How to Watch Georgia Football Online without Cable

The Georgia Bulldogs have a rabid following of loyal sports fans. If you’re one of them and you recently cut the cord, you might be scrambling for a way to watch Georgia football online. The good news is that it’s simple to watch the Georgia game online. In fact, it should only take a few minutes to get you set up once you choose the streaming service that is right for you.

Sign Up to Hulu Live and Watch the Georgia Bulldogs Game Live Stream Plus More

Hulu Live and Hulu on-demand equal one complete entertainment package


Hulu Live is one way that you can watch the Georgia game online. With Hulu Live, you’ll have access to many of the top college football games from the Bulldogs to teams all over the country. Packages start at $55 a month and include local channels in more areas than any other streaming service.

Hulu Live Offers Live Streaming Content Mixed with a Huge On-Demand Library & DVR Access

Hulu Live truly has something for everyone. People have been signing up for Hulu for years for the on-demand content and the incredible library of Hulu Originals. Hulu Live combines that amazing library with over 50 live streaming channels for the best of both live stream and on-demand content.

Here are more details on Hulu Live:

  • Packages start at $55 a month
  • 50+ channels – add-ons for channels like HBO available at a small fee
  • Hulu on-demand is part of your package
  • 50 hours of cloud-based DVR space
  • You’ll never be asked to sign any contracts
  • Watch Hulu Live on Fire TV, Chromecast, mobile devices, Apple TV, and more
  • Try Hulu Live for a week free

You can even use the Hulu Live 7-day trial to watch Georgia online free! Check out our Hulu Live review for more info.

Use Sling TV to Get the Georgia Football Live Stream for Cheap

Sling TV offers the best initial price in sports streaming

sling tv

Sling TV offers a starting package that is hard to beat. You’ll receive many of the most popular channels for just $30 a month. You can double your package for $40/month, or you can stick to the main package and add as many add-on channels or bundles as you want. Each bundle is available at a small fee and allows you to build a package at a lower price while having the channels you’re going to watch most.

Sling TV is All About the Budget

Why pay more when you can get the channels you want at a lower price? That’s what Sling TV offers. If you’re missing a channel there are hundreds of add-on channels available. You can watch Sling TV just about anywhere, on most streaming and mobile devices. So, whether you want to watch the Georgia football live stream or something else, Sling TV should have what you’re looking for at a price you can afford.

Sling TV highlights:

  • $30/month or $55/month for both Sling Orange + Sling Blue
  • Add a la carte channel bundles to diversify your content
  • Channels include ESPN, Cartoon Network, Food Network, HGTV, AMC, TNT, and more
  • Watch using Roku, iPhone/tablet, some smart TVs, Chromecast, etc.
  • Try the Sling TV free 7-day trial today

Want to learn more? You can visit our Sling TV review for that. You can even watch Georgia football online free by signing up for Sling TV’s free one-week trial! Check current offers for Sling TV deals, here.

Watch Georgia Football Online with DIRECTV NOW to Get It All

With 60-120 channels you’ll always find something to watch

Update: this service is now AT&T TV NOW and costs $65 a month.

DIRECTV NOW gives you the majority of channels you’ll need to stream Georgia games every week. You’ll have plenty of channels including a variety of sports channels like numerous ESPN networks, FOX, ABC, FS1, regional sports networks, and many others. No one in your home should have a problem finding something to watch as you’ll have a minimum of 60 channels in the smallest package!

DIRECTV NOW Has the Options of Cable without the Drawbacks

directv now

DIRECTV NOW works online or through a streaming device. Take your pick of popular options like mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, or Fire TV – DIRECTV NOW is available on all of them. All you need to get started watching TV is a subscription ($40 monthly), an internet connection and a streaming device. No other equipment is necessary!

DIRECTV NOW highlights:

  • Packages start at a $40/month price point
  • No contracts or added equipment necessary
  • Watch sports, news, lifestyle, entertainment, movies, and more!
  • Run two streams concurrently
  • DIRECTV NOW is available free for 7-days!

