How to Watch March Madness on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV

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CBS All Access serves as the best way to get a CBS live stream online without cable. CBS is available live in most areas of the country. This plan also includes 10,000 on-demand episodes of CBS shows. Get 7 days free.

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fuboTV is widely known as a sports streaming service. This is because they offer over 30 sports channels in one package. Over 85 channels are available in this package or you can add more! Get 7 days free.

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Hulu with Live TV features over 60 channels and Hulu’s popular on-demand service in one package. Other features include a cloud-based DVR with 50-hours of storage space. Get 7 days free.

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March Madness is underway at long last, and fans worldwide are tuning in for all the action. Luckily, this year is the first year that it will be super easy to watch March Madness without cable legally, even on your favorite mobile devices. Folks will be watching on all sorts of devices for the 2019 season, and the ultra-popular Apple devices are no exception. In this guide, we’ll go over how to watch March Madness on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and other Apple devices. Let’s get started!

March Madness games will air on a number of channels, including TBS, TNT, TruTV, and CBS. The good news is that you can watch all of these networks without cable, and you can stream March Madness on your iPad and other Apple devices! Check out the recommendations below to get started.


Stream March Madness on iPad, Apple TV, and iPhone with CBS All Access

All Apple devices will work to stream CBS All Access

cbs all access review

CBS All Access is a service that could be essential for watching the CBS-hosted March Madness games. The service is compatible with Apple products, so you can use it to watch March Madness on iPad and other Apple products. Do note that this service is ONLY useful for CBS-hosted games. We recommend using both DIRECTV NOW or one of the other listed services (for games on TBS, TNT and TruTV) and CBS All Access (for games on CBS) for your March Madness streaming needs.


Get the CBS Live Stream in 90% of the Country

Basically, CBS All Access will give you access to the CBS live stream in select markets. Since CBS will host several March Madness games, this service will be useful for the March Madness stream on iPhone and other Apple devices. Read our CBS All Access review for more info. Note: if you have cable TV, you can also watch CBS-hosted games for free via the March Madness Live app. However, this is ONLY for CBS games, and only for cable subscribers. Right now, this service is only $5.99 per month, with no contract required. You can also try it out for free with a free 7-day trial!

CBS All Access highlights:

  • $5.99 per month
  • The CBS live stream & an on-demand library is included
  • Limited commercials
  • No commitments
  • Watch over 10,000 episodes of shows on-demand
  • Try CBS All Access free for one week
  • Live streaming in over 90% of the country


Watch March Madness on Mac and Apple TV with fuboTV

Use your devices to watch over 80 channels

fuboTV logo

fuboTV a great choice for sports fans. For $45 per month, you’ll get 80+ channels, which includes 30+ sports channels. Your package will offer the CBS live stream in many areas. A nationwide on-demand library is available that will offer CBS and all other network shows after they air. TruTV, TBS, and TNT are also included, so it’s possible that you’ll have everything you’ll need to watch March Madness on your Apple devices.


Get a Discount for Your First Month of Service

While the normal monthly fee is $45 a month, the first month is available for just $40. This gives you a small discount during your first 30-days. Your account will include a cloud-based DVR with limited space, but you can always add more. Other upgrades will allow you to add more sports and movie channels to your package. You can read our fuboTV review if you’re interested in learning more.

fuboTV details:

  • Packages contain 80+ channels including 30+ sports channels
  • $45 a month
  • $40 for the first month
  • CBS and any other available local channels are based on location
  • On-demand content is available usually a day after the show or game has aired live
  • Watch fuboTV free for a week
  • A cloud-DVR is also included


Hulu Live is an Option to Watch March Madness on Apple Devices

More than 60+ channels and Hulu’s on-demand service


Hulu with Live TV is a good choice if you’re trying to get the March Madness live stream on Apple devices. In many cities, Hulu Live will offer all you need for March Madness viewing. Most areas will have access to CBS. You’ll also have TNT, TruTV, and TBS. The Hulu Live channel lineup can tell you more about your lineup. Movie channels can also be added if you want more channels. The basic package without upgrades is $45 per month. Hulu’s on-demand service is included, along with the live streaming channels, so there’s always something to watch.


Watch Live TV or Check Out Hulu’s On-Demand Content

There’s a cloud-DVR included if you need to save a game to watch it later. You’ll get 50-hours of space for recordings or you can upgrade for more space. Hulu Live works with most devices, and that includes Apple devices ranging from Apple TV to Macs, iPads, and iPhones. You can learn more about Hulu Live in our Hulu with Live TV review.

Hulu with Live TV highlights:

  • 60+ channels from $45/month
  • 50-hours in the cloud-DVR
  • Watch TruTV, CBS (in most areas), TNT, TBS, and more
  • Hulu on-demand is also included
  • Get your free Hulu Live 7-day trial today


Use Sling TV to Watch March Madness on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and Mac

Add several dozen channels to your package

Sling TV
 is another popular streaming service that can be used as an alternative method to watch March Madness on iPhone and your other favorite devices. The service is quite similar to DIRECTV NOW, in that it offers a large bundle of TV channels over the internet, without a contract. Sling’s plans start at $25 per month, for 30+ channels. Plans from Sling TV offer TBS, TNT and TruTV streaming, meaning that you can watch the majority of games during March Madness with it. Again, CBS is not offered (which is why we recommend using CBS All Access, as well). Read our Sling TV review to learn more.


