How to watch the New York Jets online without cable

The New York Jets have a history spanning more than 60 years, so you can imagine how large and devoted its fan base is. In addition, this NFL team is located in one of the most populous areas of the U.S., boosting its numbers of fans even more. With all these fans out there, and everything revolving around online apps and access, it’s good to know there are plenty of ways to watch New York Jets online without cable.

If you want to watch New York Jets live, the most important channel to get access to is CBS. Because of the New York Jets schedule this year they have the most games broadcast. It is also helpful to have ESPN, FOX and NBC. Keep reading to learn more!

Our recommendations

  • CBS All Access: You won’t get all the New York Jets games with CBS All Access, but you will get nearly all of them, and the price is far cheaper than any of the other services.
  • fuboTV: fuboTV began with a focus on providing sports programming and continues to live up to that expectation. It even includes Red Zone from the NFL Network.

Streaming services to watch the New York Jets at-a-glance

Streaming servicePriceFree trial?Free trial length
Hulu Live$54.99/mo.Yes 7 days
Sling TV$30/mo.Yes3 days
fuboTV$64.99/mo.Yes7 days
YouTube TV$64.99/mo.Yes2 weeks
AT&T TV Now$49.99/moYes2 weeks
Vidgo$40/mo.Yes3 days
CBS All Access$5.99/mo.Yes30 days
Amazon Prime$119/yr. or $13/mo.Yes30 days
NFL Game Pass$99/seasonYesThrough Aug 31, 2020

How to live stream the New York Jets

The cord-cutting, or dropping traditional cable TV services, has led to a new way to access content. These are the online streaming content services. These are more affordable than traditional cable and are a fantastic way for New York Jets fans to stream NFL football games to all your favorite devices.

Watch the New York Jets on Hulu + Live TV

Live stream and on-demand access for $54.99 a month

Hulu Live includes 65+ channels in their one live stream package. You can watch the NFL all season long thanks to a package that includes ESPN and local channels. If you live in an area that doesn’t have local streaming access, you might be able to watch the game on-demand or using a TV Everywhere app. You can stream Hulu with Live TV on Roku, some gaming consoles, mobile devices, Fire TV, Apple TV and other devices.

Watch Jets football online without cable.

Hulu Live lets you stream on two screens simultaneously. If you share your account and need more screens available, you can upgrade to unlimited simultaneous streams for a small fee. You can also add channels like HBO and Showtime to your stream for a small fee. There’s a cloud-based DVR included in every package that gives you 50-hours of storage space. You also receive Hulu’s classic on-demand service at no additional charge!

Hulu + Live TV highlights:

  • 65+ channels at a monthly rate of $54.99
  • Stream on mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, tablets, Chromecast and more
  • Watch all kinds of sports, news, movies and TV shows live or on-demand
  • Record TV using your DVR with over 50-hours of storage space
  • Access to a wide variety of TV Everywhere apps
  • Check out our guide to the full Hulu channel list for more info
  • A one-week Hulu Live trial is available

Sign up for Hulu
Start a 7-day free trial

Get 65+ channels along with a library of 80,000+ TV episodes and movies on-demand! Bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ for even more great content.

Watch the New York Jets on Sling TV

Affordable football streaming for your favorite sports fan

Sling TV offers a way to watch the New York Jets live stream free – well almost. There are multiple packages on the service, and you’ll be able to watch on ESPN across the U.S. or NBC and FOX in limited locations. The way pricing works is that you can choose between two basic packages – Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Both of these packages are $30 per month. You can decide to get both packages, too. That will cost you $45, but it will ensure that you get most of the channels you need to watch the Jets without cable. Check out our Sling TV review to get more details.

A la carte channel bundles personalize your package.

Sling TV is a great option if you’re on a budget since packages have such a low starting point. That said, you can add more channels if you want. There is a selection of channel bundles available that allow you to add more content for not a lot of money. They even have a sports package with over 10 sports channels available. You don’t have to deal with contracts, so you can cancel the main package or the add-on channels anytime you want.

Sling TV highlights:

  • Multiple package options – get one package for $30/month or both packages for $45 per month
  • No mobile restrictions mean you can stream where you want
  • You can also stream on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and even some smart TVs
  • Channel bundles are a low-cost way to add more to your package
  • Watch through Sling TV or you can use many TV Everywhere apps
  • Check for current offers to get equipment freebies and other specials
  • Add a DVR for a small added monthly fee
  • Try Sling TV free for 3 days

Our Sling TV review has more details. Remember, you can watch a little free football when you sign up for the Sling TV 3-day free trial.

Sling TV logo
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Sign up for the Orange or Blue Sling TV packages, or get them both to access 50+ channels. Use the add-ons to customize your streaming experience!

