How to Watch Gentleman Jack Online without Cable

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Amazon Channels is a way for Prime subscribers to add subscriptions to movie channels, single networks, and much more. Watch HBO live and/or on-demand for $15 per month. Get 7 days free.

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Hulu with Live TV starts you off with 60+ live channels and Hulu’s awesome on-demand service. From there, you can add HBO and other movie channels to round out your plan. Get 7 days free.

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DIRECTV NOW is the only streaming service to include HBO in their basic package. Enjoy over 40 channels including multiple HBO networks for $50 per month. Get 7 days free.

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Gentleman Jack is an 8-part period drama set in 1832 inspired by the true and often coded journals of Anne Lister. The series shows her attempts to bring life back into her inherited estate, Shibdhen Hall, and her plans to improve her fate by taking a wife. Gentleman Jack episodes are available on HBO, which used to mean you needed cable. Not anymore! In fact, keep reading, and you’ll learn all of the ways that you can watch Gentleman Jack online without cable!

Gentleman Jack will air Monday evenings at 10 p.m. ET starting on April 22. The following sections will give you all of the available ways to watch the Gentleman Jack live stream or to catch it on-demand. The important thing is that you no longer need cable to watch the channels you love! In the following sections you can find a suitable streaming service for you and if you’re not sure, sign up for a trial and watch Gentleman Jack online free until you know which service is the one for you!


Amazon Channels Offer the Gentleman Jack Live Stream

Prime subscribers can add HBO and other channels for a fee

Amazon Channels logo

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers a host of benefits. You get free 2-day shipping, a music library, free e-books, and the Prime Video library with movies and TV shows. If you’re a Prime subscriber, you can also add standalone subscriptions to a wide range of channels with Amazon Channels. Each Channel is charged separately, and they all come with a free trial. Depending on the add-on you choose, you may have live and on-demand content. For example, when you add HBO, you get several live streaming HBO networks plus the full HBO on-demand library. HBO is available for $15 per month.


All Your Favorite HBO Shows from the Beginning!

amazon subscriptions

Remember, you need a Prime membership to add Amazon Channels. If you don’t have a Prime membership you can sign up and get 30-days free! Amazon Channel options include something for everyone with movie channels like HBO or Starz to Channels offering all horror, romance, and even dancing or workout routines. When you sign up to HBO to watch Gentleman Jack online, you’ll get 7-days free! You can watch Gentleman Jack streaming on Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and mobile devices.

Highlights of Amazon Prime:

  • Amazon Prime subscribers can add Channels like HBO to their lineup
  • HBO is available for $15 per month
  • Prime subscriptions include many features from 2-day shipping to movie and music libraries, and more
  • Annual and monthly membership options are available
  • Watch on Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, Fire TV, Apple TV, and more
  • Add HBO and test it out with a one-week free trial so you can watch Gentleman Jack online free
  • Get Amazon Prime free for 30 days!

Read our Prime Video review and learn more!


The Gentleman Jack Live Stream is Available on Hulu with Live TV

Add HBO for $15 per month


Hulu Live has something for all fans of streaming TV. First, Hulu’s popular on-demand service is included with this plan. Now add 60+ live channels into the mix. At the very least it means you should always have something entertaining to watch. Hulu Live includes local channels in most areas, ESPN, TNT, TBS, USA, Syfy, and more for $45 per month. Need more channels? You can add HBO for $15 per month. Other movie channels are also available to be added on, as well. Adding HBO gives you multiple channels plus the HBO on-demand library to go with the rest of the content in Hulu’s on-demand library.


Watch Live and On-Demand Content

You will even be able to connect to some TV Everywhere apps with your Hulu Live account. This is just another way to find more things to watch. If you want to record live TV, you’ll have your own DVR. It includes 50-hours of cloud-space, but more space can be added for a fee. Streaming is possible on two devices at once, but you can upgrade to stream on unlimited devices. You can watch Gentleman Jack streaming on gaming consoles, iOS/Android devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, and more. You can sign up for the Hulu Live 7-day trial to watch Gentleman Jack online free.

