MotorTrend Live Stream: How to Watch Motortrend Without Cable TV

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Hulu Live TV offers MotorTrend and 50+ other great channels for $40/mo. Try it free for 7 days!

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Philo offers MotorTrend streaming and 40+ other channels for $16/mo. Free 7 day trial.

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Sling TV has several packages of channels, with packages from $25/mo. Free 7 day trial.

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MotorTrend is a popular publisher in the automotive industry. They have a magazine, website, prestigious awards offerings, and more. And now, they have their own TV channel, known as just “MotorTrend”. Are you looking for the MotorTrend live stream? We’ve got you covered.

MotorTrend took over for Velocity, and the existing channel has now rebranded and expanded its offerings. This is a recent change, with the switch-over from Velocity to MotorTrend taking place in late 2018. MotorTrend also removed all their content from YouTube, so the way that people access MotorTrend’s legendary content is certainly changing quickly. Car fanatics can now watch all of Velocity’s content combined with newer offerings from MotorTrend! If you’re looking for a way to watch MotorTrend online, this guide will show you how.


Watch MotorTrend Live Stream via Hulu Live TV

Enjoy endless entertainment with live & on-demand offerings

Hulu Live is a popular streaming service that covers both live TV and on-demand content. It’s a popular option for folks looking for an all-in-one solution to their streaming needs. And as of recently, the MotorTrend stream has been added to the already impressive Hulu lineup! That means you can use Hulu to watch MotorTrend online on all your favorite devices!

Endless Entertainment

Hulu covers all the bases. With over 50 live channels, and an absolutely massive on-demand library, there’s not much you can’t watch on this service! Here are the basics:

  • Watch over 50 channels LIVE – including MotorTrend network
  • Get ESPN, TNT, FOX News, FX and many more to enjoy live
  • No contract – costs just $40 a month
  • Easy to use on all your devices
  • Massive on-demand library alongside live offerings
  • Watch MotorTrend on Roku, Apple TV, computers, smartphones and more
  • Hulu Live offers a 7-day free trial!

This Hulu Live review covers all the details of this exciting service. And if you want to test it out first-hand, don’t forget to sign up for the Hulu Live 7-day free trial!


Watch MotorTrend Online On The Cheap via Philo

The ultra-affordable streaming platform offers a great selection of entertainment

Philo is a budget-friendly streaming service for live TV. For just $16 per month, you can sign up and get over 40 channels to enjoy live – including the MotorTrend stream! There’s no contract or commitment, and Philo is very to use. For folks who want live entertainment and don’t care about sports, Philo is a fantastic deal.

Click here to try a free 7 day trial of Philo!

The Best Value in Streaming

philo tv devices

Philo offers a pretty incredible value. By skipping sports channels (which are very expensive), it’s able to offer over 40 of TV’s most popular entertainment channels for a crazy low price of $16/mo. It’s tough to beat!

  • No contract
  • Just $16 a month
  • 40+ channels, including MotorTrend streaming
  • Live TV without cable
  • Works on most devices
  • Read our Philo review for details

Remember that there is a free 7 day trial of Philo available for new customers!


Watch MotorTrend Without Cable via Sling TV

A fully flexible and custom-friendly channel lineup awaits on Sling TV 

tnt live stream

Sling TV is the most popular live streaming service, and for good reason. It was the first major player in the industry, and it has kept its edge by offering customers more options – particularly when it comes to their channels. Sling lets you get a small base package, and then add on additional channels to craft the perfect lineup for your desires.

A Popular & Affordable Option

Sling offers it all, from live sports to entertainment to breaking news. It’s the second-cheapest option, after Philo – but it offers sports, while Philo does not.

Click here to start with a FREE 7 day trial of Sling TV!


Access MotorTrend Streaming via DIRECTV NOW

Access a killer channel lineup of up to 125+ networks

tnt live stream

DIRECTV NOW is another extremely popular option for the MotorTrend live stream and for live TV in general. It’s got one of the most impressive lineups of channels out there, with a whopping 125+ networks available in total. There are plenty of different options to suit any budget and desire.

Widest Channel Selection

directv now

DIRECTV NOW currently offers one of the most impressive channel lineups. For folks who crave selection, it’s tough to beat the pure variety offered by this popular service.

Still on the fence? Check out the free trial here for a test-run.


Families Can Watch MotorTrend Shows on PS Vue

Ability to stream on up to 5 devices at once makes Vue a good choice for families

tnt live stream

PlayStation Vue is another option. MotorTrend is included, but only in some of the bigger packages. Vue is a bit more expensive than other options, but it offers a good channel lineup and a number of great perks.

Ideal for Big Households

playstation vue action shot

If you have a large family or several roommates, Vue’s perks are significant. The service lets you stream on up to 5 devices at the same time, and each person can be watching a different channel.

  • No-contract plans from $45 a month
  • 45+ channels in base package
  • Good selection of all sorts of channels
  • Great for large households; 5 simultaneous streams
  • Here is our PlayStation Vue review for more info

The service now also offers a free 5 day trial.


MotorTrend On-Demand

MotorTrend also offers their own in-house streaming platform, called MotorTrend On Demand. The service hasn’t received much media coverage, and there are few MotorTrend On-Demand reviews out there.

Basically, this service offers on-demand access to select content from MotorTrend. This includes MotorTrend Originals like Road Kill, popular shows like Bitchin’ Rides, live motorsports coverage, tutorials, and more. It’s much of the content that made MotorTrend so popular.

The service costs $4.99 per month. While not a bad deal, that’s just for MotorTrend, and it’s not a true MotorTrend live stream – so everything that airs on the live TV channel won’t necessarily show up on the MotorTrend On-Demand service.

Even so, for true fans of the automotive world, MotorTrend On-Demand may be worthwhile. Right now they are running a promo to make your first month only $0.99 – we’re not sure how long this will last, though. Click here to learn more.


Wrapping Up

Right now, the best ways to watch this network online appear to be Hulu Live TV or Philo. For hardcore fans, the MotorTrend On-Demand service may be worth considering as well.

With that said, MotorTrend is a company, and a TV channel, that’s in transition. As part of the rebrand from Velocity, MotorTrend has been expanding rapidly. The network recently struck a deal with Hulu and other streaming services, bringing the new channel to even more people.

In short, this network is still evolving. As such, we expect the various ways to get the MotorTrend live stream will continue to evolve, as well. We will keep this guide updated as things change.