How to Watch New York Islanders Online without Cable

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fuboTV offers over 70 channels of live TV and even more on-demand content. A great choice for sports fans, fuboTV offers spots from all over the world. Get 7 days free.

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DIRECTV NOW is a popular cable service alternative thanks to large packages that mean anywhere from 60+ to 125+ channels, on-demand content, and more. Get 7 days free.

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Hulu with Live TV is a live streaming television service offering over 50 channels, that was created to work alongside Hulu’s on-demand service. Get 7 days free.

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It’s hard to lose superstar players, and that is something the New York Islanders have had to handle. While this has meant the team has struggled to get into the playoffs recently, they are attempting to rebuild in the aftermath. If you are a fan who wants to see how far the Islanders can go, keep reading about all the ways you can watch New York Islanders games without cable.

We’ve compiled a list of all of the best services that offer cord cutters a chance to watch all their favorite NHL teams’ games without a cable subscription. So, if you want to discover what devices and streaming services will be right for you and your family, as well as allow you to watch New York Islanders games live stream, keep reading!


fuboTV has What You Need to Watch New York Islanders Online without Cable

Offering over 70 channels for $45 a month

fuboTV logo

fuboTV is one of the ways for you to watch New York Islanders games without cable. The service starts at just $45 per month, although there’s a special for five dollars off your first month. You can add on channels/channel bundles, such as premium channels and additional sports channels. The service is filled with content for fans of the NHL and other sports. In fact, fuboTV was a service specifically created with sports fans in mind. It offers access to regional, national, and international sports. Check out our fuboTV review for additional details.


Record All Your Favorite Plays

Your service will come with up to 30 hours of cloud-based DVR storage, which you can upgrade to as much as 500 hours. Watch on a variety of streaming devices, including Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV. If you’re looking specifically to watch NHL games, you can do so on many of the channels that come with the service. These include USA, CNBC, MSG Plus for those in the New York area, and NBCSN. You will not have NHL Network, but every other channel featuring New York Islanders games is represented. Try the service out for yourself with the fuboTV free 7-day trial!

fuboTV highlights:

  • One base package with 70+ channels
  • Prices start at $40 for the first month, and $45 every month after
  • Watch on Apple TV, mobile devices, Chromecast, and more
  • Upgradable cloud-based DVR
  • Service was made with sports in mind
  • Add on channel bundles including premium channels
  • Watch fuboTV free for a week!


DIRECTV NOW is Another Way to Get the New York Islanders Game Live Stream

The top package includes over 125 channels

DIRECTV NOW has just about every channel you need to watch Islanders game online without cable. You can choose one of four packages, based on the number of channels that you’d like. Choose from the basic package with 60+ channels for $40 to the larger package, which offers more than 125 channels. In these packages, you’ll find channels like USA, CNBC, and MSG Plus if you’re in the New York area. If you’re not, you may have other regional sports channels from NBC Sports or FOX Sports. NBCSN is also included and many areas will have NBC. You can add other channels to your package for a small fee.


DIRECTV NOW Also Provides TV Everywhere Access

directv now

You can watch TV Everywhere apps that correspond with many of the channels in your package. Your account will also include an on-demand library and a cloud-based DVR. You can stream on two devices at once or add a third stream for a small fee. DIRECTV NOW works on computers, mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and more. Our DIRECTV NOW review has everything else you need to know.

DIRECTV NOW highlights:

  • Packages starting at $40 a month
  • Get up to 125 channels from four possible packages
  • HBO is just $5 or other channels are available
  • Watch NHL Network, MSG Plus, CNBC, NBCSN, and more
  • Stream DIRECTV NOW with mobile devices, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, etc.
  • DIRECTV NOW offers a free 7-day trial


Get the New York Islanders Game Live Stream on Hulu Live

Watch Hulu on-demand, along with over 50 live channels


Hulu Live gives you the original on-demand Hulu service you probably already know and love. Not only do you get the original Hulu service, you also get 50+ channels in the base package with the ability to add on premium channel content like HBO and Showtime. When it comes to watching the New York Islanders game online when you have cut the cord, using Hulu Live, you will have access to NBCSN, CNBC, and USA. You won’t have access to NHL games through NHL Network, but most of the other channels you will need are available! The base package for Hulu Live costs $40 per month, and you can check out all the channels you receive in our Hulu Live channel list.


