How to Watch My Cat From Hell Online without Cable

Cats may be cute and cuddly, but they can also be ill-behaved menaces. Since 2011, cat lover and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy has toured America to help people and their cats live together in harmony. Jackson discovers what triggers cats to act out, then solves their issues. He has helped many families learn to love their feline friends just a little more – and viewers learn new ways to resolve behavioral issues each week.

You can watch My Cat From Hell online without cable! Season 9 returns to Animal Planet on April 29.


Watch My Cat From Hell Online with DIRECTV NOW

watch my cat from hell online

DIRECTV NOW features the ability to watch My Cat From Hell and your other favorite shows at the regular air time. You won’t even have to wait to watch them the next day! DIRECTV NOW is a streaming service offering over 60 channels for $35, including Animal Planet. You can get up to 120 channels depending on the channel bundle you choose to fit your budget. By going with DIRECTV NOW you don’t miss out on your favorite shows – you can live stream or watch them on-demand!

You can watch DIRECTV NOW in any room of your house using a streaming player or compatible app. It can also be used with your internet browser. This means that you can take DIRECTV NOW with you wherever you go because it has few mobile restrictions.

You don’t need a satellite to enjoy the streaming service that has minimal streaming restrictions and a cable-like guide for user friendly accessibility. Learn more about the benefits of DIRECTV NOW in our review. DIRECTV NOW offers a 7-day free trial so that you can try it before you make a commitment.


Watch My Cat From Hell Online Free with PlayStation Vue

watch my cat from hell online

With PlayStation Vue, you can watch My Cat From Hell online free on Animal Planet. Sony’s PlayStation Vue streaming option lets you stream My Cat From Hell and your other favorite shows. Package prices start at $29.99 per month and offers access to over 50 cable channels.

PlayStation Vue is now available nationwide but live local channels NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS are only accessible in select locations. If you live outside the major cities, you can enjoy access to live local broadcasts on demand the day after they air. Stream My Cat From Hell by using PlayStation 3/4 consoles, iOS devices. O ryou can watch on your TV with Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast.


Other Ways to Watch My Cat From Hell Streaming w/out Cable!

You can also watch My Cat From Hell streaming without cable and without live streaming. Many services allow you watch My Cat From Hell streaming within days after it has aired live so that you can still keep up with current season.

  • Hulu packages start at $7.99, making it a very affordable option to watch episodes of My Cat From Hell. Streaming is available on Hulu within days after it airs live. You can learn more about watching My Cat From Hell on Hulu.
  • Amazon Prime allows you to watch My Cat From Hell a few days after airing. The streaming service is part of the Prime Membership package. Prime membership is $99 a year and gives you many benefits with Amazon. You can also opt to use the video streaming service only for $8.99/month. The full Prime membership is also available at $10.99 a month. Amazon Prime offers a free 30 day trial that includes access to benefits and the streaming service.
  • Netflix is easily the most popular streaming service in America and has three different tiers of monthly membership charges. Netflix has the option of paying month-to-month without signing up for a long contract and enjoy access to a seemingly endless supply of movies and TV shows.