Watch NFL Network Online without Cable

Top Pick

fuboTV is one of the top options if you want to stream sports. Watch local, national, and even international sports all in one package. You can even add more sports to your package. Get 7 days free.

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Sling TV is the clear budget-friendly option. Choose from two plans at $25 a month or combine them and pay $40. Want more channels? Dozens of add-on options are available. Get 7 days free.

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PlayStation Vue has multiple package options starting with 45+ channels for $50 per month. From there, you can choose a larger package or add standalone channels! Get 5 days free.

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For years, having access to the biggest games in professional sports was one of the most compelling reasons to pay for cable. Thanks to the streaming revolution, that’s no longer the case as there are now many ways to catch your favorite teams online without cable. With the NFL and fantasy football seasons heating up, it’s more important than ever to make sure you don’t miss a single pre-game commentary, game, or post-game breakdown. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the many ways you can watch the NFL Network live stream online without cable this season and catch all of the hard-hitting gridiron action.


The go-to pick for sports fans who want to stream NFL Network online

fuboTV logo

fuboTV is a great all-around streaming service which puts a heavy emphasis on sports. This service is particularly great for fans who follow both their local home teams and the best teams and leagues from around the world. fuboTV boasts the highest numbers of regional sports networks and carriers across the United States, including NFL Network (great for Thursday Night Football; see the channel schedule here) and NFL Redzone. This makes it a good all-around option to watch NFL online. While fuboTV might not boast the ESPN networks, it more than makes up for it with its wide selection of national and international sports, as well as many more general entertainment channels.

A Great Choice for Hardcore Sports Fans

fuboTV also tends to have far less lag than other services, making it ideal for watching the NFL Network live stream without having to avoid in-game spoilers breaking on social media up to a minute ahead of other streams. Check out our detailed fuboTV review to learn more about fuboTV. fuboTV starts at $45 for the first month, after which the subscription goes up to $55/month. Here’s what all fuboTV can do for the sports fan in your household:

  • fuboTV subscriptions start at $55/month (not including add-on packages), with an introductory first month of just $45
  • fuboTV is a great way to watch sports online, boasting the most regional sports networks, single-sport channels, and international sports like soccer
  • Also carries CBS, FOX, and NBC in many areas for more NFL coverage
  • fuboTV might be the most sports-centered streaming service, but it does not have the ESPN networks
  • User-friendly interface which can be sorted by sport on some devices
  • Cloud-DVR with a 28-day watch time
  • fuboTV is available on most major streaming devices and Android and iOS devices

Sign up for a free trial to see what this sports-centered streaming service is all about.



The best value for budget-conscious consumers

Sling TV Review

Sling TV was one of the first live streaming packages and still remains one of the least expensive ways to watch NFL Network online without cable. Sling TV offers a wide selection of add-on packages to give customers the utmost flexibility in choosing their streaming service. Like many streaming services, Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial. Sling TV even provides rotating exclusive deals for customers who prepay for a small period of service, usually around 3 months. Check out their latest offers to see if you could save on a device by signing up for Sling TV.

Excellent Overall Value for NFL Network Streaming

Note, that if you want to keep access to all of your favorite local channels and an HD antenna isn’t an option based on your location, Sling TV might not be the best choice as they only provide a very small selection of local markets compared with other services. Here’s why Sling TV is still one of the best overall values in the streaming market:

  • Sling TV starts at just $25/month
  • Cloud DVR can be added for $5/month
  • One subscription allows households to watch on three simultaneous streams
  • Sling TV can be customized through many different add-ons and packages
  • Provides access to “TV Everywhere” mobile apps and offers a large amount of on-demand content
  • Can be streamed on most major streaming devices, iOS and Android devices, tablets and computers

See our Sling TV review for a full rundown of what Sling has to offer.



PlayStation Vue is perfect for households where multiple people stream at the same time

PlayStation Vue

Despite its name, PlayStation Vue no longer requires an actual Sony PlayStation and can now be streamed on a wide range of the most popular streaming devices. PlayStation Vue offers a solid selection of channels, the ability to watch multiple simultaneous streams, and even boasts over 60 “TV Everywhere” apps which unlock exclusive content from your favorite channels. PlayStation Vue features a cloud-based DVR which saves recordings for up to 28 days and even has a built-in mobile streaming to allow users to stream from anywhere.

Don’t Miss a Single Game

playstation vue

PlayStation Vue starts at $50/month for the core package which features an NFL Network live stream, and NFL Redzone can be added as part of the Sports Pack add-on for just $10/month. Interested new customers can check out a free trial to see if PlayStation Vue is right for them. You can watch PS Vue on PS3 and PS4 consoles, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many other devices, including mobile devices. You can also visit our PlayStation Vue review to learn more. More details on PS Vue:

  • Stream on most popular streaming and mobile devices
  • Watch NFL Network and 50+ other channels – Add NFL RedZone and other sports channels with the sports bundle add-on
  • Pay $50 per month for the basic package or more for the larger ones
  • Stream on 5 devices simultaneously
  • Get a 5-day free trial to check out PS Vue for yourself


With so many options for NFL Network streaming, there’s no excuse for missing a single game this season. Choose a streaming device, check out some of the free trials listed above, and see which one works best for you for watching NFL Network. Have any questions about how to watch NFL Network online without cable? Leave us a comment and we’ll try and sort it out for you.