How to watch Euphoria

Best way to watch Euphoria (2019- )

HBO’s Euphoria is available to stream via HBO Max and HBO. Being an HBO property, the network does not share the show with popular streamers like Netflix. You can sign up for HBO Max for $14.99/mo. (the service also offers a seven-day free trial). You can also watch Euphoria through Amazon Prime by purchasing HBO Max through the Amazon Prime platform for $14.99/mo. However, the best option to watch Euphoria is through Hulu’s bundle offer with HBO Max. For the same $14.99/mo., you get Hulu and HBO Max together. This is why we like Hulu with HBO Max best to watch Euphoria

While HBO’s control of the show limits the number of options a viewer has to watch the show, there are other ways to access Euphoria online. We’ll get into those next.

All the ways to watch Euphoria online

When Euphoria debuted on HBO on June 16, 2019, it was met with a mix of controversy and good reviews from TV critics and viewers. Starring Zendaya, Euphoria tells the story of a group of troubled teens attempting to navigate the difficulties of high school while dealing with mental issues, drug abuse and burgeoning sexuality. Critics praised the work of the cast and the style of the show, but the show was found by some to be too graphic in terms of its depiction of teen sex and drug use. Euphoria quickly earned a strong following, and despite (or perhaps because of) its controversial subject matter, awards notice came as well. When Zendaya scored a surprise nomination for lead actress in a drama at this year’s Emmys, the real shock followed when she beat out noted actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Laura Linney to take home the trophy.

The table below showcases the three streaming platforms (HBO Max, Amazon Prime with HBO Max and Hulu with HBO Max) telling you where to watch Euphoria season one, along with the price for each.

Streaming servicePrice
HBO Max$14.99/mo.
Hulu with HBO Max$14.99/mo.
HBO Max through Amazon Prime$14.99/mo.

Streaming Euphoria

Now, let’s talk about what you get from the two streaming options listed in the last section.

Steaming Euphoria with HBO Max

With HBO Max, you get access to all of HBO’s programming — original and otherwise. Dramas like Succession, comedies like Insecure and old favorites like Game of Thrones will all be at your fingertips, along with the full array of movies the service is carrying at any given time.

Steaming Euphoria with Amazon Prime and HBO Max

If you are already an Amazon Prime member, you can add HBO Max for $14.99. This option offers you the convenience of having HBO Max right on your Amazon Prime menu, while being able to access Amazon’s original programming, like Bosch, Jack Ryan and Carnival Row. However, there’s no discount or bundle for adding on HBO Max to your Amazon Prime service.

Steaming Euphoria with Hulu and HBO Max

Of course, what makes the Hulu with HBO Max such a great deal is you get all of that HBO Max programming along with Hulu’s full slate of originals like The Handmaid’s Tale, Devs and Wu-Tang: An American Saga for the same price as purchasing HBO Max alone.

Renting vs. buying Euphoria

HBO keeps a strong hold on its original programming, meaning you won’t be able to rent the show at all. However, there are ways to access a Euphoria stream without purchasing HBO Max or Hulu with HBO Max. Once the full first season of Euphoria aired on HBO, the network released the show for download and purchase through iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu or FandangoNow. Of course, these options do not allow for live viewing, so if you’re hoping to catch season two of Euphoria, you’ll have to wait for it to finish airing on HBO. 

Now, what’s the price tag for each of these services to watch Euphoria?

Buying Euphoria on iTunes

iTunes is the priciest option overall, as it doesn’t offer a standard-definition (SD) option to purchase at a lower rate. You will pay $27.99 to buy season one in full or $3.99 per episode.

Buying Euphoria on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers the best deal at $9.99 for the whole first season in high definition (HD) or SD, or pay $3.99 per episode for HD or $2.99 per episode for SD.

Buying Euphoria on Google Play

Google Play offers the best price per episode at $2.99 for HD and $1.99 for SD. The whole season will cost you $21.99 season (SD or HD).

Buying Euphoria on Vudu

Vudu matches the iTunes price of $27.99 for season one in HD, but also offers an SD version for $22.99. Individual episodes are priced at $3.99 per for HD and $2.99 for SD.

Buying Euphoria on FandangoNow

FandangoNow identically matches Vudu’s pricing model for Euphoria at $27.99 for the full season (HD), $22.99 (SD) and $3.99 per episode (HD) and $2.99 per episode (SD).

Our hot take

While you can catch Euphoria streaming through multiple services, HBO’s protective nature over its original programming can create price point concerns or live streaming limitations. In short, if you don’t purchase HBO Max through HBO directly or through Amazon Prime or Hulu, you will have to wait for the full season of the show to conclude before being able to buy episodes through alternative sources.

That being the case, the best option to consider if you don’t already have HBO Max is the Hulu with HBO Max bundle. You really can’t beat getting both streaming platforms for the price you would have to purchase HBO Max by itself ($14.99). Therefore, on a best value basis, we recommend signing up for Hulu with HBO Max. Not only can you stream Euphoria live from the combined platform, but you also get access to everything else the two providers offer at no additional cost.

David Phillips