How to Watch the New England Patriots Online without Cable

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Hulu with Live TV offers local channels to more homes than any other streaming service. You get 60+ channels in each package, Hulu on-demand, and a cloud-DVR for $55! Get 7 days free.

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Sling TV is the best choice if you’re budgeting. Pick one of three packages starting at $30 per month. You’ll get between 30-50 channels and you can add-on dozens more! Get 7 days free.

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fuboTV offers over 95 channels in each package. You’ll have locals, general entertainment, news, and over 30 sports channels. You can add more channels for a fee! Get 7 days free.

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The New England Patriots have been just about the best team in the league over the last decade and a half. It seems like every single year the Patriots are winning the AFC North and making a run in the playoffs. This makes them clearly one of the most exciting teams to watch and a great reason why you should make sure you can watch New England Patriots online, even without cable.

As the cable-cutting trend continues to grow, so have the options of watching NFL games online or live streaming. Even for just one team like the Patriots, you’ll have several options of ways to watch. The big key will be which channel is broadcasting each game, but if you read the guide below, you’ll be able to watch every single Patriots game live stream without cable.


Watch New England Patriots Online with Hulu Live

More local access plus ESPN equals more football coverage


Hulu Live will give you the chance to watch plenty of NFL this season. You’ll be able to stream the Patriots without cable using many channels on Hulu Live. ESPN is included with your package along with 60+ other channels. In order to watch the most games possible, you’ll need access to local channels. Luckily, Hulu Live offers access to local channels in more areas than anyone else. For you, this means more ways to watch the New England Patriots without cable!


Dozens of TV Everywhere Apps are Included with your Account

Along with your access to the channels you need to watch football and all the other channels, your subscription will include the Hulu on-demand library. While this normally comes with a monthly fee, it’s available to Hulu with Live TV customers for free. You can stream on up to two screens at once or if you want more screens you can add unlimited streams to your account for a fee. You will be able to stream Hulu Live on most streaming and mobile devices.

  • $55 a month
  • Hulu on-demand at no additional charge
  • Over 60 channels including locals (see full Hulu Live TV channel list)
  • Cloud-DVR with 50 hours of storage space
  • Watch on 2 screens simultaneously or upgrade to more
  • Stream on mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and more
  • Try the Hulu Live 7-day trial

The Hulu Live free trial is one way to learn more about this service.


Sling TV is One Way to Get a New England Patriots Game Live Stream

One of the best budget prices in streaming

Sling TV Review

You can use another popular cable alternative, Sling TV, as a way to watch New England Patriots online. With Sling TV, you can watch any game aired on ESPN regardless of your location. That comes in the Sling Orange package for $30 per month with about 30 other cable channels. In the Sling Blue package, you can watch about 40 channels for just $30 per month. Your New England Patriots game live stream will be on NBC and FOX in certain locations. If you want to be able to watch the most NFL possible, you may want to combine both of these packages into one. If so, you will pay a reduced price of $45 per month.


Cloud DVR Is Now Free

Sling TV is known for their more than fair prices. They are one of the least expensive options in streaming. In addition to the basic packages you can add many smaller bundle packages until you have the exact package that you want. You can also add on extra channels or even upgraded cloud-based DVR so that you can record all of the TV you want. You’ll be able to stream Sling TV on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices, and more.

Sling TV details:

  • Choose your package – $30 a month or two packages for $45/month
  • Cancel at any time with no added fees
  • Watch in live stream or on-demand
  • Use TV Everywhere apps to watch more TV
  • Stream where you want – at home or on-the-go
  • Check for current offers for new subscribers
  • Stream on the majority of streaming devices
  • Check out the Sling TV trial free for 7-days

You can learn more in our Sling TV review. Don’t forget to check out current offers before subscribing and make sure to try Sling TV for yourself with the Sling TV free trial.


With fuboTV you can Stream New England Patriots Football

You don’t need cable to watch sports

fuboTV logo

fuboTV is a good way to watch Patriots football streaming. The one downside you’ll find here is that fuboTV doesn’t offer ESPN. While that might seem odd for a sports-forward streaming service, they do offer dozens of sports channels including many international channels. Packages start at $55 per month and include 95+ channels, with many of them being sports channels. In addition, depending on your area, you may also have access to some local channels. CBS, FOX, and NBC may be available in your area. If not, you can access many TV Everywhere apps including NBC Sports and FOX Sports Go. With them, you could watch any games live through the appropriate app.


Enjoy Sports from Across the Country and the Pond

If you want to watch something but can’t catch it live you can always record it to your cloud-based DVR. fuboTV is available on most streaming devices and it works on mobile devices, too. While the original price for fuboTV is $45 per month, after the first month the price increases to $55. It only goes up that one time unless there is an official price change.

  • Package starts at $45 then moves to $55/month
  • Comes with more than 95 channels – most are sports related
  • Lots of international sports channels/content
  • Additional sports and movie channels can be added for a fee
  • Stream on Chromecast, mobile devices, Roku, and more
  • Sign up for fuboTV’s free one-week trial

There are more details about fuboTV in our fuboTV review.


Watch Patriots Football without Cable on YouTube TV

The mobile interface is one of the best out there

YouTube TV

YouTube TV includes over 70 channels and often provides access to local channels. While not available in every area, YouTube TV does provide local channels in many markets. Prices start at $50 per month. In addition to the local channels and ESPN, you’ll be able to use some TV Everywhere apps to watch TV and sports. This can come in handy if you want to see games that aren’t airing in your area or if you don’t have one of the local channels in your area.


