How to Watch Madiba Online without Cable

Madiba is a 6-hour mini-series that will cover the life of Nelson Mandela. The mini-series has Mandela played by Laurence Fishburne, and is based on two of the books Mandela wrote. Madiba is named after the Thembu clan and tells the story of Mandela during the 60s when he went through the political climate of unrest that took over South Africa. Madiba is about Mandela’s personal journey and how he brought attention to what was happening both in Africa and around the world.

Madiba will air over the course of three days starting February 1 at 9 p.m. ET on BET. The mini-series will continue February 8 and end on February 15. If you’re a cord cutter you’re likely here because you’re looking for a way to stream this important mini-series. Well, if that’s the case you’re in luck. We’ve listed all your options if you want to watch Madiba online.


Watch the Madiba Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW


DIRECTV NOW is a great option for watching the Madiba live stream! While DIRECTV NOW was created by a big cable company that’s not something that is reflected in the price! In fact, you can choose from multiple great packages, starting at just $35 a month! Each package offers more than the next. You will be able to enjoy AMC, BET, Discovery, MTV, FOX News, MSNBC, Lifetime, Syfy, and USA. You can even add HBO to your lineup for $5/month. DIRECTV NOW works on plenty of mobile and streaming devices including Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Looking for a way to watch Madiba online free? You could use the DIRECTV NOW one week free trial! Make sure to be on the lookout for member specials, too! DIRECTV NOW has been known to offer free streaming devices for prepaying for service. Here’s our DIRECTV NOW review with more information.


Sling TV Blue Also Offers the Madiba Live Stream

Sling TV is a live streaming service, and it’s a great way to watch Madiba online. If you want to watch the Madiba live stream you’ll need the Sling TV Blue package. This package includes 40 channels for just $25 a month. You’ll get fan favorites like AMC, BET, BBC America, FX, and National Geographic. You also receive local channels FOX and NBC in select market areas. If you want to customize your package you can add hundreds of channels available in small channel bundles for just a few more dollars a month. Sling TV is available on Chromecast, smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile devices, Roku, and other devices.

You can watch Madiba online free if you sign up for the Sling TV 7-day trial! It’s that simple! Just sign up and if you don’t like it, make sure to cancel before your free trial period is up. If you remain a member, there are often member specials worth keeping an eye out for. You can check them out here! Our Sling TV review has more information if you’re interested.


Is Madiba on Hulu?


If you want to watch Madiba streaming as it airs, you will not be able to do it with Hulu. It’s possible that you may be able to stream Madiba in the future, but Hulu has not announced if or when it would be available. Our Hulu review has more info on this service.


Is Madiba on Amazon Prime?

amazon prime video review

Amazon Prime doesn’t add things that are currently airing, but it’s possible they will add Madiba streaming after the mini-series has gone off the air. You can also buy the mini-series through Amazon Instant if you can’t wait for it to be added to Prime (review).


Is Madiba on Netflix?


There is a good possibility that Netflix will add Madiba streaming, though it could be months before it is added. So, if you’re hoping to stream Madiba relatively soon, you may want to seek another option. You can check out our Netflix review here.

That’s all you need to do to watch Madiba online. If you have any questions just add them to the comments!