How to Watch NBA on ESPN Online without Cable: ESPN NBA Stream Guide

For basketball fans, not much beats the excitement of a fast-paced NBA game. Kicking back with some friends and watching the game – regardless of which team you’re rooting for – is something that all NBA fans could probably agree is a pretty awesome way to spend your afternoon. Nowadays, the NBA has contracts with several different networks, so games are aired by a few different families of networks. However, ESPN has always been “the king of sports”, and continues to host a huge number of NBA games each week. If you’re a cord-cutter, you may be wondering how to watch NBA on ESPN online, without cable TV.

If that’s the case, you’ve certainly found the right website! In this guide, you’ll find detailed information on the best ways to access the ESPN NBA stream, without needing an expensive cable subscription.


Use DIRECTV NOW to Watch NBA on ESPN Online

One great way to watch ESPN basketball online is to use DIRECTV NOW. This service was launched in late 2016 to meet the growing needs of the cord-cutting community. Basically, it lets you watch live TV without a cable subscription. Here’s how it works:

  • DIRECTV NOW provides 60+ channels for $35 per month
  • No contract is required, cancel any time
  • ESPN streaming is included in the basic package
  • You can watch over the internet, from anywhere in the US
  • Watch on your computer, or on your TV using a streaming device
  • Supported streaming devices include Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and select smart TVs
  • You can also watch on-the-go on mobile devices
  • DIRECTV NOW offers a free 7-day trial

So, essentially, when you sign up for DIRECTV NOW you’ll be able to watch NBA on ESPN online, whenever a basketball game is airing on ESPN – just like if you had cable. It’s an affordable, easy, and legal way to stream NBA on ESPN, plus tons of other live TV, news, sports, movies and more. You can read our DIRECTV NOW review for more information.


Watch ESPN Basketball Online via Sling TV

Sling TV is another great live streaming service that you can use for the ESPN NBA stream. The service works over the internet, giving you 30+ channels for only $20 per month. ESPN is included in the basic package, which means you can use Sling to watch ESPN basketball online!

Sling TV (review here) works on most major streaming devices, like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc. as well as on computers and mobile devices. It’s very easy to use, and available without a contract so if you ever want to cancel it, it’s easy to do. If you want more than the 30 channels included in the base package, there are various other packages available, as well as add-ons – all of which add up to 100+ channels!

Sling TV offers a free Roku streaming device when you prepay for a few months of Sling, so if you’re in the market for a streaming device that’s a great deal. If you already have one, go for the free 7-day trial instead.


Enjoy ESPN NBA Stream via PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another streaming service that can be used to watch NBA on ESPN online. It works a lot like the two services we’ve already discussed, letting you stream live TV networks over the internet. It also works on most devices, but it’s important to note that Vue does NOT support mobile streaming from outside your home, while DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV do. With that in mind, it’s not our preferred way to watch sports online.

Vue’s basic package runs $30 per month and includes ESPN. The service provides a decent way to watch ESPN basketball online, but there are better options.


For more information, check the NBA on ESPN schedule for air dates and times. You can also check out our guide to NBA streaming without cable.