How to watch the Kansas City Chiefs online without cable

The Kansas City Chiefs have regularly been one of the best teams in the AFC. They’ve got great talent, great coaching and an incredible fan base. The many fans of the team will be glad to know you can now watch Kansas City Chiefs online. Even without cable, you’ll have plenty of great options to stream the games.

The best way to watch will be through one of the many streaming services that let you watch popular cable channels live. Some are dedicated to offering a bunch of channels, while others are more specialized. Read on to figure out how to watch Kansas City Chiefs without cable.

Our recommendations

  • Hulu + Live TV: is a service that offers everything in the Hulu on-demand library, plus more than 65 live channels, including local channels and much more! Get  seven days free.
  • Sling TV: is a great way to watch cable on the cheap. Two base packages offer 31 and 45 channels to start, and you can add more from there! Get seven days free.
  • fuboTV: offers more than 100 channels in their base package. Over 30 sports channels are included in this lineup. You’ll also have three-day replay on-demand content. Get seven days free.
Streaming servicePriceFree trial?Free trial length
Amazon Prime$13/mo.Yes30 days
AT&T TV Now$60/mo.Yes14 days
CBS All Access$6/mo.Yes 30 days
fuboTV$60/mo.Yes7 days
Hulu + Live TV$55/mo.Yes 7 days
NFL Game Pass$99/seasonYes 7 days
Sling TV$30/mo.Yes3 days
YouTube TV$65/mo.Yes 14 days

How to live stream the Kansas City Chiefs

In the past, if you weren’t in the Kansas City viewing area, it was challenging to find a way to watch their home games, and even some of the away games. But with the influx of streaming services, that has changed. Fans no longer have to wonder how to watch Kansas City Chiefs without cable. Now, regardless of the Kansas City Chiefs schedule, there are many ways to stream their games, both home and away. You may already even have some of these services. You can watch the Chiefs online on:

Watch the Kansas City Chiefs on Hulu + Live TV

A top-notch streaming service with loads of local access.

Hulu + Live TV is a great choice to stream the Chiefs each week, but also to watch TV in general. In order to stream NFL games, you’ll need channels that are local affiliates, like CBS, FOX and NBC. Hulu + Live TV offers more of these channels than any other streaming service. These channels, along with ESPN, will ensure you get to watch most of the season without a problem. You’ll be able to watch Monday Night Football on ESPN and football all day on Sunday.

Each subscription comes with free Hulu on demand

When you look at the entire package, you’ll have over 65 channels, not to mention Hulu’s classic on-demand service with hundreds of shows, movies, and original content. If you want to record something, you’ll have access to your own cloud-based DVR with 50 hours of storage. You can upgrade this to 200 hours for an additional fee. You’ll be able to watch Hulu + Live TV on two screens simultaneously, but you can upgrade this to unlimited screens.

Hulu + Live TV details:

  • More than 65 channels starting at $55 per month
  • Access to Hulu’s on-demand library of more than 80,000 TV episodes and movies 
  • Record TV with your cloud-based DVR with 50-hours of space
  • Try Hulu + Live TV free for a week
  • Stream two shows simultaneously or upgrade to unlimited screens
  • Watch on most streaming devices, including mobile, Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku
  • Create up to six user profiles
  • Use TV Everywhere apps for even more content

Check out our Hulu review to learn more about the service. Don’t forget to sign up for the Hulu + Live TV trial so that you can watch Kansas City Chiefs online free!

Sign up for Hulu
Start a 7-day free trial

Get 65+ channels along with a library of 80,000+ TV episodes and movies on-demand! Bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ for even more great content.

Watch the Kansas City Chiefs on Sling TV

Save your money – packages start at just $30 a month. 

Sling TV is a good way to watch a Kansas City Chiefs live stream. You can sign up for the Sling Orange package and watch games on ESPN. In some areas, NBC and FOX are also available, but you’ll need the Sling Blue package. Each package is $30 a month. If you want to combine both, you can do so for $45 per month to get around 50 cable channels to stream in total.

Start with a base pack and add channel bundles to watch more TV.

No matter which package you ultimately choose, you can add channels and bundles of channels for a small fee. This gives you the chance to build a package you want and to pay for only what you’re planning to watch. There are no contracts with Sling TV, so you can cancel when you want.

Sling TV details:

New subscribers can often get great deals, so check the Sling TV site before signing up. Also, you can watch a Kansas City Chiefs live stream free with a three-day trial. If you have more questions, check out our Sling TV review.

Sling TV logo
Sign up for Sling TV
Start a 7-day free trial

Sign up for the Orange or Blue Sling TV packages, or get them both to access 50+ channels. Use the add-ons to customize your streaming experience!