Binge-Watch with your Unlimited DVR

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV will also give you access to an on-demand library. If you want to be able to record your favorite shows, YouTube TV provides a DVR with unlimited storage. Each recording is held for up to nine months, so you’ll be able to save up your recordings and binge-watch when you want. You can stream YouTube TV on many devices. A popular way to stream this service is through their mobile app. You can also use streaming devices that connect to your TV such as Roku, Shield, and Chromecast.

YouTube TV details:

  • $50 per month – no contracts
  • Mobile app is great for watching on-the-go
  • Stream on most streaming devices
  • Over 70 channels though some common options are missing
  • Cloud-DVR with unlimited storage
  • Try YouTube TV free for the first week

Our YouTube TV review is a great source of added information. Make sure to sign up for the YouTube TV trial to learn more about this service.


DIRECTV NOW is Another Option to Watch New England Patriots Online

Over 40 channels await you

Editor’s note: DIRECTV NOW is now called AT&T TV NOW.

DIRECTV NOW may be another good source for a New England Patriots game live stream. The service costs $50 per month and lets subscribers watch more than 40 popular cable channels live streaming. If you want more channels you can get one of the larger packages. Some packages even include HBO as part of the package. Otherwise, you can add HBO and/or other channels for a small fee.


A Cloud-DVR Offers Limited Space

directv now

Any game that airs on ESPN will be available to stream nationwide. In certain areas you can watch games on NBC and FOX live. You can stream games on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, mobile devices, and more. In addition to the plethora of live streaming channels, you’ll also have access to an on-demand library, and the use of TV Everywhere apps. DIRECTV NOW is another way to watch New England Patriots online free with its own weeklong free trial. Check out our DIRECTV NOW review to learn more!

  • Multiple packages with over 40+ channels or many more
  • Prices start at $50/month
  • No contracts – cancel whenever you want
  • Stream on most devices – no mobile restrictions
  • Watch the on-demand library or use TV Everywhere apps
  • Record TV, movies, and games on your cloud-DVR
  • Get your free DIRECTV NOW one-week trial


Watch New England Patriots Online with CBS All Access

Watch CBS live and in the huge on-demand library

cbs all access review

CBS All Access, the official streaming service from CBS, will be a great way to watch the Patriots game online. CBS owns the majority of AFC games and the service lets you live stream whatever your local CBS affiliate is broadcasting on TV. This now includes both regular season and playoff games and is available in more than 90% of markets in the U.S. CBS All Access is reasonably priced for a niche service. You’ll pay $5.99 per month or $9.99 per month if you want to block commercials from your on-demand stream.


Watch all that’s Currently on plus Many Older Shows

Along with the live stream of CBS, you’ll have an on-demand library. If you were unable to watch the live stream, you can find most of the content on CBS in this library. In fact, every daytime and primetime show are available in the on-demand library. Depending on the show you’ll be able to watch a few episodes or the full season. Many older shows are available, too. These shows often offer the entire series.

CBS All Access details:

  • Pay $5.99 per month
  • Try the CBS All Access one-week trial
  • In addition to the CBS live stream you can enjoy a full on-demand library
  • Stream on most devices – mobile, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and more
  • A solid option if you don’t have CBS live streaming with an antenna or another streaming service

CBS All Access (review) will also be a great way to watch New England Patriots online free since there is a 7-day free trial.


Get Some Free TNF without Cable on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers a free live simulcast of Thursdays game

Amazon Prime members can watch Thursday Night Football live thanks to a partnership with the NFL. The game is simulcast onto Prime for the members of the service. In addition to the chance to watch TNF all season long, Amazon Prime members get tons of benefits. The most common benefits associated with Prime are free 2-day shipping and the Prime Video on-demand library. The cool thing about Amazon Prime’s on-demand library is that you get access to thousands of movies and TV shows. A growing list of original shows are also included.


Amazon Prime is the Complete Entertainment Package

amazon prime video interface

Of course, these are just some of the benefits that you receive. There’s also a music library, free e-books or audiobooks, and even special sales and early deals. As Amazon owns Twitch you also get monthly gaming deals, too. When it comes down to payment you’ve got two options. You can pay annually, which is your cheapest option at $119. This breaks down to around $10 per month, which is a great deal. You can also pay $12.99 a month, if you’d rather have a monthly membership. You’ll pay a little bit more, but all the member perks are the same.

Amazon Prime offers:

  • Two payment options – $119 per year or $13/month
  • Member perks include free TNF access, an on-demand library with movies and TV, a music library, special gaming deals, and more
  • Stream using mobile devices, Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, and more
  • Sign up for the free Amazon Prime 30-day trial
  • You even get free 2-day shipping at Amazon

You can learn more if you stop by our Amazon Prime review. Don’t forget to get your Amazon Prime 30-day free trial, so you can try the service for yourself.


You Can Watch New England Patriots Online by Using NFL Game Pass

All regular season games are available on-demand

The NFL’s official streaming service – NFL Game Pass will also be a way to watch Patriots game online. A subscription to NFL Game Pass will let you watch any game during the season. This includes pre-season games. Of course, there is a catch. Most pre-season games are available in live stream. This is true of most games for International customers as well. However, regular season games are only available on-demand. You can watch each game, regardless of if it’s in your market or not, on-demand shortly after the game finished. This is a great way to watch New England Patriots online if you don’t live in the Northeast.


Watch Super Bowls for Over a Decade

nfl game pass review

The on-demand library is a great way to watch as much football as you want. You can watch the current season or numerous older seasons (including the Super Bowls for those years). They also offer a selection of football-themed movies and TV shows. One great feature to check out is the condensed game feature. It removes all of the added content from a football game except the actual football. This allows you to watch just all of the action from start to finish in under an hour.

NFL Game Pass highlights:

Don’t forget to view our NFL Game Pass review.

Check out our NFL streaming guide if you want to know how to stream other teams all season long. You can also view our full sports guide to get access to other sports.