How to watch sports online without cable

Instead of paying the high cable prices to watch sports live, there are other options available such as sports streaming services, on-demand, and more that make watching sports more affordable. Below is a look at some of the best live sports streams available without cable.

How to watch live sports

You can use a live sport stream to cheer on your favorite team. And best of all, there are no expensive cable contracts, DVR rentals, and more. Here is a look at some of the best live sports streaming options available:

  • Hulu + Live TV
  • fuboTV
  • Sling TV
  • ESPN +
  • YouTube TV

Hulu + Live TV: Best for live sports

Hulu + Live TV gives you access to streaming live sports without all the hassles of cable TV. You can watch your team live, record the game on the cloud DVR service, and when you’re ready to cancel, you can do so at any time without penalty. Hulu + Live TV starts from $54.99 per month and gives you access to all of Hulu’s streaming library and live sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, Fox Sports 1 and more. Visit our Hulu Live review to learn more.

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Get 65+ channels along with a library of 80,000+ TV episodes and movies on-demand! Bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ for even more great content.

fuboTV: Best for international sports

fuboTV is great if you’re looking for a wide selection of sports streaming content. The only caveat is you won’t have access to ESPN. However, if you don’t mind this, then fuboTV’s robust collection of sports programming like MLB, the Premier League and more is worth the $54.99 monthly costs. Similar to Hulu + Live TV, you can cancel at any time. Visit our fuboTV review to learn more.

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Enjoy the largest selection of live sports content! Get 100+ channels with up to 500 hours of online cloud DVR storage and the option to stream on multiple devices simultaneously.

Sling TV: Best for cheaper access to content

If you need to be streaming sports channels on a budget, then it’s hard to beat what Sling TV offers you. Packages start from $30, which is less than what fuboTV and Hulu charges for their live-programming. With Sling TV, you’ll have access to three ESPN channels in their Sling Orange package. Another benefit is you’ll have access to your local channels too if you buy an HD antenna. While Sling TV won’t offer the best choices for sports packages, it’s a great gateway to whet the appetite of those looking to save money. Visit our Sling TV review to learn more.

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Sign up for the Orange or Blue Sling TV packages, or get them both to access 50+ channels. Use the add-ons to customize your streaming experience!

ESPN+: Best for hard to find sports games

ESPN+ is a supplemental service for die-hard sports fans. It won’t air live sports broadcast on regular ESPN channels, but it’s a great service nonetheless, as you have access to ESPN’s eclectic library of sports documentaries and sports content such as collegiate soccer, fight sports, and more. The standalone service is $4.99 monthly or you can bundle it with Disney + and Hulu for $12.99 monthly. Visit our ESPN+ review to learn more.

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Access live sports and additional content with ESPN+. Bundle with Hulu and Disney+ for more great content.

YouTube TV: Best for selection

YouTube TV offers a good complement of live sports programming such as ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and more. One feature that separates YouTube TV from the rest is you have unlimited recording space. And for $49.99, it’s slightly cheaper than both Hulu and fubuTV. You also are free to cancel at any time without incurring any penalties. Visit our YouTube TV review to learn more.

How to watch live sports on demand

Along with live sports streaming, there are on-demand options to watch your favorite sports as well. With these, the service records the game for you so you can watch them live or later. Here’s a list of some of the best sports on-demand services:

  • NFL League Pass
  • NBA League pass
  • WWE Network
  • Fight Network
  • DAZN
  • NHL TV

NFL League Pass: Best for football fans

The NFL League Pass is a fantastic way to stream the football games you want anywhere you want. For $99.99 annually, you’ll gain access to all pre-season, regular season, and playoff games on-demand, so you can watch them anytime you want. You’ll also have access to in-depth analysis, NFL documentaries, and more, making this a great buy for avid football fans. 

NBA League Pass: Best for basketball fans

With NBA League Pass, you’ll gain access to all your favorite team’s games for one low price. You can subscribe to one team for $59.99 annually. There’s also the all-team price for $99.99, giving you access to all NBA games–blackout restrictions might apply. For the price, it’s hard to beat the access to every game for your team including out of market games that could be hard to access with regular cable networks. 

WWE Network: Best for wrestling fans

The WWE Network is a must-have for wrestling fans. Its free version gives you access to a library of select shows and events whereas its paid plan gives you access to all network shows, documentaries and wrestling events for the low price of $9.99 monthly.

Fight Network: Best for combat sports fans

The Fight Network is a great buy for fans of mixed martial arts and other combat sports. Impact Wrestling, Lion Fight Promotions and others call the network home. Along with live fights, you’ll receive combat sports news, documentaries and more for $19.99 monthly. 

DAZN: Best for boxing fans

DAZN has some of the most diverse on-demand sports programming you’ll find. Along with boxing and combat sports, they also broadcast cricket, soccer and more. Their monthly package is $19.99 and with over 70 fight nights per year, it represents a great deal for sports fans. 

NHL TV: Best for hockey fans

With NHL TV, you have access to live games and highlights on the go. What makes this service unique is you can toggle between the TV announcer or the play-by-play announcer of your choice, for more of a local perspective. The service runs $140 annually. 

What about local sports?

The cheapest way to access local live sports TV is by purchasing an HD antenna. This allows you to access local channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS, which broadcast college football, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, and college basketball games. 

What about international sports? 

To watch international sports, you’ll need a streaming sports app to do so. fuboTV offers a great selection of international sports such as soccer while DAZN is a great streaming service for combat sports. 

Our hot take

It’s easier to stream sports online now without cable. There are a variety of apps and on-demand programming to satisfy a wide variety of sports fans. Best of all, many of these apps offer free trials, so you can give them a try without any costs. 

Sean Jackson