How to Watch NHL Network Live Stream without Cable

The NFL has the NFL Network, baseball has the MLB Network, and basketball has NBA TV. It only makes sense then that hockey would offer access of their own with the NHL Network. Like with these other sports networks, NHL Network offers live games, hockey coverage, and news about hockey. If you’re a hockey fan, the NHL Network is a channel worth having, and we’re about to tell you how you can watch the NHL Network without cable!

Of course, if you don’t have cable, access to NHL Network may seem out of reach. It doesn’t have to feel that way though. Thanks to streaming, we can fill you in on all the great ways to stream NHL Network without a cable subscription!


Watch the NHL Network Live Stream for Cheap on Sling TV

Sling’s affordable plans start at just $25 a month, with no contract

How does Sling TV work

Sling TV is a live stream service that lets you watch your favorite channels without a cable subscription. If you’ve already dumped cable (or are planning to), Sling TV will fill the gap by providing several of your favorite cable channels at a reduced price. The basic packages start at just $25 per month. And for as low as $5 extra, you can add on the Sports Extra pack, which includes NHL Network streaming, plus networks like NBA TV, ESPNU and more!


Affordable, Accessible Live TV – From Anywhere

Sling TV wants to ensure that it’s both easy and affordable to watch live TV. So, prices are industry-leading at just $25/mo ($30/mo with NHL Network). And, you can use the service on all your favorite devices, whether you’re at home or on-the-go! That also means you can get the NHL Network live stream on your phone or tablet, so you never miss the action.

  • No-contract plans from $25 per month
  • Just $5-$10 extra to expand your channel selection with add-ons
  • Watch NHL Network without cable on the cheap
  • Record with a cloud DVR to watch later

A 7-day trial is available, so you can watch NHL Network online free for a bit! It’s also here to ensure that you’re happy with your service. If you’re not, for any reason, you can always cancel in that week, and you won’t be charged. For more information, read through our Sling TV review.


The NHL Network Live Stream is Available on DIRECTV NOW

An impressive channel selection is available for as little as $40 per month


DIRECTV NOW is an excellent way to watch NHL Network online without cable. The live streaming service gives subscribers access to a huge package of channels, all at a fraction of the price of cable and with no contract. The packages start at $40 per month and give you more than 65 channels for that price! However, keep in mind that the package with NHL Network costs $65 per month.


Up to 125+ Channels – Without Cable!

directv now

This service provides an impressive selection of channels, with up to 125+ networks included. There’s something for everyone, from sports to the latest news to your favorite TV shows! You can stream NHL Network through DIRECTV NOW on your TV with a streaming device (Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc.), your phone, or your tablet. It will be a breeze to watch the NHL Network without cable!

  • No contract or commitment
  • Plans from $40 per month
  • Works on all your favorite devices
  • Record coverage with a cloud DVR

We have way more information on the DIRECTV NOW service in our DIRECTV NOW review!

Don’t forget about the DIRECTV NOW free 7-day trial! It is a good way to watch NHL Network online free, and you can even watch NHL Playoffs online free for a week if you time your trial right.


Are There Other Ways to Watch NHL Network Online without Cable?

At this time, these are the only services that offer the NHL Network live stream. Other services will be out this year and in the future, that will probably add NHL Network to their lineup. When that happens, we will do our best to update this information so you know all the ways that you can watch NHL Network without cable.

For more details, see our guide on how to watch hockey online without cable.

Our comments are a great place to ask any questions you might have about how to watch NHL Network online without cable! You may also want to check the NHL TV schedule so you can plan ahead for key games!