How to Watch Luna Petunia Online without Cable

What parent and child doesn’t need some more magic in their life? Watch Luna Petunia online, a delightful tale of wonder for all ages (but especially ages 3-7), from Netflix. Inspired by Cirque du Soleil, the story is about a little girl named Luna Petunia, who uses her magic toy chest to jump from the real world to a magical land called Amazia.

Luna befriends some creatures – Sammy Stretch, Karoo, and Bibi Bulles – and they embark on problems, adventures, and excitement in a world where toys come to life. They’ll have to rely on the power of friendship to overcome and have fun! Check out our guide below for how to watch this family-friendly series.


Watch Luna Petunia Online on Netflix

Watch Luna Petunia online

If you’re not already a subscriber, you’re always welcome to join the family of the most loved streaming service in the U.S in order to watch Luna Petunia online! Netflix streams quality content to over 80 million people worldwide, and has something for absolutely every taste among its vast library of movies, TV, and Netflix original series. To watch Luna Petunia online, it’s the only option. Since this is a Netflix show, you need to subscribe to Netflix, which will be the only service to offer Luna Petunia streaming.

To stream Luna Petunia to any device (and Netflix enables streaming to nearly everything), you can sign up for any of their three plans. The cheapest is $7.99, the standard is $9.99, and the premium is $11.99. The main difference between plans is how many devices they allow you to stream to at once, and how much HD content you have access to. You can watch Luna Petunia live stream on phones, gaming consoles, computers, smart TVs, you name it.

Note that to watch Luna Petunia online free, all you have to do is sign up for one of Netflix’s FREE trials for any of those three plans! Check out our Netflix REVIEW for all the information you need about signing up.


What Channel is Luna Petunia On?

Looking for the Luna Petunia channel? You got it! Luna Petunia is on Netflix. To get the Netflix stream, you’ll need to subscribe to the service. Read our Netflix review for all about that!

To find out any more information about how to watch Luna Petunia episodes, comment below and we’ll respond!