How to stream the largest upcoming sporting events

Every major sport has an annual event that fans don’t want to miss. The College Football Championships, March Madness, the NBA Finals, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the Super Bowl and the World Series are some of the biggest events of the year. Before inviting everyone over, you’ll have to figure out how to watch the big game. Some cable and satellite providers only offer regional events or charge extra for a package plan, which makes it hard to enjoy just a single game. Streaming services provide an excellent way to catch sporting events, and they even make it possible to watch on the go.

Stream the largest sporting events with ease

College Football National Championship

College football fans won’t want to miss it when the top two NCAA College Football teams match up in the season-ending National Championship Game. These streaming services carry ESPN, which airs the event.

AT&T TV NOW ESPN+ fuboTV Hulu + Live TV Sling TV Orange WatchESPNYouTube TV
Monthly price$65/mo.$4.99/mo.$54.99/mo.$44.99/mo.$25/mo. Included in cable package$49.99/mo.
Free trial 7 days None 7 days 7 days 7 days None 7 days
Number of simultaneous streams 3322113
Cloud DVR storage 20 hours None 30 hours 50 hours 50 hours (extra $5/mo.) None Unlimited

March Madness

The culmination of the NCAA college basketball season is one of the most action-packed sporting events of the year. With dozens of games going on simultaneously all day long, streaming March Madness lets you watch the NCAA tournament no matter where you are. These services offer CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV, which carry the games. 

AT&T TV NOWCBS All AccessfuboTVHulu + Live TVNCAA March Madness AppSling TV BlueYouTube TV
Monthly price$65/mo.$5.99/mo.$54.99/mo.$44.99/mo. Free$25/mo.$49.99/mo.
Free trial 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 daysNone 7 days 7 days
Number of simultaneous streams3222133
Cloud DVR storage 20 hours None 30 hours 50 hours None 50 hours (extra $5/mo.) Unlimited

NBA Finals

Basketball fans wait all season long to watch the top teams in the Western and Eastern NBA Conferences take center stage for the NBA Finals. All of these streaming services carry ABC, which airs the excitement. 

ABC All AccessAT&T TV NOWCBS All AccessfuboTVHulu + Live TVSling TV Blue YouTube TV
Monthly priceIncluded in cable package$65/mo.$5.99/mo.$54.99/mo.$44.99/mo.$25/mo.$49.99/mo.
Free trial None 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days
Number of simultaneous streams1322233
Cloud DVR storage None 20 hours None 30 hours 50 hours 50 hours (extra $5/mo.) Unlimited

NHL Stanley Cup Finals

No matter what team they’re rooting for hockey fans tune in to see who’ll bring home that gleaming Stanley Cup in the NHL Finals. These streaming services all feature ABC, which carries the series.

AT&T TV NOWfuboTVHulu + Live TVNBC SportsSling TV BlueYouTube TV
Monthly price$65/mo.$54.99/mo.$44.99/mo.Included in cable package$25/mo.$49.99/mo.
Free trial7 days7 days7 daysNone7 days7 days
Number of simultaneous streams322133
Cloud DVR storage20 hours30 hours50 hoursNone50 hours (extra $5/mo.)Unlimited

Super Bowl

The biggest sporting event of the year for football fans (and those who love to eat) is the Super Bowl. From the ads to the halftime show and the game itself, no one wants to miss out on watching the big game. These streaming services feature CBS, which airs the extravaganza. 

AT&T TV NOWCBS All AccessfuboTVHulu + Live TVNBC SportsSling TV BlueSling TV OrangeYouTube TV
Monthly price$65/mo.$5.99/mo.$54.99/mo.$44.99/mo.Included in cable package$25/mo.$25/mo.$49.99/mo.
Free trial7 days7 days7 days7 daysNone7 days7 days7 days
Number of simultaneous streams32221313
Cloud DVR storage20 hoursNone30 hours50 hoursNone50 hours (extra $5/mo.)50 hours (extra $5/mo.)Unlimited

World Series

Major League Baseball’s most exciting event of the year is the best-of-seven-game series pitting the American League champions against the National League champions. These streaming services all carry Fox, which airs the action.

AT&T TV NOWFox Sports GofuboTVHulu + Live TVSling TV BlueYouTube TV
Monthly price$65/mo.Included in cable package$54.99/mo.$44.99/mo.$25/mo.$49.99/mo.
Free trial7 daysNone7 days7 days7 days7 days
Number of simultaneous streams322233
Cloud DVR storage20 hoursNone30 hours50 hours50 hours (extra $5/mo.)Unlimited

Streaming vs. cable

Streaming major sporting events has some advantages over cable. With streaming, you can watch anywhere where you have internet access, not just at home. All of these services also give you access to hundreds of other live TV shows, but the channels available vary by service. While most streamers charge a fee, you aren’t locked into a contract and can cancel at any time. 

You’ll still have to sit through ads with live TV streaming, although a few providers offer fast-forwarding options on shows recorded to cloud DVRs for an extra fee. Most cable boxes are equipped with DVRs, and many allow you to keep recordings indefinitely. Some cloud DVRs limit how long you can save recordings.

Internet speed is another important factor to consider. For optimal viewing, you’ll need a broadband speed connection of at least 5 Mbps. If you don’t have high-speed internet access, you might experience buffering or have no service at all.

The takeaway

Streaming is a solid option to ensure you won’t miss the big game, no matter where you are or what TV provider you have. You won’t be tied to a contract, and you’ll also be able to live stream many other channels and shows. There are several superb streaming services to choose from, but Sling TV Blue offers the best price, even with the extra fee for the cloud DVR. It’s available for every major sporting event, with the exception of the National Football Championship, which you’ll find on Sling TV Orange.

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