Indy 500 Qualifying Live Stream: How to Watch the Time Trials Online

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Hulu with Live TV combines over 60 live channels with Hulu on-demand for $45 per month. This package includes a cloud-DVR with upgradeable space and many other features. Get 7 days free.

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fuboTV features 80+ channels for $55 a month. Of course, the first month is only available for $45. Enjoy over 30 sports channels in every package. An on-demand library is also included. Get 7 days free.

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Sling TV is your way to watch sports on the cheap. Enjoy over 40+ channels in the Sling Blue package starting at just $25 a month. Add dozens of channels for a small fee. Get 7 days free.

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The Indy 500 time trials are sometimes just as exciting as the race. Most race fans celebrate the action by watching the Indy 500 qualifying live stream before the actual race. This provides even more anticipation for what’s to come in the main race. It also gives you a chance to root for your favorites more than once. First during the Indy 500 qualifying schedule and another during the main race. NASCAR fans used to rely on cable to watch their favorite sport, but those days are gone. Now you can watch the Indy 500 qualifying live stream online without cable!

The Indy 500 qualifying schedule takes place on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19 on NBC. You can start watching the Indy 500 qualifying live stream on Saturday from 11 a.m. ET to 5:50 p.m. ET. During this part of the qualifiers, the racers will set positions for spots 10 through 30. Each driver gets at least one chance and several four-lap runs based on availability. On Sunday, things get even more interesting! The Indy 500 time trials starts with the Last Row Shootout from 12:15 p.m. ET to 1:15 p.m. ET and ends with the Fast Nine Shootout, which starts immediately after the Last Row Shootout. So, if you’re looking for a way to pick up the Indy 500 qualifying live stream, keep reading to learn more.


Watch the Indy 500 Qualifying Live Stream with Hulu Live

Comes with the Hulu On-demand service you already know and love


Hulu Live is one of the top choices when it comes to cable replacement. That’s because Hulu Live gives you the best of both live and on-demand content. You get 60+ live channels including locals like NBC in most areas. You also get Hulu on-demand at no added charge. This makes the service particularly great for people that already subscribe to Hulu on-demand. Local channels are included in more markets than with other services, so this is your best chance to get the Indy 500 Qualifying live stream no matter where you live. Packages start at $45 per month and also offer access to TV Everywhere apps.


Never Miss A Race Thanks to the Cloud-Based DVR

Hulu Live also includes a cloud-based DVR with 50-hours of space. More space can be added as an upgrade. Streaming is possible on two devices at once, but if you want more streams, unlimited streaming is available as an upgrade. You can watch the Indy 500 Qualifying live stream on gaming consoles, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, and more.

Hulu with Live TV highlights:

  • Starting price of just $45/month
  • Over 60+ channels
  • You don’t have to sign any contracts, so cancel anytime
  • Offers local channels like CBS in many areas
  • Stream on all your favorite devices including Apple TV, mobile devices, and your own PC
  • Comes with the Hulu on-demand service
  • Over 50 hours of storage included thanks to the cloud-based DVR
  • Try out Hulu Live for free during the free seven-day trial


Find the Best Way to Stream Indy 500 Qualifying on fuboTV

More sports than any other streaming service offered

fuboTV logo

fuboTV is a particularly great option if you’re a sports fan. 80+ channels are included offering some local channels based on location and plenty of cable networks. Sports fans can enjoy 30+ sports channels in every package. Some areas will have NBC, but it’s based on location. Each package includes 3-day replay, which is part of the on-demand library. This gives you up to 72-hours to watch most things that have recently aired on fuboTV, including sports! TV Everywhere apps for many of the channels in your lineup are also included. Plans start at $45 for the first month then move to $55 per month.


The 3-Day Replay is a Great Way to Never Miss A Race

fuboTV channels list

With fuboTV, you’ll have a cloud-based DVR offering 30-hours of space. If that doesn’t seem like it will be enough for you, there’s always the DVR upgrade that includes 500-hours of storage. Either way, the DVR is a great tool to stay current on all the events and shows you don’t want to miss. You can watch the Indy 500 Qualifying live stream on Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, mobile devices, and more. You can learn more in our fuboTV review.

fuboTV details:

  • Save $10 your first month, and pay just $45
  • Get over 80 channels for $55 per month
  • More sports channels than other streaming services – 30+ sports channels
  • Store things on your cloud-based DVR, with upgradable space
  • Watch on a wide variety of devices including Chromecast, your computer, and Roku
  • Comes with an on-demand library
  • Test out the service for yourself during the free week trial


Get the Indy 500 Qualifying Live Stream on Sling TV

Your cheapest way to stream all your favorite sports

Sling TV Review

Sling TV is another way to watch the Indy 500 time trials on NBC. In order to get NBC with Sling TV you’ll need the Sling Blue package. Keep in mind that the NBC live stream is limited with this package. However, if it’s available in your area, Sling TV will provide one of the cheapest ways to watch the time trials. Packages start at $25 a month for around 40 channels. More channels can be added for a small fee. You can watch more content in the on-demand library or using TV Everywhere apps for some of the channels in your package.


Get Sling Blue to Watch NBC For Just $25/Month

The one thing that Sling TV doesn’t provide is cloud-DVR access. That said, you can add access for just $5. It’s up to you if you need a DVR or not. You’ll be able to stream Sling TV on mobile devices, Chromecast, gaming consoles, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and many other devices. Remember, Sling TV is a hassle-free, contract-free service, so you can cancel at any time without speaking to anyone to do it. Check out our Sling TV review to learn more.