Add a Cloud-Based DVR for a Fee

Despite being cheaper than many of their competitors, Sling TV offers many of the same features. You’ll have access to an on-demand library and TV Everywhere apps for many of the channels in your lineup. You can also add more channels to any of the packages that are available. Dozens of channels can be added and as you don’t have to sign any contracts, you’re free to remove or change the bundles you add whenever you want. Streaming is possible on all sorts of devices, but most importantly Sling TV is compatible with all of your favorite Apple devices, so you’re all set for March Madness streaming. Click here to try a free 7-day trial of Sling TV!

Sling TV details:

Start your free trial of Sling TV today!


Watch March Madness on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV with DIRECTV NOW

HBO is included in the main package

This month, DIRECTV NOW will be one of the top ways to watch March Madness on Apple TV, and other Apple products. This service offers 40+ channels that you can watch live, without a cable TV subscription. It’s priced at only $50 per month, with no contract required! The first you need to do is to sign up for a free 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW! During this time, you’ll have a chance to choose your package (the basic package of 40+ channels will be perfect). This package will get you 40+ channels for $50 per month. Channels include TNTTBS, and TruTV, three of the most important channels for March Madness. CBS may also be included, depending on your location.


Watch CBS Content On-Demand Nationwide

directv now

Once you’ve signed up, you can download the relevant apps to watch March Madness on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. To stream March Madness on Mac, you don’t need to download anything, you’ll just use your web browser on your computer to watch. You’ll be able to enjoy a huge selection of additional channels, including FOX News, CNN, ESPN, FXX, and many more! Cancel at any time – DIRECTV NOW is contract-free. To learn more about the service, take a look at our DIRECTV NOW review. You can also start things off with a free 7-day trial!

DIRECTV NOW details:

  • Plans starting with 40+ channels for $50
  • Watch more than 50 channels available in the largest package
  • If CBS is available live, you’ll have everything you need for March Madness streaming
  • A cloud-DVR is also included
  • A week free trial is offered so make sure to sign up!

Click here for a free 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW


YouTube TV is One Way to Watch March Madness on Apple TV, iPhone, and Mac

Watch over 50 channels for $40 per month

YouTube TVYouTube TV has all you need to watch March Madness online without cable. Each package includes TNT, TruTV, and TBS. YouTube TV also offers local channels, like CBS, to most areas. This means there’s a good chance that you’ll also have the CBS live stream in your package. Other included channels range from AMC, FX, USA, and many others. You’ll also have access to an on-demand library, and you can use TV Everywhere apps. These features will give you access to even more content and should help to ensure you don’t end up missing anything you want to watch.


No Contracts are Required with YouTube TV

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV has a cloud-based DVR that’s included in each package. The DVR offers bottomless space, which makes it even easier to watch what you want on your own schedule. Not only devices will stream on YouTube TV, but all Apple devices will. This means you can watch March Madness on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV with no problems. This will work out even better for iPad and iPhone users, as YouTube TV’s mobile app works great! If you want to learn more, you should read our YouTube TV review.

YouTube TV details:

  • 50+ channels from $40 a month
  • Packages features offer an on-demand library and TV Everywhere app usage
  • Watch March Madness on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and more
  • The cloud-based DVR features unlimited space
  • Get the YouTube TV free 7-day trial


PS Vue can Stream March Madness on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV

The basic package should have all you need

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has grown to become a solid choice for cord cutters. There are four packages to choose from with the first offering 50+ channels for $45 a month. This package could include the CBS live stream. Whether or not CBS is live will depend on your location. That said, either way you will receive CBS content in the on-demand library after it airs on TV. All on-demand content is available nationwide, so it doesn’t matter where you live. This package also includes TBS, TruTV, and TNT.


You Won’t Need a PlayStation Console to Watch TV

playstation vue

The cloud-DVR is a good way to ensure you don’t miss something when it’s airing live. You’ll have 28-days to watch your saved recordings before they are purged from the system. It’s possible to stream on up to five devices at the same time. This means you can watch March Madness on iPhone or Apple TV while others are watching something else on their device. All Apple devices are compatible with PlayStation Vue You can learn more in our PS Vue review.

PlayStation Vue details:

  • The PS Vue 5-day trial is your chance to try out PS Vue risk-free
  • Plans from $45/month with four optional plans
  • 50+ channels with TNT, TBS, and TruTV included
  • CBS is live based on location
  • Watch March Madness on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and other devices
  • A good choice for the entire family – stream on five devices simultaneously

If you’re on the fence, you can sign-up to try the 5-day PS Vue trial.

We hope you now feel prepared to watch March Madness on iPhone, Mac, iPod and even Apple TV! If you want more information, our full March Madness streaming guide goes into a bit more detail. Additionally, you can check out our college basketball streaming guide.