Hulu Live details:

  • $45 for 60+ live channels and Hulu’s on-demand service
  • Use the 50-available hours in the cloud-DVR or upgrade for more
  • No contracts!
  • Remember, there’s also a one-week Hulu Live free trial
  • HBO is $15 per month
  • Watch on iOS/Android, Amazon Fire TV, gaming consoles, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and more

Our Hulu Live review can tell you more.


Watch Gentleman Jack Online with DIRECTV NOW

HBO comes with the two basic packages starting at $50

DIRECTV NOW is the only service on this list that includes HBO in their basic package. Multiple packages are available, starting with over 40 channels for $50 per month. Larger channels offer as many as 100+ channels but tend to cost more than the average streaming package. Still, this starter package includes HBO and many other channels including local channels, ESPN, USA, TNT, and more! If you opt for a larger package, HBO may not be included in your package. If not, HBO and other channels can be added to your package for a fee.


An On-Demand Library and Cloud-DVR are Included

directv now

DIRECTV NOW includes the chance to use TV Everywhere apps and an on-demand library. A cloud-DVR is also included, but it comes with limited space. DIRECTV NOW allows you to stream on two devices simultaneously, but you can add a third stream for a fee. You can watch Gentleman Jack on most streaming and mobile devices. More specifically, you can stream on iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and many other devices. The DIRECTV NOW free week trial is your chance to watch Gentleman Jack online free. Our DIRECTV NOW review is a great way to learn more!

DIRECTV NOW package details:

  • $50 per month for 40+ channels
  • Plans with more channels are available
  • Use two devices at once – a third can be added for a fee
  • Watch Gentleman Jack episodes and other HBO shows for no added fee
  • Stream on mobile devices, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, and more
  • Try out DIRECTV NOW during the DIRECTV NOW one-week trial
  • A limited cloud-DVR is included


Stream Gentleman Jack Episodes on PlayStation Vue

Add HBO to any of the four available packages

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers the chance to pick one of four packages. Plans start with around 50 channels for $45. No contracts are involved, so you can cancel whenever you want. PS Vue plans include local channels in many areas. You’ll also have channels like AMC, ESPN, Cartoon Network, USA, Disney, FX, Syfy, HGTV, TNT, and more! If you want to add movie channels, you have a couple of options. HBO is available for $15 per month. Adding HBO gives you an HBO section in the on-demand library and several HBO network live streams. You get all the content you would with cable without the higher prices and contracts!


Stream on PS3 and PS4 Consoles and Many Other Devices

playstation vue

PS Vue also gives you a chance to use TV Everywhere apps for many of the networks in your plan. If you want to be sure you don’t miss something, you can record it to your cloud-DVR. Storage holds each recording for up to 28-days. You can stream Gentleman Jack on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, PS3/PS4, and more. A free 5-day trial will start off your subscription! Check out our PS Vue review to learn more.

Other PS Vue details:

  • $45/month for 50+ channels
  • Larger packages are also available
  • Streaming is allowed on five devices at once
  • Make user profiles for the entire family
  • Add the HBO live stream to get multiple HBO live streams and an on-demand library
  • Stream on most streaming and mobile devices
  • The PS Vue 5-day trial is a great way to watch Gentleman Jack online free


How Else Can You Watch Gentleman Jack Online Without Cable?

HBO NOW is a great option if you’re missing out on HBO. Whether you’re a cord cutter or a cable user, HBO NOW gives you an online option to watching HBO without cable. HBO NOW is an on-demand service. That means that the Gentleman Jack live stream is not included, but new episodes are available at the same time as they air on TV, so it’s basically like the same thing. You can still watch Gentleman Jack online while your friends are watching on their TV. Like with other services, HBO NOW is available for $15 per month and is available using most streaming and mobile devices. There’s even a free trial! You can learn more in our HBO NOW review.


Is Gentleman Jack on Netflix?

It’s unlikely that you would be able to watch Gentleman Jack episodes on Netflix. As with most HBO shows, you’d need to use a streaming service like the ones mentioned above that offers HBO specifically. You can learn more about Netflix in our full review.

Is Gentleman Jack on Hulu?

Hulu’s on-demand service does not offer Gentleman Jack episodes. However, you can add HBO and watch Gentleman Jack live and on-demand on Hulu Live (review).

Still not sure about how to stream Gentleman Jack? If so, just leave your questions in the comments!