection of national and regional sports channels and even some local content in many markets.
  • Allows up to 5 simultaneous streams
  • More expensive than many streaming services, but makes up for it with a great DVR, simultaneous streams, and a wide selection of channels


Catch All the College Sports Action with the ESPNU Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

playstation vue action shot

PlayStation Vue subscriptions start at $50/month for core VUE package which is a great way to stream ESPNU. Even more sports channels can be added with the Vue Sports Pack add-on for $10/month. Interested? Read our PS Vue review and check out a free trial to see if PlayStation Vue is right for you.


Stay Up-to-the-Minute on College Sports with ESPNU

Watching ESPNU online without cable is easier than ever. Choose a streaming device, sign up for some of the free trials listed above, and see which streaming service is best for you for watching ESPNU.

Have any questions about how to watch ESPNU online without cable? Leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you.