How to watch Little Women

Best way to watch Little Women (2019)

The best way to watch Little Women is through a service that lets you stream ad-free in high-definition (HD) and download the movie to watch offline. That way, you get to enjoy the movie in vivid details and without network or ad interruptions. This is exactly why we like STARZ for accessing the Little Women stream as it offers all of these features. Plus, you can stream from up to four devices at a time so you can watch the movie in peace while your family watches something else.

And you can get a subscription to STARZ for just $8.99/mo., which comes with ad-free access to a robust collection of critically acclaimed shows and hit originals. Sign up for a STARZ free trial to see whether the service is a good option for you.

All the ways to watch Little Women online

The 2019 adaptation of the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women is a period drama that tells the story of the four March sisters as they attempt to live life on their own terms. Jo tries to make a living as a writer in New York while Amy pursues painting in Paris. Meg marries a schoolteacher, and Beth stays home and comes down with an illness. These four sisters go on a sentimental and often exciting journey riddled with illness and loss, through which they maintain a strong love for each other.

For those wondering where to watch Little Women without a cable subscription, the only online Little Women streaming option available right now is STARZ. While you can also watch it through services like Amazon Prime and Hulu, you’ll still need to add STARZ to your subscription to access the title because it isn’t a part of the default on-demand libraries.

You also have the option to buy a digital copy of the movie to watch online. Several online video rental services such as Amazon Prime Video and Vudu will let you buy the movie so you can watch it as many times as you want for as long as you like.

Streaming servicePrice

Streaming Little Women

At the time of writing this post, STARZ is the only streaming service that lets you watch Little Women online without a cable subscription. Although you can access the Little Women stream through Amazon Prime and Hulu, you’ll still need to add STARZ to your “channels” because these services don’t offer the movie in their default content library.


For $8.99/mo., STARZ gives you access to critically acclaimed shows and popular movies as well as hit originals without commercial interruptions. This makes it a great option to watch Little Women because you can enjoy it without annoying ad breaks. It’s also currently the only subscription-based service that offers Little Women as part of its default library.

Along with the movie, you can access thousands of movies and STARZ original shows such as Boss, Dublin Murders, Howards End, Magic City, Outlander and many more.

One of the best parts of the service is that you can access it simultaneously from up to four devices. This means there won’t be any more fighting over the remote if your family members want to watch something else while you stream Little Women. Plus, you can download the movie to watch offline in case you’re on a trip that’ll leave you without a stable internet connection.

Renting vs. buying Little Women

You also have the option to buy a digital copy of Little Women and watch it as many times as you’d like. However, at the time of writing this post, there’s no option to rent the movie through any online service.

Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video service comes with a bunch of content available to watch with your monthly subscription. In addition to this, it also offers several titles for purchase or rent so you can access even more content.

Little Women is currently only available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video. You can buy a digital copy of the movie for $12.99. Both standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) copies cost the same, so it’s all a matter of preference.


FandangoNOW is another online video streaming service that lets you pay for what you watch rather than paying for a monthly subscription. While most titles are available for purchase or rent, you only have the option to buy Little Women.

SD and HD videos both cost $13.99 on the service, but the best part is you even have the option to buy it in 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD). This will set you back by just $1 more at $14.99. So if you have a 4K TV, this option might be perfect for you to enjoy the movie in the best quality possible.


To watch Little Women on your Apple TV or iOS device, you also have the option to purchase the title through the iTunes store. For an SD digital copy of the movie, you’ll have to pay $12.99. You can also get a higher-quality copy for $14.99 and play it in either HD or 4K depending on your preference and the device you have.


Vudu is an online video streaming service that offers select titles for free. You can also rent or purchase additional titles and stream them through the service. The service currently offers Little Women for purchase only, with three video qualities available. You can get the movie for $14.99 on Vudu regardless of whether you choose SD, HD or UHD.

Our hot take

While buying Little Women may be a good choice because of the variety in streaming quality and the lack of time constraints, watching it on STARZ is still the best option as you get to stream other movies and shows as well. At the same time, many streaming services change up their content lineup from time to time, so it may not always be available. Consider signing up for a free trial to STARZ today if you don’t want to miss the movie.

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