How to Watch I’m Dying Up Here Online without Cable


The Los Angeles comedy scene in the 1970s was filled with comics that were dying for a chance to hit it big. Comics would travel the country performing at clubs across the country with the dream of attaining fame and fortune, and a coveted spot on the Johnny Carson Show. I’m Dying Up Here is a fictional show set during this time period. It stars Melissa Leo as a comedy club owner who rules with an iron fist, and specializes in her own brand of tough love, for the comics who must earn everything because those laughs they need aren’t going to come easy.

The I’m Dying Up Here channel, Showtime, might be a cable channel, but thanks to streaming options, there are several ways to watch I’m Dying Up Here streaming online. The I’m Dying Up Here airtime is Sundays at 10 p.m. ET, starting on June 4. From the I’m Dying Up Here live stream to on-demand services, here are all of the ways that you can watch I’m Dying Up Here online.


Stream I’m Dying Up Here Episodes on Amazon Channels

At one point, Amazon Prime was only known for free 2-day shipping. These days, Amazon Prime is known for a huge music library and a Prime Video library. The video library includes thousands of TV shows and movies. The movies range from classic movies to recent award-winners and Hollywood blockbusters. The TV shows also offer a mix of new and old content in full seasons. Also included are a collection of Amazon produced content.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, you can also add channels through Amazon Channels. One Amazon Channel option you have is Showtime, which gives you a way to watch the I’m Dying Up Here live stream. Showtime is available for less than $10/month and you get a 7-day trial. Along with the Showtime live stream, you’ll have an on-demand library that is filled with each Showtime series with all episodes that have aired, and the Showtime on-demand movie library. There is a wide selection of Amazon Channels that can be added to your Prime package.

Amazon Prime is $99/annually. This works out to $8.75 a month, which is a great deal for what you receive. Monthly options are available, too. The full membership is $11/month or you can get Prime Video on its own for $9/month. A 30-day trial starts your membership no matter what package option you choose. You can watch I’m Dying Up Here streaming on Xbox, smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, and more. Our Amazon Prime Video review has extra details, if you want to learn more. Remember, in addition to your Amazon Prime free trial, you receive a free 7-day trial for Showtime, which means you’ll have a chance to watch I’m Dying Up Here online free!


Watch the I’m Dying Up Here Live Stream on Sling TV


How does Sling TV workWhat is Sling TV? It’s a live streaming service offering three package options and a selection of available add-ons. It’s known for being the cheapest streaming option, starting at $20/month for Sling TV Orange. This package, Sling Orange, includes 30+ channels. Channels include AMC, BBC America, Freeform, A&E, ESPN, TNT, Cheddar, Food Network, and TBS. You can also add channel add-ons. For example, Showtime is available for less than $10/month. Rather than getting one Showtime channel you’ll have multiple Showtime live streams, and access to the full Showtime on-demand catalog. This means you’ll have multiple ways to stream I’m Dying Up Here episodes with Sling TV.

You can watch I’m Dying Up Here online with Sling TV on Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox, and mobile devices. Sling TV’s free trial lasts for a full week. This is a great no-risk way to determine if you like Sling TV. After your trial, check out other Sling TV special offers to see what other deals are available to you!


Stream I’m Dying Up Here Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

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With PlayStation Vue you’ve got a couple of options where I’m Dying Up Here streaming on Showtime is concerned. First, you can get one of the bottom three packages, starting at $30/month and 45 channels, and add Showtime for under $10/month. Like the other options, this gives you access to the I’m Dying Up Here live stream, and the full Showtime on-demand catalog of movies and TV shows. Your other option is to get the top PS Vue package which includes both Showtime and HBO in the package price. Some included channels are AMC, Discovery, TNT, OWN, Oxygen, FOX News, ESPN, Disney, Syfy, and USA.

You can watch I’m Dying Up Here streaming on PS3, PS4, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. Despite that, there are mobile restrictions that block you from watching the I’m Dying Up Here channel and anything else on Vue if you’re away from home. If you use TV Everywhere apps you can avoid these restrictions for most channels by signing into the appropriate apps with your PS Vue login.

A 5-day trial will kick off the start of your membership. It’s one of the few ways to watch I’m Dying Up Here online free. If you have more questions, you should visit our PS Vue review to learn more.


Use the Hulu Showtime Add-on to Watch I’m Dying Up Here Streaming

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Hulu has two packages available. Despite being the same in terms of content, one thing separates the two packages, and that’s commercials. One package has commercials and is $8/month, and the other doesn’t and is $12/month. With Hulu, you’ll receive next day episodes from hundreds of TV shows. You’ll also have a full TV library of shows with full seasons, a collection of Hulu originals, and a movie library. You can add Showtime, for $8/month, and stream I’m Dying Up Here episodes.

If you want to watch the I’m Dying Up Here channel on Hulu you can use most streaming devices. Chromecast, Roku, computers, Apple TV, smart TVs, and gaming consoles will all work. Hulu also offers a free 1-week trial offer. Visit our Hulu review to learn more.

Those are all the ways that you can watch I’m Dying Up Here online. Questions can be placed in the comments if you have any!