How to Watch Planet Earth Online without Cable

Planet Earth was a ground breaking production form the BBC that showcased the first ever high definition nature documentary. The event, which is what it was, was breathtaking. And now, BBC and BBC America are launching the second installment of the Planet Earth series which will premiere in the U.S. on February 18 on BBC America. Don’t think you have to miss out, you can watch Planet Earth online without cable.

To watch the Planet Earth live stream, featuring Sir David Attenborough as the narrator once again, here are your options.


Watch Planet Earth Online with DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW is the newest streaming service on the market. It works with a high-speed internet access to stream your favorite networks at home or on the go. You don’t need a satellite to make this service happen. And with it, you can stream Planet Earth II when it makes its U.S. debut.

DIRECTV NOW starts at $35 per month for a package of over 60 networks. This is a higher price point than some of the other services, but the channel selection is extensive.

BBC American is included in one of DIRECTV NOW’s packages, so check it out to learn more details.

DIRECTV NOW is new, so there are still features being announced. It is available on most major players, but even those that aren’t compatible are expected to be soon. One of our favorite features is a grid-style channel guide, like the ones available on traditional pay TV, which makes for a smooth transition to streaming.

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Start out with a FREE 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW and watch Planet Earth online free to try for yourself.


Stream Planet Earth II on Sling TV

Sling TV is another excellent choice for streaming television. The Sling Blue package, one of 2 basic streaming packages from the service, offers BBC America along with several other hard to find pay networks. Not only can you watch Planet Earth streaming, you can also keep up with favorites like Doctor Who and the final season of Orphan Black.

This Sling TV package starts at $25 per month. It offers multiple live streams as well, so you can watch Planet Earth online while your family watches their favorite programming. It works with most major players on the market. In fact, they often have special deals on Roku or Apple TV, so check those out to learn more.

The Sling TV Blue package also has access to live local content from FOX and NBC in select markets, which is a great added benefit.

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Try Sling TV FREE for 7 days and watch Planet Earth online free.


Watch the Planet Earth Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

The third option in the streaming market today is PlayStation Vue. Like the previous products, it too offers BBC America in one of its packages so you can watch the Planet Earth live stream.

The base Vue package starts at $29.99 per month or $39.99 in markets that have live local channels. There are only 7 U.S. cities that have access to FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS, so check it out to learn more.

It works with many streaming players like your PS3 or PS4 console, Roku, Chromecast, and more. But there is no Apple TV support at this time.

The biggest difference between PlayStation Vue and the competition is a restriction on mobile viewing. Even though there is an app for iOS and Android, streaming away from your home network is limited.

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Can You Watch Planet Earth Online Free?

Besides the free trials for services like DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV, the options to watch Planet Earth online free are limited. Most ways will require a paid subscription to a streaming television or a traditional cable or satellite company. You can purchase the shows, either by the episode or complete season, on on-demand services like Amazon Instant Video and iTunes. The value in the subscription streaming services will be better overall.

That is what we know about how to watch Planet Earth online. If you have more questions about the Planet Earth live stream, ask below in the comments section.