How to watch Joker

Best way to watch Joker (2019)

The best way to watch Joker online is through a service that also offers plenty of movies and shows from the DC Universe. That way, you can binge on content featuring your favorite DC superheroes and villains as well as anti-heroes. That’s why we like HBO Max for Joker streaming as it’s now home to DC Universe originals such as Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, Swamp Thing, Titans and more.

The service costs $14.99/mo. and offers a robust selection of hit movies and critically acclaimed shows without commercial interruptions. While you can subscribe to it as a standalone service, you can even add it to your existing subscriptions such as Hulu in case you want to keep all of the streaming content in one place.

And if you feel like $14.99/mo. is slightly pricey, you can even try the service for free for seven days before you decide to commit.

All the ways to watch Joker online

This captivating psychological thriller gives us a grim and realistic take on the origins of one of DC’s most iconic villains. Set in 1981, Joker follows the story of Arthur Fleck, who barely gets by with his clown-for-hire gigs while trying to make it as a standup comedian — all while caring for his ailing mother and struggling with mental health issues.

The movie gives us glimpses into the rising discontentment among regular people in the city, while following the incidents that led to Arthur’s chaotic transformation into the Joker.

If you’re wondering where to watch Joker and follow Arthur’s journey into madness, you don’t have too many options. HBO Max is currently the only online subscription service that offers Joker streaming. So you’ll need to subscribe to the service either on its own or through your existing Hulu or Prime Video subscription.

But if you’re an existing HBO subscriber, you can also access the Joker stream at no extra cost through HBO. You just need to use your credentials to log in to the HBO website or app and start streaming Joker.

In addition to this, you’ll also have the option to buy a digital copy of the movie through services such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes and more.

Streaming servicePrice
HBO Max$14.99/mo.

Streaming Joker

If you don’t have an HBO subscription, there’s only one way to access the Joker stream online at the time of writing this post. HBO Max is the only subscription-based standalone streaming service that offers Joker in its content lineup. Although you can watch the movie through Prime Video and Hulu too, you’ll need to add HBO Max to your subscription for that.


HBO’s standalone streaming service, HBO Max, will set you back $14.99/mo. While the price may seem a bit steep, it comes with ad-free access to some sensational content and a horde of DC Universe movies and shows.

This makes it an excellent way to watch Joker as you won’t have to deal with annoying ads in the middle of the movie. And you’ll be able to binge on your favorite DC movies and shows even after you finish Joker. You also have the option to download the movie to watch offline, so you can enjoy it in spite of the bad connectivity.

Renting vs. buying Joker

Many online video services also give the option to rent or buy movies and TV shows so you only pay for what you want to watch. At the time of writing this post, these services only offer Joker for purchase. So you won’t get an option to rent it right now. But you’ll be able to enjoy the movie as many times as you want without any time constraints.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is a subscription-based streaming service from Amazon. But besides its default content lineup, it also offers additional titles for purchase or rent. This includes Joker, which is available in two streaming qualities. You can get a standard-definition (SD) copy of the movie for $14.99. The high-definition (HD) copy also costs the same at $14.99.

Google Play

You may only know Google Play as a platform to buy apps for Android devices. But it also offers movies, music and TV shows for purchase. Right now, you can get Joker in 4K for $14.99, which is about the same as the SD and HD copies on Prime Video and the cost of an HBO Max subscription. But you’ll need a 4K display to access the Joker stream in 4K.

Google Play doesn’t offer any other video qualities for Joker. But if your TV or display device doesn’t support 4K streams, it’ll automatically switch to whatever streaming quality is available.


iTunes isn’t just a platform for buying music tracks and albums. It also offers movies and TV shows for purchase. It currently offers Joker in SD and 4K, with both options costing the same at $14.99. If you get the 4K option, you’ll need a compatible display to watch the movie in 4K. And if your TV only supports HD streaming, that’s the quality you’ll get.


Vudu is an online streaming service offering hundreds of movies and TV shows for free. Additionally, it also gives you the option to access even more content by renting or buying each title you want to watch. Joker is among those titles, with three different video qualities to choose from.

You can buy the movie in SD, HD or ultra-high-definition, but there’s no difference in pricing. All of these options cost $14.99, so you just have to decide on the video quality your device supports.

Our hot take

HBO Max is currently the best and only streaming service that lets you watch Joker with your subscription. Once you’re done with the movie, consider binging on the other titles from DC Universe if you’re a DC fan. For now, try the service for free for seven days and see if it’s a good fit for you. We also recommend adding it to your Hulu subscription if you want to seamlessly access all your streaming content in one place.

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