Watch the Kansas City Chiefs on fuboTV

Sports fans won’t be disappointed in fuboTV’s channel selection.

fuboTV is another good way to watch the Kansas City Chiefs online. In addition to ESPN, you get local channels like NBC, FOX and CBS, in many cities. You’ll also be able to sign in to sports apps like NBC Sports or FOX Sports Go to watch other games live. These are just a couple of the TV Everywhere apps you can use with your fuboTV login. The main package comes with over 100 channels and the majority of them are sports channels. For all this programming, fuboTV costs $60 a month. 

Watch live through fuboTV or try TV Everywhere apps to catch more games.

fuboTV is going to be best for sports fans. With local and regional sports, along with national and international options, you’re getting more sports on fuboTV than you will anywhere else. You can watch all of these channels live or you can record shows to your cloud-based DVR. Many channels are included in the on-demand library, too. fuboTV is able to be used on Chromecast, Roku, mobile devices and more.

fuboTV added details:

  • $60 a month 
  • Watch over 100 channels
  • Additional sporting events and TV in the on-demand library
  • TV Everywhere apps give you more to watch
  • Additional movie channels and more sports can be added for a small fee
  • Watch on streaming and mobile devices – Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV and more
  • 30 hours of cloud DVR storage
  • Stream on two devices simultaneously
  • Up to six profiles per subscription
  • No hidden fees – cancel on your own terms
  • Try the fuboTV seven-day trial, today

Our fuboTV review has even more details!

Sign up for fuboTV
Start a 7-day free trial

Enjoy the largest selection of live sports content! Get 100+ channels with up to 500 hours of online cloud DVR storage and the option to stream on multiple devices simultaneously.

Watch the Kansas City Chiefs on YouTube TV

More of what you need to watch the NFL live stream online.

YouTube TV has a package that starts with over 85 channels. YouTube TV is available in areas where they have at least three of the four main local channels. This means you shouldn’t have any problem streaming a Chiefs game. YouTube TV also offers ESPN, TBS, Syfy, Sundance TV and more. YouTube TV is available for $65 each month.

Use the mobile interface to stream when and where you want.

YouTube TV does a couple things really well. First, they make mobile streaming easier than ever thanks to a well-made mobile interface. Another thing they do well is cloud-based DVR. Recordings are stored for up to nine months and you have unlimited space. This is great for the person that wants to watch everything or someone who loves binge watching. YouTube TV works on most mobile and streaming devices.

YouTube TV details:

  • More than 85 channels at $65 a month
  • Works on streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast
  • Mobile interface makes mobile streaming simple
  • Well-rounded package with local and cable channel access
  • Cloud-based DVR comes with unlimited storage
  • Stream on three screens simultaneously
  • Includes up to six accounts
  • Check out YouTube TV free for two weeks
  • Cancel at any time

Our YouTube TV review can give you more details. You can also sign up for the YouTube TV trial to learn more.

Watch the Kansas City Chiefs on AT&T TV NOW

Large packages are available.

With AT&T TV NOW, you can watch a Chiefs game online on ESPN (nationwide) or NBC, CBS and FOX (in select areas). These come in the starting package on the service, which is $60 per month. With 45 channels in the smallest package, you’ll have plenty to watch. There are also larger packages if you want even more to watch! You can even watch the Kansas City Chiefs online free if you sign up for AT&T TV NOW’s free trial.

No satellite dish and no contracts – ever.

AT&T TV NOW is a streaming service, so you aren’t going to need a satellite dish or any kind of cable equipment. In fact, once you sign up, you’ll be watching your favorite TV shows in no time. The guide will allow you to choose what you want to watch. It’s set up is similar to cable, which will make it even easier to use. You can even set your favorite channels so they come up first in your guide.

AT&T TV NOW highlights:

  • Prices start at $60 a month 
  • Choose from multiple packages
  • No satellite or cable box needed
  • Cancel when you want with no hidden fees
  • Stream on Fire TV, mobile devices, Apple TV, computers and more
  • Each package comes with a cloud-based DVR
  • Stream on three screens
  • Watch on AT&T TV NOW live or on-demand or use TV Everywhere apps
  • Sign up for AT&T TV NOW’s two-week trial!

You should start a 14-day free trial on AT&T TV NOW if you want to learn more. Get more details in our AT&T TV NOW review.

Watch the Kansas City Chiefs on CBS All Access

Spend just $6 for CBS live stream and on-demand.