Our DIRECTV NOW review can help you determine if this is the right service for you! If you sign up for the DIRECTV NOW free trial before the game, you’ll get to watch Georgia football online free at least once.

Sports Lovers Can Use fuboTV to Watch the Georgia Football Game Online

fuboTV offers the most robust sports package of any streaming service

fuboTV logo

fuboTV is a streaming service that started with sports in mind. While they do offer a much wider variety of channels these days, they have more sports channels than just about any other streaming service. You’ll be able to watch the Georgia Bulldogs live stream, because you’ll have access to CBS, FS1, FOX, and more. fuboTV is all about flexibility – you won’t sign any contracts and you can cancel whenever you want.

fuboTV has the Sporting Events You Want

fuboTV makes perfect sense for sports fans, but they do offer other content as well. So, if this is your primary streaming service you’ll still be able to enjoy a wide array of non-sports shows and movies. fuboTV works with most streaming devices whether you’re at home or using a mobile device.

fuboTV spotlight:

  • National, regional, and worldwide sporting events and coverage
  • $55 per month
  • A cloud-based DVR with 30-hours of storage is included
  • Try fuboTV free for a week!

Our fuboTV review will answer any additional questions you might have! Don’t forget, you have a chance to watch Georgia online free when you sign up for fuboTV’s weeklong trial.

CBS All Access Gives You Access to Georgia Bulldogs Streaming from Its Network

$6 gives you complete access to CBS live streaming and on-demand

cbs all access review

CBS All Access gives you a direct standalone streaming service with the CBS live stream and on-demand content. This means that when Georgia football streaming airs on CBS you’ll be able to watch it. Since CBS will air many Bulldogs games this season, CBS All Access is an incredibly useful service, especially during college football season. You’ll only pay $5.99 per month, and your package will come with both live stream and on-demand content from the best CBS shows, specials, and sports.

College Football Live Streaming in 90% of Markets

CBS All Access is currently offering live stream access in more than 90% of the country. This total has gone up substantially since CBS All Access hit the market and will continue until everyone has coverage. Until then, most people should be able to get live stream access with no problem. If you don’t have live stream access, you wi be able to watch college football online as soon as the game ends.

CBS All Access details

  • Plans at $6 are available
  • A large on-demand library with new, popular, and classic CBS content
  • 90% of the country has live stream coverage (and growing!)
  • Watch on a most devices from computer or tablet to Fire TV
  • You only receive access to CBS live stream and on-demand content
  • CBS All Access can also be purchased as an Amazon Prime Add-on Channel
  • Try CBS All Access free for a week!

Here is our CBS All Access review! Here is where you can sign up for your CBS All Access free trial, so you can watch college football online free for a week!

YouTube TV – the Place to Watch Georgia Football On The Go

A good choice for mobile users with lots of local content

YouTube TV Review

YouTube TV has plenty of local channels (3 of the main 4 in any markets where the service is available at this time). This makes it a good choice if you want to watch college football and other sports. YouTube TV is a bit newer though, and they are missing a few entertainment and lifestyle channels that are commonly found in other services. Things like MTV, Comedy Central, and Animal Planet aren’t here. Of course, if sports are your interest, this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

YouTube TV Excels in the Mobile Space

youtube tv menu

If you’re tired of streaming services that have issues when you watch on your mobile devices, you’ll really appreciate YouTube TV. You can watch anywhere with Wi-Fi (in most cases) and the interface is designed with mobile use in mind, so you’ll have minimal issues.

YouTube TV Details:

  • No contracts to sign – Ever
  • All kinds of local and national sports content – and more
  • An unlimited cloud-based DVR
  • Watch with many devices – Fire TV is currently unavailable
  • Some popular channels are absent
  • YouTube TV offers a free 7-day trial

Our YouTube TV review is an excellent source of information. Don’t forget, if you want to try YouTube TV, you can get 7-days free, here.

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