Watch the New York Jets on fuboTV

Watch more games with local channels plus NFL Network

Known as a sports-first streaming service, fuboTV will let you watch the Jets game online. CBS and FOX are both available to live stream in the New York area. The fuboTV channel package has more than 100 channels in total and a starting price of just $64.99 per month, but your first seven days are available for free. Most of the channels you receive are related to sports, so if you’re a major sports fan, this is the service for you! In addition to some local and regional sports, you’ll also receive more international sports than you’ll find in other streaming services.

International sports access completes your package.

You can add more sports channels to your package if you need them! Your account also includes an on-demand library and gives you a chance to watch some TV Everywhere apps to get even more sports and TV shows. You can stream fuboTV on most streaming and mobile devices including Roku, Chromecast, tablets, computers, Apple TV and more. Your account also comes with your own cloud-based DVR, so you’ll be able to record live TV and watch it later.

The details on fuboTV:

  • Starts at $64.99
  • 100+ channels along with an on-demand library
  • Use your cloud-based DVR to record your favorite teams/shows
  • TV Everywhere apps offer more content and more sports
  • Stream on most devices
  • Sign up for fuboTV’s free 7-day trial

Start your free week long trial of fuboTV to watch New York Jets online free. Our fuboTV review is another great way to learn more!

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Enjoy the largest selection of live sports content! Get 100+ channels with up to 500 hours of online cloud DVR storage and the option to stream on multiple devices simultaneously.

Watch the New York Jets on YouTube TV

Not just for content creators anymore – watch TV live

YouTube TV offers many of the same features that most of the popular streaming services offer. You’ll get 85+ live stream channels and access to YouTube TV’s own on-demand library of previously aired content. The use of TV Everywhere apps are also included. This means you can use apps like WatchESPN to find even more games and sporting content to watch. Your package will also include local channels in many areas and even if you don’t have access to locals in your area, you should be able to watch the associated network app with no problem.

Sports coverage is included with YouTube TV local channel access.

YouTube TV is available for the starting price of $64.99 each month. If you prefer to stream on mobile devices, you’ll find YouTube TV’s app to be worth using. You can also stream on Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. A cloud-DVR is included and it’s one of the few that offers unlimited space.

The rundown on YouTube TV:

  • Pay $64.99 a month and get 85+ channels
  • Watch ESPN, local channels and cable networks
  • Works on most devices from Amazon Fire TV to Chromecast
  • Access on mobile devices looks great
  • Try the YouTube TV free two week trial

Our YouTube TV review can help you to learn more. Remember to sign up for the free two week YouTube TV trial.

Watch the New York Jets on AT&T TV NOW

So much like cable you won’t have trouble cutting the cord

AT&T’s TV NOW might let you watch a Jets game online in its $49.99 per month starting package. ESPN is available everywhere and NBC and FOX are also live in select areas. Check the full AT&T TV NOW channel package in your area to see what else you can watch. You get 65+ channels in this basic $49.99 per month package. This is the smallest package that AT&T TV NOW offers, with some packages offering double that number of channels. If you find you do not have live stream access to locals, you might be able to watch some of the games using the NBC or FOX sports apps. AT&T TV NOW allows you to use your account to sign in and use these and many other TV Everywhere apps.

Watch Jets football in live stream.

The TV guide is one of the most recognizable comparisons to cable. That said AT&T TV NOW is a complete streaming service. There is no need to purchase any special equipment. You won’t need a cable box or a satellite dish. All you need is a membership and a way to stream the service to your mobile device or TV. Your membership comes with a cloud-based DVR, so if you aren’t able to watch something live, you can record it and watch it whenever you’re ready.

AT&T TV NOW info:

  • $49.99 a month for the basic package
  • Stream on many of the most popular streaming and mobile devices
  • Multiple packages available
  • Get AT&T TV NOW free two one-week trial
  • Use TV Everywhere apps for added content
  • Watch shows and movies in the on-demand library
  • Use your DVR to record what you want to watch later

Our AT&T TV NOW review is one way to learn more. Of course, the best way to learn more is with AT&T TV NOW’s two-week long free trial.

Watch the New York Jets on Vidgo

One of the new kids on the block, Vidgo is a streaming service that wants to make it more affordable to get access to content. The service currently includes both Fox and ESPN, which means you’ll surely have access to at least some of the New York Jets games. You will need to add CBS access through another method if you want to get all the Raiders games though. That shouldn’t be a big deal though, thanks to CBS All Access.

One of the really innovative and interesting features of Vidgo is their Social TV offering. This lets you chat in real-time with friends and family or just other fans watching the game. You can add commentary, just chill out, or trash talk. Or hang out in communities and even create your own with the fun and creative social tools included in Vidgo. Vidgo helps answer the question of how to watch New York Jets without cable.