CBS has a standalone streaming service that will definitely give you a Kansas City Chiefs game live stream. CBS All Access only costs $5.99 per month and lets you live stream your local CBS network. You can also watch a huge library of on-demand movies and TV shows. The on-demand library contains commercials, but you can upgrade to a no-commercials plan for $9.99. The on-demand library contains everything that currently airs on CBS both in daytime and primetime. You also have dozens of older shows, some awards shows/specials and a small selection of movies.

Watch CBS live or later on demand.

CBS All Access is a good choice if you don’t get CBS anywhere else and want this specific network. In that regard, it’s inexpensive and will definitely get you the content you’re looking for. It probably won’t be your main streaming service though because it is limited in the content it’s able to provide. CBS All Access can be watched on Fire TV, Chromecast, computer, mobile devices, Roku and other devices.

CBS All Access details:

  • Package is just $5.99 a month
  • Check out CBS All Access free for a full month
  • Get access to the CBS live stream in your area 
  • Enjoy a full on-demand library filled with CBS shows
  • Stream on mobile, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV and more

You can learn more about the service in our CBS All Access review. You can watch several Kansas City Chiefs game streaming for free when you start your CBS All Access’s one-month free trial.

Sign up for CBS All Access
Start a 7-day free trial

Enjoy access to over 15,000+ episodes of CBS content, including premium shows and sports content. Starting at just $5.99, CBS All Access provides quality content at a respectable price.

Watch the Kansas City Chiefs on Amazon Prime Video

When the Chiefs play TNF, Amazon Prime Members will get to watch for free.

Amazon Prime has joined with the NFL to offer Prime members a free simulcast of Thursday Night Football. This is a great option, especially if you already have Prime or you have no way to watch TNF on FOX. The game is simulcast from FOX and is one of the few things you can live stream on Amazon Prime. In addition to two-day shipping, which is why many people originally signed up to Prime, you can enjoy a full on-demand library with hundreds of TV shows and movies. Amazon Prime also offers plenty of original content and loads of other benefits from Twitch perks to a music library.

Tons of benefits including the Amazon Prime Video library await you.

Amazon Prime starts at a yearly price of $119, which equals $10 a month. That’s not bad for what you receive. If you don’t want to commit to a year, you can pay $13 per month. You can watch TNF and any Amazon Prime Videos on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and most other streaming and mobile devices.

  • Annual or monthly pricing available at $119/year or $13/month
  • Stream on Fire TV, computer, mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku and more
  • Watch a packed on-demand library with original content, as well as HBO and other shows
  • Add Amazon Channels (CBS All Access, Showtime, HBO, etc.) for even more content
  • Sign up for the Amazon Prime 30-day free trial
  • Enjoy TV and movies, two-day shipping for free, a full music library and much more

Don’t forget to check out our Amazon Prime review.

Prime Video logo
Sign up for Amazon Prime Video
Start a 30-day free trial

With Amazon Prime, get access to an extensive library of on-demand movies and shows, and additional entertainment with Amazon Channels.

Watch the Kansas City Chiefs with NFL Game Pass

Watch on-demand all season long.

NFL Game Pass offers every single NFL game on-demand. While you can’t live stream the game, NFL Game Pass could be an option to get a Kansas City Chiefs game online. On the Wednesday following Sunday’s game, NFL Game Pass offers exclusive coaches’ film that includes all-22 camera angles to break down the game. You can get more details in our NFL Game Pass review. NFL Game Pass is available with two pricing options. You can pay $99 annually or make four monthly payments of $30 each. 

Binge watch current and former seasons of football.

There are multiple older NFL seasons in the on-demand library. So, you’ll have the option of watching current games, but you can also watch ones up to a decade ago or older. If you want to save time, you can watch a full game in under an hour with the condensed game feature. NFL Game Pass works with most of the common streaming and mobile devices. There are also international options for NFL Game Pass if you’re not in the country. You can try NFL Game Pass Europe or NFL Game Pass for everyone else

  • Pay $99 per year or four $30/month payments
  • Access for NFL fans worldwide
  • No live streaming for regular season games
  • Try NFL Game Pass free for the first week
  • Stream on most devices – mobile and Chromecast, Roku and more
  • Watch complete seasons, old Super Bowls and football-themed shows in the on-demand library

There are plenty of additional features in the annual subscription, which we highlight in our NFL Game Pass review. You can also test the service for yourself during a free trial.

Our hot take

For Chiefs fans not in the Kansas City market, there’s now a multitude of options for watching Kansas City Chiefs games online. Check out our full sports guide if you want to watch other teams without cable. Also, you can learn more on watching football all year in our NFL streaming guide.

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