Stream On Chromecast, Mobile Devices, and More

If you are worried about missing any of the New York Islanders games live stream, Hulu Live comes with a cloud-based DVR with 50 hours of storage. You can upgrade to 200 hours for an added fee. Watch games through TV Everywhere apps, which you can use with your Hulu Live login to watch content anywhere. Otherwise, you can stream on mobile devices, your home computer, Apple TV, and so many other popular streaming devices. If you want to know more, check out our Hulu Live review, as it has all the details!

Hulu Live Highlights:

  • One base package starting at $40 per month
  • Over 50 channels in the base package
  • Stream on Roku, Apple TV, mobile devices, and other streaming devices
  • Try Hulu Live free for 7-days!
  • Comes with 50 hours of cloud-based DVR storage
  • Add on premium channels like Showtime
  • Comes with the Hulu on-demand service

You can try the service out for yourself using the Hulu Live free 7-day trial!


Sling TV – Watch the New York Game without Cable

It doesn’t take a lot of money to watch TV without cable

Sling TV Blue is one of many services that will allow you to watch Islanders online. This package is only $25 per month. You’ll have the ability to watch many channels, about 30+ in total, which include NBCSN, USA, and CNBC. Some areas will also have access to NBC and possibly other local channels. While NHL Network is not included in this package, it is available for $5 more with the sports bundle. This initial package includes nine channels beyond NHL Network.


Use Channel Bundles to Create Your Own Package

An on-demand library will allow you to watch previously aired content. You can also use a limited amount of TV Everywhere apps. While many services also offer cloud-based DVR services, a DVR is not included with any Sling TV package. You can add one, if you choose, though it will be an extra fee. Sling TV works on most streaming devices whether it’s a smart TV or mobile device. You can learn more by reading our Sling TV review.

Sling TV details:

You can even watch New York Islanders online free with a Sling TV free trial!


You can Stream New York Islanders Games without Cable on PlayStation Vue

Get over 50 channels for $45, an on-demand library, and more

PlayStation Vue
PlayStation Vue gives you your choice of four packages starting from $45 a month. The initial package includes more than 50 channels. If you want more channels, one of the other packages will have you covered. While you won’t have NHL Network, CNBC is available, as is USA, NBCSN, and more. NBC may also be available, depending on your location. Also included is an on-demand library of previously aired content. If you want extra channels, like HBO or Showtime, they can be added to any of the packages.


A Cloud-Based DVR is Included with the Option to Make DVR Profiles

vue action shot

TV Everywhere apps are included with your package. This gives you even more access to live and on-demand television. You’ll have the freedom to stream on five devices at the same time, which is an added benefit for people sharing their account. You can stream on PS3 or PS4 consoles. You can also use Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and even mobile devices. Our PS Vue review can help you with any additional questions or you can just sign up for PS Vue’s 5-day trial and watch New York Islanders online free.

PS Vue details:

  • Plans start at $45/month with four packages to choose from
  • 50+ channels are available in the basic package – Other packages have more channels
  • Channels like HBO and other movie channels can be added to your package
  • The on-demand library and TV Everywhere apps are available as added content
  • Watch using Apple TV, PS3 and PS4 consoles, mobile devices, etc.
  • Watch on 5 devices at once
  • Record live TV using your cloud-DVR service
  • Try the PS Vue 5-day trial


NHL.TV is an Added Option to Watch New York Islanders Online

A decent choice for anyone not in New York’s viewing area

NHL.TV is a great option to watch hockey. That said, if you want to watch New York Islanders online, you’ll only be able to get the live stream with NHL.TV if they are out of your viewing market. You’ll get every live stream in the league for out-of-market teams. This package costs $140 per season or you can pay $25 per month. You can also get a single team package if you just want to watch the Islanders game live stream. NHL.TV is available on Roku, mobile devices, and more.

Make sure to visit our NHL streaming guide or our NHL playoffs streaming guide if you have any additional questions about streaming hockey. Our full sports guide is also available and can give you more details about streaming sports without cable.