Vidgo details:

  • All the ESPN and Fox channels at the lowest price available, starting at $40/mo.
  • Have fun with the innovative and interactive Social TV feature
  • Watch on up to three devices at the same time
  • Take advantage of the Vidgo 3-day free trial

Don’t forget to head over to the detailed Vidgo review for additional information about the service.

Watch the New York Jets on CBS All Access

Watch CBS for less than $6 per month

CBS All Access will definitely let you watch a New York Jets game live stream. The service only costs $5.99 to stream everything CBS broadcasts in your area. Over 90% of the country has access to the CBS live stream with CBS All Access. Whether you have live stream access or not you’ll have a full CBS on-demand library at your disposal that is filled with entertainment.

Classic CBS shows + current favorites.

Speaking of the on-demand library, you will find plenty to watch. First of all, you’ll have access to every show that is airing on CBS right now. Whether you’re looking for daytime shows, soap operas, primetime dramas, or a game show – it’s in the on-demand library. You’ll also be able to watch a selection of CBS All Access originals. These are only found on this service. Finally, there is a large selection of older CBS shows that offers the entire series. At the end of the day, for just a few dollars, you’ll have plenty to watch!

CBS All Access details:

  • Pay $5.99 each month
  • Watch the CBS live stream 24/7
  • Watch an on-demand library that includes current and former CBS shows and more
  • Stream on most devices including Chromecast, some gaming consoles, mobile devices, Fire TV, computers and more
  • Try CBS All Access free for a full month

You can get the New York Jets game streaming free during the CBS All Access one-month free trial.

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Enjoy access to over 15,000+ episodes of CBS content, including premium shows and sports content. Starting at just $5.99, CBS All Access provides quality content at a respectable price.

Watch the New York Jets on Amazon Prime Video

A chance to watch Jets football online during Thursday Night Football

Amazon Prime is a great service that offers a wide variety of benefits. In terms of anything NFL, the main benefit to Amazon Prime is getting to watch Thursday Night Football each week, live. This simulcast airs on FOX, but if you don’t have FOX, this is a great way to watch at no additional charge. Amazon Prime provides members with free 2-day shipping. This benefit often pays for the membership as you will save all that money on shipping costs. You’ll also get a full on-demand library of original content, movies and TV shows from a wide variety of networks, as well as international shows.

Free shipping, Prime music, movies, books and more

Amazon Prime also gives you access to an equally large music library and offers plenty of other perks. You can choose between annual or monthly pricing, though the annual plan works out to a cheaper price overall. The packages are the same other than the price. The annual plan comes to $119 per year, while the monthly price is $13. Our Amazon Prime review is a great way to find out more.

Amazon Prime Video highlights:

  • Membership available for $119 a year or $13 per month
  • Watch Thursday Night Football live as part of your membership
  • Hundreds of TV shows, original content and movies available on-demand
  • Add Amazon Channels like CBS All Access, HBO, and Showtime
  • Watch using most mobile and streaming devices
  • Enjoy free 2-day shipping, a full music library, free e-books and more
  • Sign up for a 30-day Amazon Prime free trial

Prime Video logo
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With Amazon Prime, get access to an extensive library of on-demand movies and shows, and additional entertainment with Amazon Channels.

How to stream the New York Jets on demand without cable

Watch the New York Jets on NFL Game Pass

On demand access to all NFL games

NFL Game Pass doesn’t live stream NFL games, but it does offer the ability to watch the Jets game online through its on-demand service. You’ll get a bunch of features, like on-demand games from previous seasons, multiple camera angles and condensed replays. The condensed games will allow you to watch a game, from start to finish, in under an hour. This is done by removing all of the filler during the game and leaving you with just the football action.  You can get more details in our NFL Game Pass review.

Get more New York Jets game access.

You can stream NFL Game Pass on most devices. There are no mobile restrictions, so you’ll be able to use mobile devices, too. Depending on the pricing option you want, you can get NFL Game Pass for $99 per season or for four payments of $30. Try NFL Game Pass Europe or NFL Game Pass for the rest of the world if you live outside the U.S., but still want a chance to watch some “American” football. You can also Try NFL Game Pass free through August 31, 2020.

NFL Game Pass details:

  • Pay $99 annually or pay four payments of $30
  • Stream on mobile devices, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and more
  • You won’t be able to live stream regular season games
  • Watch the on-demand library filled with football
  • Try NFL Game Pass free through August 31, 2020

Find out more on watching sports online in our full sports streaming guide. Or, if you want to watch more football this season head over to our NFL guide.

Our hot take

Watching the New York Jets this season doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t need cable TV. There are a number of online streaming services that will give you access to watch New York Jets football for a fraction of what cable TV would cost you. And many of the services will let you try them for free for several days, and in some cases as long as a full month. Don’t miss out on any New York Jets games, let us guide you in how to watch the New York Jets online without cable.

Steven Walters