How to Watch the Galavision Live Stream Online without Cable


Galavision has been around since the 70s as a way to bring TV and movies to a Spanish speaking audience. Back when it was first created, the network was a premium channel like HBO, but in the 80s they made Galavision a part of the basic cable package, allowing anyone access that wanted to watch.

Galavision is home to reality shows, news, sports, and fictional comedies and telenovelas. It’s also one of the easiest ways to watch Spanish speaking TV. Now you can watch Galavision online without cable. If you want to learn how to stream Galavision, we’re about to tell you how!


Watch Galavision Online with DIRECTV NOW


DIRECTV NOW offers four excellent package options. The option you will need to watch Galavision online is the basic package. It costs $35 per month, and you receive 60+ channels. If you want more channels, the Galavision live stream is available in all the other packages. You even get 120 channels in the biggest package! Other channels in the basic package include AMC, History, Food Network, Comedy Central, Bravo, National Geographic, and ESPN. HBO can be added on your package for just five dollars a month. You can’t beat that price anywhere! Local channels may be available in live stream in places like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Orlando! The rest of the country receives locals in VOD.

That information includes what devices you can use for DIRECTV NOW, such as mobile devices and Chromecast. Check out our DIRECTV NOW review to find out what other devices you can use!

Also, check out the free trial of DIRECTV NOW. It lasts seven days! Ask about member specials for a chance to receive a free streaming device!


Use Sling TV to Watch Galavision Live Stream

How does Sling TV work

Sling TV is a live stream service that makes for an easy way to watch the Galavision live stream online without cable. The Sling TV Orange package includes over 30 popular channels for just $20/month. You’ll receive some of your favorite cable channels like AMC, Disney, CNN, ESPN, TBS, TNT, and A&E. Want more channels? It’s as easy as choosing a larger package or adding on one of the many bundle packages that are available for just $5/month. Sling TV is available on most streaming devices from Apple TV to Chromecast. Mobile devices and computers can stream Sling TV, also.

A 7-day trial is available should you be interested in testing out what Sling TV has to offer. If you’re interested in specials, Sling TV offers them frequently. Keep an eye out for whatever is available as you just might be able to score a free streaming device! What is Sling TV? Our review can answer that and tell you plenty more!


Do Other Services Offer the Galavision Live Stream?

The live stream services mentioned above are currently the only legal streaming services that offer the ability to watch the Galavision live stream without cable. Other services are out there and as packages change they may allow you to watch Galavision online. If they do, we will be sure to add those to update you on what’s available.

Do you have additional questions about how to watch Galavision online without cable? If you do, don’t hesitate to head down to our comments, so you can ask your questions!