How to Watch FXM Live Stream Online without Cable


FXM, also known as FX Movie Channel, is an off-shoot of FX meant to offer movies from the classics to today. FXM offers films from 20th Century FOX and FOX films. The first film offered on the network, when it first aired, was The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Since that day, thousands of films have been watched by cable households around the country.

What if you don’t have cable? Well, if that’s the case, you’re in luck. There are several streaming services that will allow you the chance to watch the FXM live stream without cable. Rather than paying a bunch of money to big cable companies, you can opt for a streaming service that charges a much lower rate and watch FXM online, instead.


Watch the FXM Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW


DIRECTV NOW is available in multiple packages. You can utilize this great service for much cheaper than you would pay for cable. It’s also easier to use DIRECTV NOW, since you do not need to add anything externally to make sure you can watch FXM online with this service. DIRECTV NOW is a great bargain compared to conventional cable. If you want to watch FXM online with DIRECTV NOW you’ll need the Go Big package, which is available at $60/month.

DIRECTV NOW offers four different packages to choose from with over 100 channels available! The base package offers channels like Food Network, TBS, CNN, A&E, AND USA. You can also add HBO onto any package for just $5 extra per month. Local channels such as ABC and NBC are available on-demand all over the country. Shows are available, usually the day after they initially air. DIRECTV NOW provides livestream options in select cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas. You can watch DIRECTV NOW while using your computer, Apple TV, mobile devices, and Chromecast.

Want to watch FXM online free using DIRECTV NOW? You can check out the service before you purchase it, by utilizing the DIRECTV NOW free seven-day trial. You also want to check for member specials, which are occasionally offered, giving away things like an Apple TV depending on how many months you utilize the DIRECTV NOW service.

Don’t forget to check out our full DIRECTV NOW review, to ensure this is the right service for you!


Don’t Miss the FXM Live Stream on fuboTV

fuboTV is just one way to watch FXM online without cable. fuboTV started out as a sports network. You could watch soccer from across the pond along with local and national sports from here in the US. These days, sports is still the primary goal of fuboTV. However, in an effort to shake things up and offer the best of both worlds they are offering regular content, too. Packages begin at $35/month. You’ll be able to watch FX, FXM, USA, Syfy, and even some local channels like FOX. fuboTV even offers a cloud-based DVR that will allow you to record the shows and movies that you don’t want to miss.

You can watch FXM online with fuboTV using a variety of streaming and mobile devices. A 7-day trial is available to kick off your membership. If you don’t like the service, just cancel before the time is up and you won’t pay for it. Our fuboTV review has more information about this service.


Check Out the FXM Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

Cancel PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers the FXM live stream in one of their main packages. In order to watch FXM online you’ll need the Elite Slim package which is available for $45/month. PS Vue offers select local channels (on-demand), AMC, OWN, ESPN, CNN, FOX News, Syfy, TNT, and many other channels. If you want live streaming local channels you can get them in New York, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas. HBO, Showtime, and various sports channels can be added to any Vue package for a small additional fee. You can watch PlayStation Vue on Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and PS3/PS4. Mobile devices also play Vue content, though due to mobile restrictions you will not be able to watch this content outside of the home.

A 7-day trial will start off your membership. If you don’t like the service, you can always cancel in that first week to avoid payment. And any other questions you have can always be answered with our PlayStation Vue review.


How Else Can I Watch FXM Online without Cable?

These are the only services that will allow you to watch the FXM live stream. Should any new services begin offering the option to watch FXM online, we’ll be sure to add them to the list. Considering that FXM airs movies, you may find some of the movies they air on services like Hulu or Amazon Prime, but it’s doubtful that you’ll find all of them. You can also buy the films that you want to watch on Amazon Instant Video, but this will add up quite quickly. Buying digital films can cost anywhere from $5-$20 and that can become more expensive than having cable. If you want one film that might not be too bad, but if you’re looking for several from the FXM lineup, you’re better off choosing a subscription service to watch FXM online.

There you have it! That’s all you need to do to watch FXM online without cable! Still have questions? Our comments are a great place to ask any that you have!