How to watch Game of Thrones

Best way to watch Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Winter is coming once again, and that means finding a place where you can watch Game of Thrones in its entirety. Seeing as HBO created one of the most popular shows known to mankind, it makes sense that the network hasn’t given up the rights to another streaming service. So if you want to catch the constant battling between the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens, sign up for HBO Max. HBO’s new and improved streaming platform is where to watch Game of Thrones in its entirety, plus plenty of other HBO extravaganzas. And it’ll only cost you $14.99/mo., making it the most affordable way to catch the fantasy adaptation.

All the ways to watch Game of Thrones online

It’s been nigh impossible to ignore the Game of Thrones frenzy in recent years. Over the past decade, the series has dominated the TV landscape, going on to win 59 Emmys and being named by critics as one of the best shows in history. Based on author George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy books, the plot depicts a war between several noble families. But this is no ordinary conflict, for dragons, nightmarish creatures and pure magic all play a role.

If you’re wanting to watch Game of Thrones on cable TV, you may be waiting a while. Although HBO occasionally airs reruns, nothing compares to being able to watch a marathon of all eight seasons whenever you’re in the mood. For that, you’ll need an on-demand streaming service. HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video’s HBO channel and Hulu‘s HBO add-on are the only options you have when it comes to Game of Thrones streaming, but boy, are they good ones.

Here’s how much you’ll have to pay to watch a Game of Thrones stream via any of the above services:

Streaming servicePrice
HBO (via Amazon Prime Video)$14.99/mo. plus Prime fees
HBO (via Hulu)$14.99/mo. plus Hulu fees
HBO Max$14.99/mo.

Streaming Game of Thrones

Amazon Prime Video

Accessing Game of Thrones through Amazon Prime Video isn’t as simple as becoming a fully-fledged Prime member. Instead, you’ll have to pay for a Prime subscription and a separate subscription for the service’s HBO channel. To become a full Prime member and enjoy all of Amazon’s online shopping perks, you’ll be asked to pay $12.99/mo. or $119/yr. But if you just want to access the streaming service, the price drops to $8.99/mo. or $108/yr. Then, the HBO channel costs an additional $14.99/mo. on top.

If you choose to watch HBO content through Prime Video, you will unlock all of Amazon’s epic original content, including Jack Ryan and The Man in the High Castle, as well as other long-running HBO shows like The Wire. And up to six people in your household can create their own user profile to avoid scrolling through content they definitely won’t be interested in. Finally, three simultaneous streams are given to each user.


HBO Max is HBO’s relatively new (and mega) streaming service. Find more than 10,000 hours of content from the premium network as well as DC movies and original shows in its library. So once you’re done with Game of Thrones, you can move straight onto another award-winning series like Westworld, The Sopranos or True Detective. There’s only one price for HBO Max, and that’s $14.99/mo. Current HBO subscribers may be eligible for a free HBO Max subscription. 

There’s one downside to this new streaming platform: it’s not yet available on Amazon Fire TV or Roku devices. That may change in the future but, right now, there doesn’t seem to be any workaround. On the plus side, though, HBO Max users can stream to three devices at the same time. And up to five user profiles can be created, so your housemate doesn’t lose the spot where the Night King makes his appearance known.


Hulu is the only one of the three options to allow you to watch live TV as well as on-demand content. Of course, the live option comes with a much larger fee. Prices start from $54.99/mo. for live viewing, while on-demand plans start from just $5.99/mo. Adding on HBO for Game of Thrones streaming then costs an extra $14.99/mo. When investing in the HBO add-on, you have two choices. The classic HBO has mostly HBO content from years gone by as well as recent times. But for Max originals, DC titles and Studio Ghibli animations, look to the HBO Max add-on.

As well as getting access to as much HBO content as you’ll ever need, being a Hulu user means you can watch all of the Hulu originals, including plenty of novel adaptations from Stephen King’s Castle Rock to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. You’ll also get two simultaneous streams and 50 hours of DVR storage if you’re a live TV subscriber. Both of those limits can be upgraded for an extra fee.

Renting vs. buying Game of Thrones

Amazon Prime Video

You can subscribe to Amazon Prime Video to watch Game of Thrones on demand, but the service also gives you the option to buy episodes and full seasons of the fantasy show. Episodes cost $2.99 in standard definition (SD) and $3.99 in high definition (HD), while seasons are $24.99 in both SD and HD.


If you’re an Apple user, you’ll have almost certainly used iTunes for all your music needs. But you can also rent and buy thousands of movies and TV shows. Only entire seasons of Game of Thrones are available to purchase, costing $24.99 in both SD and HD.

Google Play

Google Play offers something a little different from the rest. Designed for Android users, the app and entertainment site has the standard Game of Thrones episodes for $2.99 and seasons for between $19.99 and $24.99. But you can also buy all eight seasons for the cost-cutting price of $99.99. All buying prices are for HD content, as SD isn’t available.


You may turn to Vudu for the chance to watch certain titles for free, but the site also has plenty of rental and purchase options. Plus, it offers Game of Thrones in its special HDX definition — a sharper quality than traditional HD — for the same price as SD options. Episodes cost $2.99 to buy, while seasons can range up to $24.99. Grab the complete series bundle for the special price of $99.99.


YouTube isn’t just the place to go for hilarious pet videos. It’s also an entertainment hub for the best movies and shows. Buy Game of Thrones episodes in SD for $2.99 and entire seasons in SD for $19.99. Strangely, episodes don’t seem to be available in HD, but you can pick up HD seasons for $24.99 each. Additionally, you can buy the first three seasons for $73.99 or the complete series for $99.99 in HD.

Our hot take

No matter which streaming service you pick, you’ll have access to almost identical content. And, of course, if you own an Amazon Fire TV or Roku device, you’ll have to go through Prime Video or Hulu for the time being. But HBO Max is the cheapest way to watch all the action from Winterfell, King’s Landing and more. Sign up for a seven-day free trial while you still can. You never know when shows will disappear from streaming services’ libraries.

Lauren Sharkey