Sling TV highlights:

  • Choose from one of two basic packages each for $25/month
  • Add the two base packages together for $40 a month
  • Watch even more content thanks to the on-demand library
  • Store stuff on your cloud-based DVR when you add one for $5/month extra
  • Available on all your favorites streaming devices including Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV
  • Find out about current member specials here
  • Check out the Sling TV service for free during the free week trial


Watch the Indy 500 Qualifying Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

Stream on PlayStation gaming systems and various other streaming devices

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has four package options and local channels, if available, come in all of them. The starter package is $45 per month and includes 50 channels. Local channels are limited but included in select areas. Other channels include TNT, USA, Syfy, ESPN, TBS, Disney, FX, and many others. Despite whether you have the NBC live stream or not, you will have nationwide on-demand access to local channel content and even plenty of cable content. You can also use TV Everywhere apps for even more to watch.


Every Member of the Family Can Have Their Own User Profile

playstation vue

Family features allow you to make your own user profiles, which means that everyone can save their own preferences and stay current on their own shows. There’s a cloud-DVR that’s also included with 28-day storage. You can stream on five devices at the same time. Speaking of streaming, you’ll be able to stream the Indy 500 time trials on mobile devices, PS3/PS4, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and other devices. The free 5-day trial is a great way to test things out!

PS Vue details:

  • Choose from one of four different packages
  • The first package starts at just $45/month
  • Start off with over 50 channels
  • Create different user profiles for members of your family
  • Cloud-based DVR comes with up to 28 days of storage
  • Simultaneously stream on up to five different devices
  • Devices you can stream on include PlayStation gaming systems, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, mobile devices, your computer, and more
  • Check out PlayStation Vue for free during the free five-day trial


Stream Indy 500 Qualifying Online with DIRECTV NOW

Some packages come with HBO for free

DIRECTV NOW also offers more than one package. The first option includes around 40 channels for $50 per month. Larger packages are available at a higher price. NBC, if available in your area, will be included in every package. The starter package includes HBO, ESPN, USA, FX, and many other channels. Like other services, an on-demand library is included, and you can use a variety of TV Everywhere apps. Some standalone channels are available if you want to add extra channels to your account.


Depending on Where You Live, You May Receive Local Channel Access

directv now

A cloud-DVR is included offering just 20-hours of space. You’ll be able to watch the Indy 500 Qualifying live stream on Apple TV, computers, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and more. You’ll be free to stream on two devices at once, or you can add a third stream for a fee. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our DIRECTV NOW review. If you want to try DIRECTV NOW, make sure to sign up for the free 7-day trial!

DIRECTV NOW details:

  • Choose from different plans with different channel offerings
  • The basic plan starts at just $50 per month and you get over 40 channels
  • Some plans come with HBO for no added cost
  • Stream on multiple devices including Chromecast, Amazon Fire devices, and more
  • Save things on your cloud-based DVR
  • Comes with a great on-demand library
  • No fees or contracts
  • Try the service out for yourself during the free trial – it last seven days


YouTube TV is Just One More Option to Stream Indy 500 Qualifying

Offers local channel viewing in a wide variety of markets

YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers one package for $50 that includes over 70 channels. Similar to Hulu Live, YouTube TV offers local channels to as many homes as possible. This makes it a great option if you want to watch NBC and other local networks. You’ll also have AMC, FX, USA, Freeform, ESPN, TNT, Disney, TBS, Syfy, and more. Also included to go with the live TV is an on-demand library offering previously aired content and a variety of TV Everywhere apps. This gives you a wide selection of live and on-demand content.


Never Miss a Thing Thanks to The Cloud-Based DVR with Unlimited Storage

youtube tv menu

You can stream YouTube TV on three devices at once. If you share your account, you can make user profiles for the family. The cloud-DVR is a great tool if you’re worried about missing live TV. You’ll have unlimited space, so you can save everything you want to watch. All recordings remain on the system for up to nine months, so you’ll have plenty of binge-watching time. You can watch YouTube TV on mobile devices, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and other devices. Our YouTube TV review can tell you more.

YouTube TV details:

  • Your package starts with 70+ channels
  • Pay just $50 per month for the basic package
  • Works on most streaming devices especially mobile devices
  • You can add channels to your package when you pay an additional fee
  • Comes with a cloud-based DVR with unlimited storage
  • Also has an on-demand library
  • You can experience YouTube TV for yourself thanks to the free trial available


Watch the Indy 500 Time Trials without Cable with a Digital Antenna

You don’t need cable to watch the NBC live stream. Most areas should be able to pick up an NBC affiliate over-the-air using a digital antenna. Even more rural areas should have access if you have the right antenna. If you don’t have an antenna and you’ve cut the cord, you should consider getting one as they will save you money and the hassle of trying to find a streaming service that offers local channels in your area. Digital antennas are available in a variety of options to suit just about any budget. Here are some good picks if you’re looking to add an antenna to your streaming setup.

Some good options include:

Still have some questions about how to stream the Indy 500 Qualifying Schedule? If so, we’re happy to answer your questions if we can. You can also learn more about all of the ways to watch sports online without cable!